Monday, September 30, 2013

Teacher’s police?

Seventh graders are being suspended from school for firing toy guns at home. While kids are at home and not on school ground what business does this have to do with the teachers at the schools?  Let me answer that myself - NONE.

Were those teachers hired to police the kids even when they are at home? NO. What goes on after the kids are off school grounds is none of the teachers business. Those kids have parents and once the kids are at home it’s the parents that are responsible for them not teachers. From what I keep reading, those teachers don’t even teach the kids what they are supposed to teach them because they are too busy trying to find ways to get their names in the news or teach them garbage that fits their own political agenda.

The way some of these teachers conduct themselves you would think that they are Queens and Kings like Obama. Obama thinks it’s his military and the teachers think it's their school. It seems that there are no rules as how the teachers should conduct themselves and what their supposed to be teaching the kids.  Children are sent to school to learn.

That’s my rant of the day.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

To the citizens of the USA

I never thought that a time would come that I would say I feel bad about what is happening to your country. On Election Day you elected a man to lead your country not only once but twice. He was elected by you people in good faith and trust to lead your country to prosperity. Well that person that you put your faith and trust in is leading your country to bankruptcy instead of prosperity

This man has ruined the reputation of your nation abroad. Since I’ve retired every morning I read all the news that I can find on every site that I can, and from what I’ve been reading according to everything that has been reported as to what this person has or has not done it amazes me to see how much patience most of you people have to still keep this person as your leader.

He is a big joke of the world leaders. They have no respect for him and they certainly don’t believe him. They definitely don’t fear him because they know that he’s all for diplomacy but takes no action even if diplomacy fails. I imagine they read the news they listen to the news they know about the lies and the lack of honor in his administration about the scandals the cover ups. He’s sabotaging the nation with the spending spree that he went on then the military cuts the nation has had to make because of that spree.  Those cuts so much had to be made that it has affected the normal buying ability of the military to obtain what they would need to sustain a dragged out war. The results are clear.  The military weakening means the security of the nation is undermined. 

You people were taken in by a good talker. He had (and has) an agenda and it seems like he’s working on it and being successful at it. I am glad to say this is the last time I write about him. I mentioned previously that I would cut down on writing about him.  It's been tough because he is such a bad leader.

I’ll do better than just cutting down writing about him; I’ll just forget him.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obamacare is a rip off

While reading the news this morning I happen to see this article about a family that received a letter telling them how much their insurance with Obama care will cost them per month. Their insurance that they had bought for $333 under individual plan will now cost them $999 a month.Apparently it's not enough that this man has weakened the security of the nation, made more enemies for the country, been rife with scandals, cover ups and lies, invaded people’s privacy, used diplomacy as a cover up for not going after the terrorists, ignored sections of the Constitution to satisfy his ego, been anti-Christian, and been nowhere to be found when something’s happen that would require him to be at work. Now he has to unload the mess that is Obamacare on the people of the country.

The longer this man is at the helm, the more dangerous it becomes for the USA as a leader nation of the free world.

This man is destroying the nation little by little - whether he realizes it or not he’s doing it. Again the other day I happened to see another article on Fox about a poll and the question was, "Should Obama be impeached?"

My God, what a question to ask! Ask yourself this question what has he done that was any good for the nation? What didn’t he do that could have benefited the nation?  Should he be impeached?  Name one reason why shouldn't he be?  Get a real leader America, and not one that thinks he is a king who doesn’t seem to be interested in anything but Himself.

I’m sorry folks I said I would slow down in writing about Obama but when I read about things like I did this morning - Obamacare turning out to be a big rip off of poor people - I have to write about it.

That is my beef for today.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Is there a con man in the oval office?

If you read my blog, you'll already suspect that to me this is a stupid question to ask. I have written about how he conned the citizens of the USA to get elected. I've written about the problems with what he has and hasn’t done since he has been elected. 

Here is an excerpt from an article "site" that I noticed when I started reading Fox News last night.  I urge you to go read the whole article.
The media headlines should be about the massive IRS scandal ordered by the Obama administration and aimed at Tea Parties, Obama critics, and GOP donors. Because it’s no longer in the headlines…because of Syria hogging the media spotlight…no one is mentioning that the IRS attacks on conservative leaders and groups changed the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

In other words,I believe that Obama used the IRS to fix the election.

