Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Talk about racism

Who are the first ones to talk about racism?  Clearly it is the people who feel they have been victimized by it - African-Americans bring up racism more than Caucasians. Well, to my mind there's racism and then there are those people who use it as a crutch or a reason for every ill in society. Take a look at this.
Holder said that he believed that Obama is subject to "a certain level of vehemence" that is partly racial.

"You know, people talking about taking their country back," Holder said. "There's a certain racial component to this for some people. I don't think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there's a racial animus."
As simple as that, the Attorney General, smears everyone, particularly white people, as being racially motivated in their disagreement with the president. His escape clause is to say that he said "for some". But it still is a blanket statement and you cannot effectively claim to be not be racist if you disagree with anything the president says or does. Isn't that convenient for Obama and Holder? What a great way to silence the critics!

If you disagree with Eric Holder or president Obama concerning what they say or do you will be called a racist.

To my way of thinking, regardless of your skin colour, if you don’t effectively do the job that you were elected to do, then you deserve criticism. If racism is the only word you can use when someone criticizes you, that's a weak, infantile defense. I for one knows that Obama is not doing the job he was elected to do. So I am a racist now? I would not call myself that, I would call myself a critic of the president.

Instead by Eric Holder's logic, I would be called a racist - because I am a white person criticizing an African-American president. Sarah Palin, the starting point for Eric Holder's racial logic, seems to be a straight shooter in what she says. For her it's not about race either but by weaving race into that conversation, Holder is subtly calling her a racist too. But are you going to tell me that president Obama is just as straight shooter as she is? That would be a big laugh.

Those are my opinions. Have a good day

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I can't believe this story about cancer

I’m not sure I can believe this if, even if it’s true. This site will show you what I’ve been saying all along about the truth not being told to the public concerning a cure being found for cancer. It hasn't been revealed to the public because of what these people would lose: money. All of that I believe, and in fact agree with, but this shows things are worse than even I imagined.

The FDA is supposed to be a department responsible for protecting the people and if the details above are indeed true, they are not doing their job.

I did mention before that most people that are in business don’t give a damn about what they put in our food, or the safety of the drugs they make, or anything else really, just as long they can continue to make money by hiding the truth from people and the money keeps on coming in. They don’t care about anything else, including whether people die from cancer.

NOTE:  This site link appears to me to be an advertisement, but that does not change the fact that there are potential truths in what is being said.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sarah Palin is right

While reading the news this morning I went to this popular liberal news site and read the article about Sarah Palin.  Now I know they hate Palin over on those liberal sites, and I would take a guess and say that Mrs. Palin doesn’t realize that she will be incessantly called a racist for calling for the impeachment of the supposed-to-be president. These days it seems that if you say anything against Obama you are automatically a racist. Whether he’s black, blue or yellow or pink I don’t care, if he’s not doing his job and not following the laws of the constitution than he should be impeached.  Sarah Palin is right.

I think those who would call anyone that criticizes Obama a racist, are the people that are on cloud 9 and they have no clue as to how their country is being degraded and has become the laughing stock of the world. Either that, or they are those who cannot defend him without resorting to name-calling because they don't have a stronger argument to make.  He is what I'd call an educated fool.  Yet he also thinks that he is a King and the Constitution can be overlooked if it prevents him from getting what he wants.

I think it’s about time that someone once again speaks up for the people that don’t have the guts to speak up. That hasn't been the case since Sarah Palin sort of disappeared, or at least was more in the background.  To be called a racist for defending my country - I would be honored. I am glad to read about Sarah Palin waking up to the fact that the nation is going to hell and starting to speak up once again. I hope she keeps it up.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Facebook monotony

Monotony on Facebook? Yes. I call it monotony when a certain thing is repeated and repeated over and over again. Facebook is full of monotony. For example, there is a post going around calling for Nancy Pelosi to be impeached. Pelosi is no doubt an idiot. But she is also a small fish in a rather large aquarium. I would call the White House, which is filled mostly with other gutless fish that are more worried about their fat paychecks than they are about their country, a big fish. What I would like to know is what are they going to do when the country is taken over and turned into a third world country?

