Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Religion of peace?

Is this the Islam that’s called a religion of peace?  If this is what gets called a religion of peace then whoever follows this religion can shove it where the sun don’t shine. Torturing and killing and burning humans alive - I wouldn’t call that a religion of peace, I would call it evil. That is my comment on this kind of religion. 

And that's all I have to say today.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton.

The other day on the internet I read this, “Hillary should have her health checked because of her coughing”.

I would say that it would be a waste of time as her coughing fits only happen when she is being a questioned about something that she doesn’t want to answer. Cough, cough, cough, translates into “I don’t have a lie for that one yet” I noticed that whenever she was questioned about something.

Oh she is sick alright. But it's a sickness in the damn head, where I believe Satan is probably hiding and telling her to keep on lying. She must have a low outlook of her fellow citizens thinking that they would believe all the lies that she blabbers out. I can’t believe the amount of people that still believe her because of the amount of people that will be voting for her and would like to see her become the president.

If she ever did become the president that would be the continuation of Obama's agenda and that would mean the end of America.

Now you Americans have a tough job ahead and it seems it will be between Clinton and Trump.

Myself if it was my choice I would worry more about doing away with the corruption that is going on now and I believe that Trump is the person for that.

After the corruption part is over with I will not even guess what will happen.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Britain as a Muslim colony

I'm just going to share the link, but look at this and share what you think.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bicycle lanes and missing brains

On August 3rd I was listening to a whiner on the radio complaining about bicycle lanes. He was upset that those bicycle riders don’t have to pay to use the streets and he was wondering why. I believe he was whining because either he was jealous mind or he couldn’t use his brain (if he even had one to start off with)to realize that bikes do not cause pot holes like autos trucks and buses do.

I was wondering why this world has turned into the kind of world that it has become. Now I realize why. It’s because of people with that kind of thinking that did it. That would be the same line of thinking as those who believed that the planet is heating up and when that didn’t work they jumped on climate change as their term to use. Now they have come out with a Carbon tax and remember - carbon is food for trees and plants. I guess they have to think of something to be able to tax the people on. I’m not a scientist but do away with carbon and see what happens to trees and plants. What I get a laugh at is 7 out of 10 times we can’t even depend on what kind of weather forecast for what we are going to have in a 24 hrs. span. Yet they go all out to broadcast about climate change. What I also heard on the radio is that the planet has a fever. I wouldn’t be surprise to hear that it’s the pollution that is stopping the volcanoes from erupting to relieve some of the heat that is created in the earth.

Another thing I should mention. This is about the end of times. How many times have the dates and months has been predicted as to the end of times? I will predict one thing that is for sure. The end of times will come to each one of us when the good lord decides to come and get each one of us. As for the end of times for the whole world, that will happen when it does. It could happen in this generation or any other generation; no one knows unless you’re related to Mrs. H. Clinton and keep on lying to yourself until such time that you really believe it then tell the world. Or have you already done that?

Another thing I should mention. This is about the end of times. How many times the dates and months has been predicted as to the end of times? I will predict one thing that is for sure. The end of times will come to each one of us when the good lord decides to come and get each one of us. As for the end of times for the whole world that will happen when it does it could happen in this generation or any other generation no one knows unless you’re related to Mrs. H. Clinton and keep on lying to yourself until such time that you really believe it then tell the world or have you already done that?

Friday, August 5, 2016

Muslims students walk out on national anthem

Check this out about those damn immigrants that shouldn’t even be allowed to live here. Not all immigrants, but certainly many, should be sent right back from where they came. If I had the power I would send all those suckers and scroungers back to the hell hole they came from. Ungrateful buggers. 

Check out this and you will see what I mean. This happened in Australia but the problem is no less real here. I don’t care what country they immigrate to, they should adhere to the laws of that country. Why else even go there? Not too long ago on Facebook I read that some immigrants were offended by what was in our Bible and they wanted it changed. If what was in there offended them, tough. I have a Qur’an and there are a lot of things that are offending to us but we don’t make a fuss about it like many Muslim people would do if we criticized it. Some of us are faithful to our Bible but we would not kill anyone for criticizing it.

