Friday, June 29, 2012

Nation of robots

I entitled this as nations of robots, once you are finished reading this, I think you will agree with me.

Have you noticed most of the time when you call someone and they are not at home, if you want to leave a message you have to talk to a machine?  If you're calling a business, you might as well hang up because you will be told by a machine to press a number when you do, you're told you have so many options. Then your told the same thing after you press the number you were given. After pressing a dozen numbers you are told that all lines are busy. So if you wait and you happen to be paying for a long distance call,  you are incurring costs with out any results for what you were calling about in the first place.

If your calling to apply for something, the first thing you will be asked is whether you have a credit card. Should you answer 'no', they will likely say that you will have to pay for one year in advance or just simply  sorry but if you don’t have a credit card we can’t help you. With some businesses like hydro, cable, Internet  or telephones in places like were I am now, to pay these things, you have to either run to a bank or mail them a cheque or pay online.  That's because it seems that they are only interested in your money and not interested to hear of any complaints from you face-to-face, or even voice-to-voice. Those calls are screened by machines as well.

What got me going on these subjects this morning is what I read on this site.

This is what got me thinking that we have been turned in to robots. Most of the time we are told to do this and that by machines. 

Here is another one that you would hear. You check your mail box and there’s a letter from some business with a mistake on it. So you call those people and explain about the letter that you received from them and after they check and see the mistake the response is "Oh, I’m sorry but it was printed from the computer/system". 

This just goes to show that we are taken for a bunch of idiots and that we don’t know that it’s the person that entered the info who is at fault. I’m lucky to have some one to edit my blogs because first of all I’m French and I have to have someone to edit what I write -  if not, sometimes I get so mad that I would start using my own vocabulary which would not be appropriate.  That was definitely the case with this post.

That is my grouchy rant for today . 

Have a great day. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Store shelf mazes

Where is it?!?!

This really burns me up.  Have you ever noticed, when you go into a store that things get changed around from one day to another? I know the managers do their best to try and sell off what they have on their shelves but some of them go to extremes.

Here is what I mean. When you go into a store that you usually go to, you think that you know where everything is. What you want you think you know is in a certain aisle. Forget it - you have to search to see where it has been moved to so you have to look almost all over the store to find what you wanted. Then when you do find it, if that item is a good seller, it seems you will find it either at the very bottom of the shelves and you have to almost  get on your knees to reach it. If not, it'll be on the top shelf and then you have to become a giraffe to reach it. If you’re a short person, you try and find someone in the store that works there or another customer to help you.  It is the same if you cannot kneel - then you have to get help. 

There is also another thing that gets me. They will put some items on sale and marked on sale for a certain price but they seem to forget to change it so when the cashier punches or scans that item in to the register, it shows the regular price that it was before they put it on sale, If you don’t pay attention when the cashier puts  it in, you are getting robbed. On the other hand, if you see it and tell them they made a mistake, then they will call for a floor walker (if they have one) and it takes forever for him to show up to tell them the actual sale price.

 I caught Canadian Tire here in Hull on that. Was it forgetfulness or on purpose?. Next time you go into a store check what the cashier is punching in the cash register you might save yourself a couple dollars.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Have a good day and if you do some shopping keep an open eye on the cash.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Egypt's war on women

This was taken from the Ottawa Sun website.  I've lost the original link, but here's the complete, brief article that I want to address.
First posted: Thursday, April 26, 2012 02:32 PM EDT | Updated: Thursday, April 26, 2012 02:34 PM EDT 
Women in Egypt are fighting proposed laws that would permit men to have sex with their wives up to six hours after death.
On Monday, Egypt's National Council for Women sent a letter to Egyptian People's Assembly Speaker Dr. Saad al-Katatni, asking parliament not to approve the controversial laws, the Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram reported.
The council argued the new marriage rules, lowering the legal age to 14, and the "farewell sex" legislation are similar to traditions that have prevented women from working or being educated.
The idea that marriage remains valid, even after death, came from Moroccan cleric Zamzami Abdul Bari, who spoke about it in May 2011. He also said women have the same right to have sex with their dead husbands?
What can I say except - Can you believe this? Forget the stupidity of the law itself, Egypt clear has issues with respect for women. Apparently the Arab Spring was meant for men only.