Without IRS attacks, intimidation, and interference, Tea Party groups would have had the same influence as 2010 -- when their raging energy and passionate “fire and brimstone” led directly to the biggest Republican Congressional landslide in modern history.

Does anyone doubt that?

Heck we now have emails from IRS officials stating exactly that -- that Tea Parties had to be stopped if Democrats wanted to win the election.
This only reinforces my point that the man conned people to get elected. The scandal with the IRS was his doing according to the report. Now we know why Lois Lerner didn’t want to talk to the Congressional panel. When I read that she had refused to answer questions I did state that she knew something but didn’t want to say what. Now we know why she was not fired. Obama knew that if she said something he would be finished. I’ve been saying all along that this man was dangerous for the nation and I’ve been proven right.  I will also state that I wouldn’t be surprised if he was an imposter. I've mentioned before that he has acted like one.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Random thoughts on discrimination, God and existence

I don’t know if its age or just not paying enough attention to what is happening but last night while reading the news it finally dawned on me. By the looks of it, the only thing you can discriminate against is religion - especially Christianity. But hey,  you'd better not discriminate against any other group because you will be marked for life. But if it's Christians, then by all means have a ball.

I really feel sorry for those who would deny their faith just to become part of a group that used to be a minority. I would say that is a poor excuse to deny your faith just to become part of a group and to be accepted as an anti-Christian. I know some of you have denied the existence of the Lord in your life just to show that you are a follower and it shows that your faith couldn’t have been that strong to begin with.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I thought that if I got interested in the politics of the USA that it would be more interesting than the politics here in Canada. After two years of following the politics of the USA, I am discouraged at what I've discovered from reading the news. It seems that the Democrats and Republicans are more interested in trying to promote their own party then both parties coming together and having discussions and forging agreements for the welfare of the country. I fail to see how these two parties can’t seem to co-operate together considering the trouble the country is in at this time. 

To me it appears like each member is so scared of not being elected in the next election that they are willing to sacrifice the hope of coming to an agreement on anything that would benefit the country. I know that it’s the same all over the world as politicians are concerned about their own welfare but the USA is not like other countries.

That country was more or less the police of the world, but now it has become as meek as a lamb or a wolf that growls but has no teeth. Because…no I’ll just leave it like that for now.

That’s my beef of today.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Response to a comment

This is in response to a comment I received from a lady who claims to be Ruth Fitzwater (I’m not disputing the name, I have to take her word for it). By the comment that she made I would say this lady can read something in black and white and just not understand it. 

She seems to be the type of a person that reads some things but doesn’t understand the messages behind them and so she jumps to a wrong conclusion and insults people because she doesn’t seem to have a brain that can decipher the message that is written in plain black and white.

Lady, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had kept that insulting comment that you made. People like you would do that, because you would think that no one would dare answer you or see how ignorant a person of your caliber can be. You accused me of being a person facilitating Islamists to bring their religion over here, just because I made a couple comments comparing how many times the Islamist pray a day and what parts of the body a woman can show to point out the differences in Islamist and Catholics laws and cultures.

Also you talk about catechism. I believe that I have studied that little book before your parents ever thought of having a girl and to call her Ruth. I went to a Catholic school and we had to know our catechism before we were even confirmed.

I will tell you that you would be the one that would discourage people from following your faith because what is causing the problems in this world today is people like you that don’t seem to know too much about anything except what you seem to really care about (like your little catechism).

That’s your excuse to make life miserable for some people by pushing your beliefs on them. That’s why people are tired of listening to people like you trying to preach your beliefs from a little book that seems to be your life. You and the ones like you that refuse to live and let live are causing others to lose faith. And facilitating the entrance of the Islam faith which is known for killings and torture of humans of different faiths.

Before trying to educate people on the real things in life like the third world countries and their law and how these countries were started and how religions started and who started them and also try and get a book on Bible history and you will see where all these crimes of killings of other human beings was started. This book was used to be studied in the Catholic schools. I have to stop because my blood pressure is shooting high when I think of the type of people we have in this forsaken world.