Before I get back to Facebook, let me finish out this tangent. I would say Pelosi should be impeached. Instead though, why not call for impeachment of the big fish then go down the line of all the bottom kissers feeders that are sitting there? Take a chance on trying to impeach the big fish that pretends to be an American at heart, but truth be known, he’s showing himself to be a Muslim sympathizer at heart and has made it into politics just to bring America down to a has-been as a great power.

When I hear them talk about no man left behind, I can laugh. What about the doctor that helped to capture Ben Ladin? Why wasn’t any deal made to get him out of jail? What about the marine that is in jail in Mexico? He entered Mexico by a mistake he made because of the design of the highway. No, the supposed to be leader is no leader at all and he think he’s above the law just like the president that was deposed in Egypt a president of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Okay, back to Facebook now. Do you think Facebook will even make a difference in attempting to impeach Pelosi? No. It's political activism for the lazy. It's not going to help like voting, or calling your Congressman, or organizing meetings to talk to other voters. But the bigger problem is that something like this can show up in your Facebook feed numerous times. It becomes monotonous and you tune it out like commercials.

Games? If you like games I suppose it is okay, but I don't need 50 game requests per day. Stop it. I don't play them, don't ask me. I don't care if you need to invite friends to get to the next level or win game coins - just stop!

Similarly, I don't care to see a picture of what you are about to eat. Do you think anyone does? What do you think if someone starving in Africa saw your food picture?

I don't need to know that you are on your way to the bus, or you are at the library. If I need to get a hold of you, you narcissist, I will call you on the phone you are using to brag about being at the hockey game right now.

I pity this generation who think this is a normal way to live. For them, it may be, but for the rest of us, this is just stupid.

That is my rant for today.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The weird people of Ontario

I’m calling Ontarians the weird people of Ontario from now on. But when I say the weird people of Ontario, I just mean  the ones that voted the provincial Liberals into power again - but this time with a majority. I take it these people don’t care how much they get robbed by their government.  I guess they don’t believe that the Liberals could do that to them, despite the fact that they have done it time and again. I guess they don’t believe that the dodo bird that quit (Dalton McGuinty) because he couldn’t take care of the problems that he was responsible for causing. They don't believe that he couldn’t handle the heat and he was scared of an investigation of all the problems he was responsible for so he quit and took off.  They don't believe that their current premier herself was a part of the problem too.

Some of the blame should be put on the leader of the Conservative party (provincially) for more or less pushing people away by saying that he would fire a lot of people who work for the provincial government. This guy has shown that he should not be a leader of a party provincially or federally. Not surprisingly, he won't be back now after having lost an election repeatedly.  During an election he should have known that saying he’s going to fire people he could never win, at least right now.  People in Ontario seem to want big government and want to be robbed by it.  His message didn't resonate with anyone. Or enough of anyone at least. Maybe he just didn’t want any part in trying to straightened out the problems those dodo bird Liberals did before flying the coop.

I just hope that the next federal election here, that most people of all of Canada have been reading the news as to what the liberals (Democrats) are doing in the USA. What you will see is a liberal leaning more on communism than liberalism. And in case you were wondering, I mean Obama. The supposed-to-be-the-president of the USA. What a poor excuse for a president. The whole world knows it and they laugh at him.  Well, I'm laughing at Ontario now, even though I feel bad for the province and what will happen to the people there.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Are you STILL smoking?

Still smoking? Yes, I'm still talking about this subject. No, I'm not being paid to say these things. It's not so hard to quit, believe it or not. If you are still smoking I would strongly suggest that you check out this article

I quit smoking using e-cigarettes because I actually died briefly. On the last day of May 2011 at the hospital, after receiving the last rites of the church, I died. I came back alive and the doctors don’t know why I came back because my body had shut down. Heart, kidneys, there were multiple failures. It was due the doctors said, mostly to smoking.

So last Christmas a friend of my son's gave each of us an e-cigarette kit to stop smoking. This kit was given to us as a Christmas gift. Since then I’ve been using it and never had another tobacco cigarette again. Although I tried a couple of times to smoke a real cigarette after a drag or 2 it went were it belonged -- in the garbage.

After 66 years I never thought that I would have been able to quit smoking. Well after 6 months with these e-cigarettes, I can honestly say that I haven’t had a tobacco cigarette and my health is coming back. If you are considering quitting, consider these products.

Now I just have to worry about the food that we buy in good faith -- some of it has garbage added to it which is not good for our heath. I have written on previous blog posts about what is done to our food as well as smoking. Also, on the food side, I would suggest that you also check out this too. In this video you will find the foods that are dangerous to your health.

