Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Religion of Islam.

Regarding the religion of Islam, a lot of people profess it to be a religion of peace. I will admit that it might have been a religion of peace at one time.  That is, until the radicals who now infect that religion decided to make it a religion that would give you the impression that you must 'follow our Sharia law and pray to our God like we tell you to do or else you are an infidel and deserve to die'. That religion has been turned into a dictatorship.  Law by lawless radicals is how it appears to be to those of us outside the religion. 

According to what I was taught there is only one God and that God is the one that created everything that wasn’t man made. To me different gods are the imagination of man. Now radicals who treat woman as if they were not humans but exist just as someone to please man and they have no freedom except to be slaves of men. That doesn't seem to be very religious.  Sometimes I wonder if this is happening because Jesus never had a woman as a disciple. Do they think that Jesus did not trust a woman to be one of His disciples? If so is that why Muslim woman are treated like slaves?

There is only one God and he’s the one that I have faith in and these days you have to have faith with all that is going on because of lies that are being told just to scare people into believing things. Like I said, there is only one God but certain religions or cults would want to make you believe that they have their own God and their own way of praying to him and if you do not agree, you are an infidel and deserve to die. The true God said “committing murder is an unforgiving sin” so that would mean that when you die your soul would be incinerated and never to exist again.

What about the killing of all the kids in a school reported not too long ago?  Over 100 of them were apparently killed. Is that what radicals think Sharia law is all about? What about kids having their head chopped off because they wouldn’t convert to Islam? What about a 14 year old being thrown off a 4 story building because of being a Christian? What about the slaughter of Christians and the burning of churches? Now is anyone still going to tell me that Islam is a religion of peace? Now the good Muslims are not trusted because of the monsters of radicals in their midst and yet the good Muslims don’t seem to be doing anything to try and prove that Islam is a religion of peace. By the good Muslims not doing anything to stop these radicals, to me it seems that they more or less agree with those radicals or they just don’t want to get mixed up in it even though some Muslims are killed as if they were infidels.

In closing there is only one God but some people have different ways of praying to him. Radicals think that they have a God of their own and their way of praying to him is the only way any other way you are considered as an infidel and don’t deserve to live.

Friday, January 16, 2015

What to do with Islamists radicals

What would I do with radical terrorists? Instead of locking them up or bringing them to courts (which is a waste of taxpayers’ money) is have the military or police shoot them on the spot wherever they find them. Of course that means when they are caught in the act, or there is inarguable proof of their guilt. After all, these people think that if they are killed for what they believe in they become martyrs for their cause anyway. If that is what they believe then I would say oblige them by killing them. We'd apparently be doing them a favour. We'd certainly be doing ourselves a favor; at least they wouldn’t be around to get released in some kind of deal that would let them loose to go back out and join their friends in killing men, women and children and burning down churches.

To my concern those radicals are at war with anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe. They feel justified to kill and torture. And I’m quite sure that some of them just do it and take it as a sport. These Islamist radicals are at war with those they consider infidels. War means kill or be killed. That's how they view it and until we do the same, they're going to win. That’s unfortunate but it's the reality. At least it is the way I look at it. So why waste time locking them up and wasting tax payers’ money? Anyone that shows themselves to be a sympathizer of this kind of brutal killer should not be killed but they should be locked up for life. You cannot deny that if you sympathize with the devil, then you must be in agreement in with the devil.

That's my rant for the day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm just wondering

I’m just wondering if our new neighbors to the south will be a communist country or a third world country by the time their supposed to be president or King or Emperor is out of office. I am a Canadian and I worry about that. I know some smart ass will be reading this and say like I've seen before on a comment that a Canadian had made and just below that one another commented that the Canadian should mind his own business. Well I will say to that person enjoy your freedom of speech because soon you will not have that luxury.

Furthermore I am just expressing my opinions as to what is going on in the USA. If you're an American and you have a problem with that, then you don't believe in the principles of free speech that is a cornerstone of your own country. And if you are Canadian and think I should be more concerned about what goes on in Canada, how do you know I'm not? Of course I'm concerned about Canada. It's a big reason I worry about America. If you're Canadian and you don't think about that, you are being myopic (i.e. you have a limiting, narrow view of the world). The question shouldn't be "Why do I care?", it should be "Why DON'T you care?"

I realize that by reading the news you have to believe half of what you read and leave the balance for future reference because not all of it could be true except when it's shown on a video. So you have to wait and see. I can see there seems to be less worry about the security of the nation than there was in the past. A president who is busy making friends that are more or less enemies of the USA and at the same time alienating, friendly countries. That should concern everyone.