I hope you enjoyed this little lesson/ But you can keep your comments coming because I enjoy reading from people that don’t know what they are talking about and insist on dictating the little book of catechism. I must tell you that my only faith is that there is only one God but I would not make people miserable by pushing my beliefs on them. A day will come soon when everyone will be judged by a real judged the Creator of all things. If you haven’t lived by the 10 Commandments your soul will be incinerated like a lot of us.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. To me it also means don’t accuse others for your own stupidity of not understanding what is written.

Friday, September 20, 2013

No more USA for me.

I was reading a story about the United States  and after reading it, combined with all the previous things I have read about the USA, I can say I would not want to live in the U.S. I've mentioned before that it looks like the USA is turning into a third world country. After what I read today from what is going on in those schools I am convinced that its leaning that way.
Erin Shead, a 10-year-old student at Lucy Elementary School in Millington, was assigned to write about someone she idolized. The girl, who is a Christian, decided to write about God.

“I look up to God,” she wrote. “I love him and Jesus, and Jesus is His earthly son. I also love Jesus.”

The youngster also said that God would “always be the #1 person I look up to.”

“It was so cute and innocent,” Erica Shead told television station WREG. “She talked about how God created the Earth.”

But Shead said her daughter’s teacher objected to the choice and told her she could not use God as an idol for the assignment.

Erin told her mom that it had something to do with religion - that God could not be her idol. The teacher then allegedly told the child that she had to take the paper about God home – because it could not remain on school property.

“How can you tell this baby – that’s a Christian – what she can say and what she can’t say?” Shead asked.
I’m not blaming Obama for that specifically happening but it’s weird that this has not happened with the previous presidents of the USA. It’s hard to believe the actions or statement made by some of these schools are part of of a supposedly God fearing nation. More people are leaving their faith. The student in question was not allowed was told that the paper could not be left at the school and the teacher gave a reason why. It is worthwhile to read about this; in fact worthwhile to read this entire site.

On the same site you can read about the dirty tricks that are done to get people to vote.  You can read about discrimination as to who is allowed to give a speech to the students and about the people that are doing a survey of the students to vote - apparently some of them don’t even belong to the electoral office and this is supposed to be a fraud but nothing is being done about it.What I find weird is that you can’t discriminate against gays or atheist or people of different cultures but you are free in the USA to discriminate against Christians.

Privacy is also something of the past and soon free speech will become a thing of the past too. Who needs that? What gets me more is that all of that garbage that goes on in the USA it’s starting to affect some idiots on this side of the border in Canada.

Even the Premier of Qu├ębec is starting this garbage about religion.  What matters now is the size of a crucifix or not allowing government employees to wear anything that represents a belief in religion. She is enough of a dictator to have special police to watch out for that. I hope our Prime Minister has the guts to stop her. This premier reminds me of president Obama. She thinks that she is a queen like Obama thinks he’s a king.
One more thing I have to say. I will state long as you people have Obama as a leader the worse your nation will become and less safe it will be for your citizens.

That is my beef for today especially against the teachers of those schools who should teach the kids what they are supposed to teach (math, language, science, etc.) and not to turn them into dictators and discriminators against people of faith and to be anti-social.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Those of us that keep up with the news from multiple sources, especially on this site, are very aware of the complaints about the U.S. attacks from drones. If anyone has been reading the news on this site it’s easy to see that Pakistan is more or less a refuge for militants. Why is that? Is it because the Pakistan government in some ways protecting these militants? If they’re not then why are there so many militants taking refuge in that country? It seems to be a haven for them.
The killings that are done of Pakistan’s citizens by the militants should overshadow the killings done by drones. That is the reason why I can’t understand what all the complaints are all about. Their excuse is that some civilians get kill in those attacks. Yes no doubt that is true - some civilians do get killed. But that would be accidental. On the other hand, with the militants it’s not accidental; it’s done on purpose.
I have a solution but I don’t think that it would be too popular. My solution would be to leave these third world countries alone and let them go on about their business and to govern their countries as they see fit and if they want to do any trading with the western world so be it. If this was to happen and a Jihadist were still to kill the citizens, then if possible, find out from where this killer came from and go into that country shoot and blast everything in sight. Because we all know that the non-Jihadists will not try and stop a Jihadist, so therefore they would be just as guilty by not doing anything about it.