Monday, July 14, 2014

These Jihadists - Part 2

I originally wasn’t going to write any more about this topic but when I read about theses guys being let loose from Guantanamo, and what is happening in Iraq with Iran getting in to the mix, I had to add a few thoughts and broke it into 2 parts. I really wish the Americans would get a leader that is not all talk and no action. Being a leader of a country is not for a bleeding heart. When the time comes for action, and all other options have been exhausted then it’s time for action. Now the president is still trying to resort to other options that clearly have not worked and are not working.

As long as these Jihadists can get away with what they are doing and nothing is happening to them as a consequence of their actions, they will not stop their murdering ways. I wonder why there is no mention of those Iranian ships coming into American waters any more. Were the dealt with? Based on the president's track record, I doubt it. As these problems mount I get more and more concerned.

I hope I’m wrong in my thinking but I can see big trouble brewing within the USA itself. I wrote before saying that the USA will implode and the way things are at this time with everything that is happening and with what is being done and not done I have a feeling that things will come to a head soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

These Jihadists - Part 1

When I heard about president Obama saying he wanted to stop all wars it proved to me that this man doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I wrote something about it before, meaning about these Jihadists. When you have a bunch of Jihadists that are willing to blow themselves up just to kill others, it means that life for these people doesn’t mean anything. They have already proven that by the all of the killings and torture not only of adults but also of children.

What’s going on in Iraq proves that. Those people have an agenda and nothing is going to stop them other than to keep on going after them and blast them at any opportunity. There is no reasoning with people like that. Even Iran is sending troops they have already sent 150 elite fighters and has offered to send 10,000 soldiers according to Fox News.

That’s what happens when troops are pulled out before the job is done. All the lives that were lost in order to free Iraq of theses killers were lost for what exactly?

I’ll answer my own question: So far, the lives appear to have been lost for nothing. Pulling the troops out of Iraq without realizing that with these type of people won't solve anything. You can’t stop going after them. It is a mistake. Life doesn’t mean anything to people this and to think otherwise is being stupid or just not caring.

Now they have help with extra leaders that were just released from Guantanamo and to think that these 5 released prisoners won’t go back to their planning, killing and recruiting is to be stupid and ignorant.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Garbage in our food and drinks (nd hospitals)

I have written a couple of posts in the past about the garbage that we get in our foods. It's because of the fat cats that are in love with money who will add anything into our food to make it taste better, just so people will buy it because it looks good and tastes good. I found a video this morning that might convince the unbelievers of what I have been saying. I would suggest you take a look at the video.

I believe this video to be true. My reason for saying this is that the wife of a friend of mine was infected with what they call C dificile. I hope I spelled it right. Each time she would start eating she felt like she was going to vomit and was always going to the bathroom with diarrhea. Her stomach was always upset and she was getting headaches all the time. Finally one night it got so bad that her husband had to bring her to the Emergency room at the hospital. Ironically it is where she got infected in the first place. When she went there previously, due to being short of breath, she was put on the 4th floor where that garbage of C. dificile was (and still is) rampant.

Why they don’t try and clean up this floor I don’t know. But one thing I do know is that they will be responsible for a lot of people having this bug if they don’t clean it up. If they don’t clean it up it will become not the American Parasite but the Canadian Parasite spread by a hospital in Qu├ębec.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


I haven't been able to post anything in quite a while.  Frankly, I blame my editor.  He hasn't been as available as he'd like to be.  Since English is not my first language, I like to run my writing by him for editing before it gets posted.  That way I can be more sure that my writing makes sense.  Now that's not to say I am not fluent in English.  I'm very comfortable speaking and reading it.  But it never hurts to be as sure as possible about something, especially when people are looking at it.  That way you don't come across as uneducated.

Speaking of which, I was watching WWE wrestling the other day.  Yes, I watch wrestling.  It's entertaining.  In fact it can be downright funny. While watching wrestling the other day, I got a surprise. This beautiful blond is an agent for this Russian monster of a wrestler. When she introduced him to the crowd, someone said something that she did not agree with and it was about Obama. She claimed that Obama was a sissy and when they showed a picture of Putin, she said "there is a man's man and not girlish man like Obama".

That made my day.
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