This is not your country (at this time at least, although Liberals seem to want to give it away) - you don't own it. And it is not your nationality and it will not be until you decide to adhere to our laws and our way of living. If I was in power I would make sure that the ones that would criticize or refuse to adhere to our way of living you would be deported faster than you would think that it could happen.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Change in the weather

Last month I read a few things and saw a few videos about the end of the world coming on July 29th. I guess that didn't happen because we're still here. Well, most of us are. I'm sure some people died on July 29th, so for them that prophecy stuff came true I guess. Anyway, I was looking at the Weather Network and there was some pretty ominous looking weather photos that could have easily been taken for end-of-the-world photos. The pictures of the skies were pretty creepy.

I don't know if the photos are still there or perhaps archived somewhere on that site, but if you are interested in seeing them or searching for them, try looking here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Takeout joints

Do you like eating out in restaurants or take out joints? If you do I would suggest you be careful about it. There are some disgusting things that go on. Mind you I’m not saying that every restaurant or take out joint is the same but there are always bad apples in everything. I mean there are people that will serve you food that you wouldn’t eat if you saw who prepared it for you. There are some places that if you saw who else handles your food besides the cook you'd have a problem. In fact, is the cook him/herself even clean? How do you know for sure? Do the cooks wash their hands after finishing their business in the restroom? Are the cook's or the waitress’s fingernails clean under the ends or crappy with dirt under the ends? If that is so then that person can’t be considered as being careful with their hygiene. In food preparation and service, hygiene is very important.

If the hygiene is not good there are a lot of clues besides just the fingernails. Is there a bad odor coming off of the cook or waitress as if they hadn't taken a shower in a long time? If the people have one or all of those things going on, then they should not be in a place of work where they are responsible for either cooking or handling foods. That should be the same as take out joints.

Now in some restaurants, i some people that ordered food don’t eat all of it do some cooks take what has not been touched and save it and heat it up for the next customer to order whatever that cook was saving? I know that is probably not common, but how do you know it doesn't ever happen? My point is - you don't know. In the kitchen of those places are there some foods that are dropped on the floor then just picked up and cooked? These places need to make a profit so wasting food is a bad thing for them. So it is possible that if it dropped food could be cooked after being picked up and brushed off or washed off. If it's something that's not to be cooked like say salad, is it just put on a plate and given to the next customer with whatever else that’s supposed to go with what has been ordered?

If you’re a finickier eater at home then why do you eat in a restaurant or order from a takeout joint where you don't know what has happened with your food preparation? Where you can’t see how your food is being handled or who is handling it?

Now I’m not inferring that what happens in some places is happening in all places, but I do suggest that you be careful.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

All lives matter

I was listening to my favorite radio station CFRA two weeks ago and on a talk show there was a person being question as to why he apologized for saying these words “all lives matter”. He was asked why he apologized and he answered that he was being called a racist for mentioning those words.

To me I do care if a person loses his or her life it means death whichever way death was brought on. Lives do matter and I don’t care about the color of the person's skin - death is death. Death means gone forever, never to come back and someone being grieved and missed by the people that loved that person.

I will change those words for all deaths matters. Now we will see what I’m going to be called for saying those words.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Not that funny at all

What I find funny but at the same time, nothing to laugh at (because it’s not funny at all) is impeachment. People that say if there is such a thing as impeachment here in Canada, then the premier of the province of Ontario should be impeached. Now what I find to be a big laugh is how many times former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty was elected and re-elected. He was called every name imaginable for his misdeeds and still was he elected what 4 times. He was just as bad as this one (but not worse). So what would be the outcome of an election or impeachment of premier Wynne? I think that the amount of people who vote for her not to be impeached would exceed the ones who would say yes. Because some people, too many people, seem to think that the Liberals are the best. That one is a laugh as the Conservatives and New Democrats are tops.

Those two parties don’t have someone with nice hair and as good looking as who we have as prime minister now. But that's not what really matters. Some people seem to think that if you speak well and have nice hair then you are the one who should be elected. Those are people that I call stupid; good looking hair and good talking doesn’t necessarily make a good manager of a country. Thanks to that kind of thoughtless voting by some stupid people, how long will have a country and a province? From what I can see, the first to fail will be the province of Ontario. It will go bankrupt and then the country too.

Mind you the Liberals used to be a good party but there are new educated fools in there now and the party has lost its reputation. I would say they should all go and join the Democrats in the USA because they seem to like dictators like Wynn as they have one now called Obama.
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