I think just the fact that they know no one will interfere in their country might stop a lot of killings done for no reason. I might be wrong but I think  there are two things that drive these jihadists to hate to the point of killings  (1) is the nations from the Western world trying to tell them how to run their country and (2) the biggest reason is their faith -- they would want everyone to believe in their faith which will never happen (I hope).
That’s my rant and opinions of the day

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Obama = Bush?

I think that president Putin of Russia has been listening and reading too much of Obama's speeches. He compares Obama to former president Bush. I would say that was an insult to Bush because X President Bush I would refer you to this site 

I would say there is a lot of difference between those two. Bush was for the nation of the USA as much as Obama seems to be against. Bush would go after the terrorists. He did not use diplomacy to avoid going after them. Obama doesn't want to go after terrorists.  And while I’m at it, I think the only reason that Obama got Bin Laden is because of all the investigation that was done while Mr. Bush was president. True, I will say that Mr. Bush did leave the nation in a mess but then the nation was still the lion of the world and not a lamb and the laughing stock of the world like it is now.

No, Mr. Bush might not have been a good president in a sense but at least he stood up for his citizens. That’s more than what I can say for this present leader. Mr. Bush was not perfect but the USA had a good reputation and not like the one it has now (wimpy).

Obama does not equal Bush. From Putin's perspective, they were/are perhaps both very easy to manipulate.  But that does not make them equal as president. I'm sure no one else besides Putin sees the two as the same.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The results are in on Obama's dithering.

Now we see when a leader is a ditherer what happens to a nation. Also when using diplomacy and not realizing when diplomacy has had no results to a problem, we see the results of just leaving the problem to multiply without doing anything about it. Here's an example. Syria, if the nations would have tried to do something about this country, things might have turned out differently but president Obama and a bunch of other world leaders just waited. The same thing happened with Egypt, I doubt very much if the Egyptians will ever be friends with the USA again.
If Obama would have tried to do something about what was happening in Syria a year ago, it could have turned out differently. He never showed any interested in what was going on. But now he's finding out what happened as a result and he wants to attack it. He is not the only one to blame for what is happening in Syria.
 The United Nations could have had a meeting and try and figure out what could be done to help the Syrians. Now that Sarin gas was used, everyone is up in an uproar about it they blame it on this one and that one.
With Egypt, Obama spoke to Mubarak and convinced him to step down but did he ever try to get Morsi to step down? Why not? Especially when it was the citizens of that nation asked the army to take over. Then there were a lot of questions asked by the Obama administration. Should we call it a coup by the military, should we cut aid to that country? This man Morsi turn out to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and of course have been ignoring the constitution just like Obama did in America to get what he wanted.
I would say in a couple more years and the USA will have ceased to be a defender of democracy if things keep on going like they are now.  They will be told by other nations what to do and not do. In Iran they are doing what they want and they have countries to back them up. They have threatened the USA and gotten away with it. Why? Because the highway of diplomacy is active for free travelling. This is the same for Assad and for any other dictators and Jihadists. And dictators that have a disease call paranoia.  This is what Obama's dithering has brought us.
That is my rant and opinions of the day.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Worried about losing credibility?

Dear America,

Credibility.  Are you afraid of losing it? Don’t you people think you have already lost it in the first year that this president was elected? When a president loses credibility, so does the nation because the world looks at that president’s actions and what he says and how he conducts the nation’s business. That reflects on the nation as a whole.  His foreign policies, his trustworthiness, his words and action are a reflection on America. This man who is president now, has not shown any of this since he has been elected.

In the past I have posted some very unfavorable opinions of him and I stand by them. I understand that he’s only human like we all are and also that he was elected to a job that demands the full attention the a leader should give.  I also understand that the job is one that no one has had the experience of doing prior to actually doing it. To be honest if the person elected had any intentions to do his best for the country, you would think that this same person would have learned enough to do a better job in his second term. He has not shown any improvements. He has probably gotten even worse and managed to further discredit the whole nation and himself.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading an article on Fox News that said that the vice president stated that if the president attacks Syria without talking to congress he would personally seek to have him impeached. Then the president went to congress and many people feel he shouldn’t have done so. Mr. McCain says if he the president puts boots on the ground he (Mr. McCain) would work to have him impeached.