All I can say is that who you people have elected is a leader that was elected to destroy the USA using communist tactics - a bit at a time. He's got minions who are little more than bum kissers. You people just don’t seem to have people with balls to represent you in the White House administration. I think they left them at home when they were employed by the government.

Those are my opinions. Have a good day.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Communist tactics

I’ve been saying all along that America is either going to become a third world country or a communist one. This sure seems like communism to me. And what about Michelle Obama dictating her views as to what students should eat? And what about Obama ignoring part of the Constitution to to do what he wants as far as issuing Executive Orders? What about leaving the southern border open so all kinds of riff raff can enter the USA? What about Obama trying to make friends with so called enemies of the USA all while alienating friendly countries? What about the freeing of hard core Jihadists for a soldier that had deserted from his unit (testified to by other soldiers of his unit)? Doesn't all of that sound like a communist dictator?

So much has happened and if you read the comments sections of many websites, you can see how angry some people are about it all. It's possible that in this year (2015) there will be a revolution in the USA and that will be an excuse for Obama to declare martial law then complete his takeover of the nation. Those are only my opinions and a hunch. I'm not ready to predict it yet, but I am closing to believing that's what is going to happen. I hope I’m wrong but I’m only going on what I’ve been reading since Obama was elected.

I realize that a person shouldn’t believe everything that is reported but there has been so much reported by different sites and the videos that I’ve watched on speeches by Obama himself I find it hard not to believe most of the things reported. I could be wrong but I would like to know where does he get his ideas from? I don’t believe those ideas that he has is of his own choosing because he must realize that they are wrong because he seems to be too well educated not to realize it but being faithful to whomever is responsible for what he is doing, or perhaps just his communist ideals are blinding him to the damage he's doing

Monday, January 5, 2015

The People's Republic of America

When you hear "People's Republic", it's always with regards to a communist country - China, North Korea. There's nothing "People's" about these countries.

Since I have been interested in the political goings on in the USA in I've been on countless different sites on the internet to read about it. So many report about what goes on politically there, and there are a lot of perspectives. But I have come to the conclusion that the Republic of the USA is in danger of disappearing. The president, and his political allies and ideological predecessors have been whittling down America's institutions for decades. It's gotten so much worse under this president. It has snowballed into a vast left wing conspiracy to destroy America from within.

Are we looking at a socialist Utopia or a dictatorship in the future? It doesn't matter. The latter is evil and the former, equally so. They sap individuality and they kill the soul. I have written in many of my blog posts that the USA would become a third world country or a communist one. This morning while looking for news as to what goes on in this God forsaken world, I opened this site. If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.

According to everything that I’ve been seeing and reading over the past few years, I have no reason not to believe what I have read on this site. It's both scary and sad at the same time, that it has come to this. A once great nation that has basically killed itself by stupidly electing a traitor to lead the nation. You couldn't write a worse scenario for a movie if you tried.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A new third world country.

I mentioned before on many occasions that the USA will become either a communist country or a third world country. I don't particularly want this to happen, but it's what I believe WILL happen, the way things are going.

Opening Fox news the other week, the first thing I read 'FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE takes heat for saying US should show respect for its enemies and try to 'empathize with their perspective and point of view.'

I guess this former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doesn’t pay too much attention as to what is going on in her own country. I think she spent too much time with Obama. Will she still think that the USA should empathize with its enemies when the Islamic radicals have her on her way to get shot or her head chopped off? Their only perspective and point of view is to have everyone convert to Islam and if not they are candidates for the bone yard (with or without a head). I would ask don’t you people have a supposed to be leader King or Emperor that empathizes enough with them as it is?

Wake up people! You have no leader at least not one that is loyal to the American people. The nation is being whittled down to nothing for lack of a true leader and being turned into a third world country. I hope I’m wrong in my opinions but that’s the way I see it.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Maybe I'm paranoid, but...

I read this article a while back on World Net Daily. I may be paranoid, but I don't think so. Communism is trying to come to America., the former baker from Christchurch, New Zealand, is up early to catch communists at work, and the “secret recipes” he’s discovered have already shaken up American politics, exposing politicians, activists and former President Obama advisor Van Jones.

Loudon’s investigative work began after watching the rise of communism in his home country of New Zealand. Worried the same thing might happen in the U.S., he asked a former communist to explain how it happened.

That confidant, Loudon told WND, revealed the big secret of the Marxists is that they make small gains by infiltrating institutions that have political influence ¬– like churches, labor unions and universities – and spread their “yeast” from there. In time, the communists within rise up to infiltrate and control the much larger, mainstream political parties and institutions.
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