That’s my short rant of the day.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Eating healthy

When I hear these people say, eat healthy foods it makes me laugh. To eat healthy these days you have to stay away from most of the food they sell in the stores. 

According to doctors,  too much sodium is no good for you because it retains the liquids in your body and the results if that happens are that you can die. I know this because I'm now on a low sodium diet.  What supposedly happens is that your kidneys and your lungs will shut down as the liquids can get retained and finally get into your lungs.  When that happens, when you try to breath, no oxygen gets into your lungs and you can die from it and after just a few minutes. You pass out and you could be out of this world just like I was.  That happened to me at the end of May of this year. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Preparing for WAR!

Battle of the sexes

Prepare for war, but not with bombs.  I'm talking about a war of the sexes. Sorry ladies, this is not meant to insult anyone but something just dawned on me while I was sitting here and thinking of what to write.

This what I find comical - some of you ladies might not think so but hear me out. When watching movies of cowboys and Indians, what  do the Indians do before going to war? They paint their faces and away they go.  When I see a woman getting ready to go out for the evening, and she wants to look sexier or look more beautiful than the other woman and draw attention to herself, she puts on what I call her war paint and away she goes and that’s why I call this war of the sexes. 

I have to mention also that some men (and I mean some) will also put on some war paint to go out and all kinds of cologne to smell good but not to attract a woman. What I find ironic is some woman look beautiful without all that war paint and some do indeed ruin their natural looks because of adding war paint.  Yet they go out, dressed in war paint to defeat other women in their quest for men and also to lure men to them.  It's like a free for all battle.

I hope this did not offend anyone as this was an observation and if it did it wasn’t meant to do that.

Have a good make up day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The "truth" about Obama

I hate to say this, but from what I’ve read, I would say that Obama will be elected again. I hope not, because as far as I’m concerned, his big ego is affecting his reasoning. What I find weird is that there was a lot of things said about him when he was running for the presidency but he made it in just the same. People are going to ask themselves what is the truth about Obama, and many are going to come to a different conclusion than Obama detractors might like.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who to believe?

I ask who to believe and here are my reasons for asking. All religions or cults tell us that God is a good God. I believe that. Now this is why I’m asking the question. Catholics claim that if you die without confessing your sins you go straight to hell and this doesn’t make sense to me

First of all, nowhere can I find that says that God judges everyone individually upon death and this is what the Catholics want you to believe.  If He did judge everyone individually then why should He do it again at the end of the world?

Friday, June 8, 2012

We are in trouble - politically

We in Canada are in trouble, politician -wise.  Here are my reasons for saying this. 

We have the Conservative party which at this time seemed to be the best pick. Then we  have  the  opposition    New  Democrats  with a new  leader who doesn't seem to know  what his job is.  According to his statements so far he is all for the unions and all for socialism. Of course his party  is too. Then there are the Liberals with a leader that has shown us as a leader he leaves a lot to be desired. Getting down to the third/fourth tier, there is  the Green party, which is as far as  I’m  concerned  a lost cause. We are just as  bad provincially  in Quebec and Ontario with the Liberals in charge.

That is my little rant of the day - something to think about. I might have a solution. We should try and find some one like Sarah Palin to straighten them out.  Like her or not, she stands up to the establishment. Canadian politics, regardless of party is nothing but establishment. We need either fresh faces or a fresh system, because the parties as they are, don't really change much and when they do, they typically just make matters worse.

Have a great day.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Every day while reading the news I go on a Pakistani news website to see what grievance they have against the USA and very seldom a day goes by that they don’t have something to complain about.

I get the feeling that they would rather have the Taliban or some other terrorist group in their country instead of any sort of alliance with the United States. My question would be whether they are so scared of the terrorists that they would rather see the USA out of their country? The way I see it, they are playing the Americans as suckers and trying to get everything they can get from them without them being in their country.

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