I don’t trust him. He's not credible. But it seems that this man can’t win. If he doesn’t go to Congress there is talk of impeachment. So he goes to congress and he loses credibility for doing so. Then another one says that if he puts boots on the ground in Syria he’s facing impeachment again. I would say either way, he can’t win.  I had to say something about the fact that he finally did something that was expected of him, and then he’s criticized for doing so.  That's not fair.  Then again, maybe it's because he put himself in that position by lacking credibility for so long that it's starting to come back on him.



P.S. Okay, I know that you might be tired of reading about this leader so I will refrain from doing so quite so often in the future.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

No respect, No fear.

If there ever was a nation that was not respected or feared by other nations of the world it is the United States.
The proof of this – is in a report that I read on Fox News. The world thinks that Iran is working its way towards producing a nuclear bomb and they are under heavy sanctions to discourage them to give up their intentions of building a bomb.  But there is one nation that doesn’t seem to care what the USA does or says and are quite open about it. Vladimir Putin has offered to help Iran.  Not with the nuclear bomb (openly at least) but with its defense systems and a nuclear reactor;
Russian President Vladimir Putin will reportedly offer to supply Iran air defense missile systems and to build a second reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant.

Putin will renew an earlier offer to supply Iran with five S-300 ground-to-air missile systems during a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani on Friday, according to AFP, citing the Kommersant newspaper. Putin, a source close to the Kremlin said, will meet Rowhani at a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Kyrgystan.
That doesn't sound like a combination of items that are for defense and energy purposes.  It sounds like the recipe for a nuclear weapon.  The United States can't be loved by every nation and it shouldn't expect to be.  But it should be respected by many nations.  That list is shrinking.  and if a nation doesn't respect the USA, at least they should fear the USA as the world's policeman.  But clearly along with losing respect, the USA is no longer scaring rogue nations from acting in unacceptable ways on the world stage.

Heads up Obama: No respect, no fear mean no influence.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Biblical prophecy of Syrian crisis.

I wrote quite a bit on the Third world countries and why they are like they are, and about many of them living with the laws of the dark ages.  Laws passed on from generation to generation from the old Biblical days, have often not evolved in so many of these countries.  Many of the countries are mentioned in the Bible in fact. If there’s anyone that would like to know more about these countries and the prophecy’s that are predicted in the Bible it's very interesting.

While reading Fox News I happened to see this video. I clicked on it and listened to all of it I found it to be very interesting. You can check this out on this site if you are having trouble seeing it here on my rants blog.

What is predicted is that  the city of Damascus will be removed.  Obviously so far that prediction has not been realized. I would say if a solution to their problems is not found soon then I would say it won’t be long for that prediction to become a fact.

All these problems they have in those countries are mostly from those laws of the dark ages. I will say one thing about some of these people their faith is so engrained in their brain that they are willing to give their life for it, like some radicals have already done and continue to do.

I am very happy to say that not everyone has as much faith in their religion because if it was so can 
 you imagine what this world would be like?

I found this to be very interesting and that’s why I thought that I would pass this along.

Have a good day.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dangerous countries

By keeping up with the news every day, I have come to the conclusion that the most dangerous countries for world peace are Iran among the Third World countries and the USA from the Western world. I should also mention North Korea with a leader who suffers from a really bad case of paranoia.
Here are my reasons for saying this about Iran and America. Iran are acting as if they think that they are the only ones that are allowed to exist in this world.  By supplying weapons to groups that are willing to kill and kill to spread the belief in their faith and kill everyone that resists, including their own people, Iran is a terrorist state.  They have had a succession of unstable leaders (I'm not sure about the new leader who replaced Ahmedinejad, but they don't have a good track record of picking stable people).  They want nuclear weapons.  They pose a real threat to world peace and are an existential threat to regional peace.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Judy Miller: Obama Has 'Made a Mess' of Syria

While reading NewsMax last week I came across an article in which Judy Miller talks about the mess Obama has made of Syria. I’m just wondering if upon making that statement Judy Miller thought that she was telling us something that we didn't already knew.  Seriously, she must be crazy if she thinks everyone didn't know that already.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saving the president’s hide.

Chris Matthews: Democrats have to save the president’s Hide.

Well Mr. Matthews the only way that you Democrats could save your supposed president’s hide would be if he was impeached. That is the only way of saving his hide because for what he has accomplished since he has been elected. The only thing that he has accomplished is to degrade the reputation of the USA. He has changed the nation to be as tame as a lamb.  He’s also trying to turn the military against his own people. He’s also turning people against their own faith. He lies to cover up scandals. And when something serious happens, it’s weird that he always seems to be somewhere else at the time.

Upon his return, when he's told about it, lies are made up to cover up the seriousness of whatever the problem is. As a president he’s doing more damage to the nation by his diplomacy and enough of it that his talking and no actions do not deter any one from attacking the citizens of the USA. The whole world knows that there will not be any retaliation.

I will admit to hear him talk he seems to have a good education. He's proof a good education is not everything. The education that he received doesn’t help him in being a strategist in running a nation. As I mentioned before in other posts, a person can have a good education but if he doesn’t know how to use it, it's useless.  Some with big educations have developed big egos and the results are that the person can’t keep a job or friends and therefore destroys his/her life and in this case you’re "supposed to be leader" might be responsible for a third world war.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


With regards to Syria, no one seems to know what to do about the chemicals weapons that are stored in that country. Some people are talking about attacking Syria and to some it would only aggravate matters.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Other blogs and more on Obama

This morning instead of reading the News like I always do, I decided to look at other blogs just to get away from reading about more problems in this forsaken world.

While reading these blogs I finally hit one that was of interest to me. I opened up this site called I remember mentioning before that I do go on this site because it’s usually about American politics. This morning I really read something to my liking and this was about Obama and what this blogger wrote about Obama I agree with 100%.

What I read on this site was about Obama dropping the ball on congress in regards to any attack in Syria. Now I’m asking myself is it because Joe Biden threatened to try and have him impeached if he went on his own accord or left his big ego aside to save his ass? Or is it that if he gave the order to attack and the worst would come out of it that he could not blame Bush for the screw up? Or did he just plainly not know what to do?

I said before I don’t trust that man because I don’t think he’s for America but just out for himself. It would be dangerous for the United States if that is so. He talks too much; things that should not go to the media like attacking a country when and how and with what weapons and what the targets are going to be and having ships armed just waiting for the word go.That's too much information.

Then there's the warning to the Jihadists about knowing of their plan to attack the embassies and about the scandals and the lies the cover ups for the incompetence of this administration that seems to be without any honor whatsoever. This Obama reminds me of a person that likes to talk as if he was a big tough guy.  But when it comes time to back up his words like "a red line", well, his bluff has been called and now he leaves it to someone else to make the decision because it seems he didn’t think that anyone would have the audacity to call him on it. 

That is my little rant of the day, Have a good day.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Way to go president O...

Way to go president O. It must be nice and convenient for the enemy to know where you’re going to attack them and what is going to be used in the attack.  This is the sort of thing that gives the enemy a chance to get organize and protect themselves as much as possible.   apparently Assad's elite security was moved to basement apartments. And they were also put in some schools.  At least according to a citizen of Syria.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soon the USA will be a country of the past

The USA used to be the police of the world, fighting for democracy. But this all changed on a certain voting day when the people elected a person that seemed to be intelligent enough to lead the country but turned out to be a DUD.
This man did not turn out to be the man that represented himself to be. He did not hesitate to show the people that the Constitution meant anything to him. He did not hesitate to ignore the Constitution to apply his views that would help in boosting the economy or create more jobs.  Instead it's ruining the economy. It's in worse shape than it was before he started.  He's been making it more expensive for health care. And not only is the economy down but the debt of the country is sky high. Now he seems to be trying to think of everything - even to emptying the wallets of the citizens to try and recover the money that he over spent.
He has not done anything good for the country since he was elected.  And his supporters are not helping any.  The news is full of stories of wrong-headed politics.  Here are some examples.  The United States seems to be in much worse shape than it was before his election. 
And now the federal government wants churches to get baptism permits.   If this is not digging into people’s wallets and privacy then what is it? It's not enough that he’s an anti-Christian president, but  he wants to soak them of their money for their beliefs.  That's wrong.
All I have to say is, you people have been taken in by a person that is a good talker but no good for the country.  Soon your country will be a country of the past unfortunately.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The enemy should know.

Yes this world has really evolved. It's even gotten to the point of telling the enemy when they are going to be attacked and from where and what they are going to be attacked with. I suppose next we will hear the enemy has been invited for dinner before the war starts, just in case either one survive the attack. This wouldn’t surprise me at the rate of what is supposed to be confidential; is showing up all over the media. 
We had an example of this not too long ago, when it was reported that the Jihadist were going to attack American embassies. They were more or less told that it was known what they were up to because it was in the news. The result was that they cancelled their plan of attack.  Great - lives were saved I guess. Temporarily.  But now there is little chance to find out when they are going to do it next. This kind of talk by leaking information that should not be leaked has endangered the lives of the workers in those embassies.  No one really knows if their planned attacks were cancelled or just postponed.
See you on Wednesday at 4:32 p.m.

Another example is Syria. It was all over the news that if it were attacked, it would be attacked by tomahawk missiles fired from the ships that are already in position. Isn’t that nice for these military strategist to tell the enemy what to expect?
Another thing I can’t understand. Once it was known that there was chemical weapons in Syria, why couldn’t the nations get together and make plans as to what they were going to do if some of those chemicals were used instead of waiting to the last minute to start making plans on what to do if they were used?
Now some has been used and men, woman and children have been killed. And more are being killed every day while the officials from different nations meet to see what they are going to do about this chemical usage and which nation is going to join in to attack Syria.
By the time they figure it out, they should just email all of their attack plans to the Syrian military before they start.
That’s my rant of the day.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why all the killings?

Some people ask "Why all the killings?" Here's my answer to this type of question. Since the beginning of recorded history, people have been killing each other for some reason or another.  According to the Bible, the killing of another human being started with Cain and Abel. Now I’m not going to go any further with this  analogy since I don’t recall if it was Cain that slew Abel or vice versa. I do remember it was because of a voice that one of them heard to kill the brother to show his faith.
I read this book called Bible History.  If what was presented in it are true facts, then a large percentage of all of the killings happening today are in what we now consider third world countries. I guess that would mean that those people that were born back in Biblical times, would have been raised in the beliefs and the laws that existed in those days and those beliefs and customs have since been handed down from generation to generation.
The results of those laws are still shown today by the killings and discrimination of different beliefs in praising God. I guess that’s why we say these people are still living and following the laws of the dark ages. Most of the younger generation in many countries still believe in those archaic laws. It's not necessarily their fault - they don’t know any different.  They were raised to believe in those laws and have never had a chance to live in countries that have laws that are different from what they were raised to believe in.
Some that have immigrated to other countries and are still having problems adapting to laws that are completely different from what they were raised to believe in. This is why some immigrants from those countries still get in trouble with the justice departments of whatever country they immigrated to become residents or citizens.
To my knowledge this is my answer to a question asked by one of my readers (Why all the killings in the third world countries?). I do hope my answer was satisfactory to your question. Thank you for asking.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The supposed-to-be-leader of the USA.

I write quite a bit about this supposed to be the leader of the USA, president Obama. I listen to his speeches when he makes them and they become available on television and I also read what he has to say to the media.
What he has said and what he has done (and also not done) since he was elected, amount to almost nothing except to make sure that he has weakened the military and the country. He has done nothing to prop up or better yet fix the economy.  He keeps ignoring the Constitution to apply his own desired version of the law. He is making more enemies for the nation by alienating nations that were friendly with the USA and also causing mistrust and using diplomacy as a front for not going after the terrorists.  He's been behind all kinds of scandals -- lying to the people, snooping on selected groups like conservatives, warning the would-be whistleblowers not to say anything, not dismissing people that should be dismiss for their conduct.
What a terrible mess he is leaving for his successor.
Most importantly (for me) he is trying to turn people away from their faith. He will continue to try his best to do that as he has already done with the military.  I noticed that this man since he was elected for a second term, has been acting like a dictator and an imposter.
I read Facebook every morning - especially the comments about this man and I notice the names he has been called.  I would say it amounts to everything that anyone could be called.  He has even been called a racist and that he doesn’t like white people. I wouldn’t go so far to say that he is a racist but he really doesn’t like the USA.  He should be sent back to whatever planet he came from and let him practice his faith without trying to convert anyone from their own faith.
I had hoped that  Mr. Biden kept his word that if Obama attacked Syria before consulting Congress that he (Mr. Biden) would start the legalities of impeaching Obama.  Obama did consult Congress but I'm not all that impressed by it and I will tell you why soon.
Those where my opinions and my rant of the day.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I have stated this before!

While reading the news last week, I noticed this article written by Todd Starnes. The Pentagon labels Founding Fathers as extremist and calls conservative organization “hate groups” (see here).  He also states that the military is being turned against the people. President Obama is behind this, I am certain.
This is no surprise to me that’s why I have titled this rant as I have. This man that you American people have elected, is a phony. He is a sham. I have stated this before.  Although no one can be blamed for their votes in 2008, because this man presented himself as something that he was not in order to win an election. But what about the voters in 2012?  Obama was still portraying himself as what voters wanted, but did the voters all lose their memory of the years 2009 through 2012?
Obama did his best to destroy the USA in his first term. I will suggest to you people to read the news and digest what he has done so far. Look at all of the problems that he has gotten into.
  • Doing disappearing acts, when something really important happens.
  • Refusing to take action when diplomacy fails
  • Lies
  • Disregard for the Constitution
  • Being an anti-Christian and trying to turn other people to be anti-Christians
  • The fact of coming out with a stupid idea of a law (Obamacare), that would really kill the economy and disregards part of the Constitution to do so.
  • Making of enemies and the promoting mistrust by the nations that used to trust and be friends of the USA.
Obama, you are a man of intellect, but I will say that you are on the wrong track. All you’re doing to the country is sabotaging it.  You are proving it by your own actions and inactions when action is needed.
I will tell you right now that if I was an American and had the power you would not be in the White House for another week you'd be impeached.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

What is this world coming too?

Every day you hear about discrimination against this group or that group. Whether it be against gays, African Americans, whites, Hispanics, women, religions, . What in the hell is the matter with some people these days? Has everyone gone bananas? Why doesn’t everyone mind their own damn business? It might provide a little help in restoring some kind of sanity in this God-forsaken world that has been turned into a world of people just looking to get their name or mug shot into the news at the expense of other people’s reputations.

I would be willing to bet that a lot of these people who criticize others, are doing it because they would like to try whatever it is that they are criticizing others for, but they do not have the guts to do it themselves.  I would call this type of people hypocrites. They are denying their true feelings because of being gutless.  Still, they want to make others think that they are the best in the world and could never do anything wrong to harm their own reputation. But they find it appropriate to try and make other people’s lives miserable because of their goodie two shoes appearance and conduct.

I’m no different than anyone else. I like to criticize but my criticism is mostly against politicians that for most part don’t know what it means to be truthful. Then I also write about what I call funny people. I like to walk down a busy street on a beautiful day when the sun is shining and observe what some people do while walking by themselves. Some of them do things that are really comical and some, well, I would say are so gross that they should be on a funny farm. It’s unbelievable to see and hear. They act that way and they seem not to be oblivious of their surroundings. I must say that some are comical like I said, but others seem to be in need of help mentally. I know I should not find that comical because some of them do need help, but some are so comical that a person can’t help but laugh.  In any case there's a difference I'm not envious, or angry at these people (politicians aside at times).

I wonder if I have been watching them too much. Sometimes I start talking to someone although I’m alone but in my mind there is someone else here with me. I’m wondering if its old age doing that or am I going bananas from watching others?

That’s my little rant of the day. Have a good day and watch out for the funny people - maybe including me.
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