Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

I wish you all the best for 2015.

One cannot rant all the time.

A secret revealed

After a little over 2 years of searching if there would be someone stupid enough to start a nuclear war and I truly believe that what I found in this video, captures it:

Based on all that I’ve been reading concerning all the disagreements amongst nations and those nations upgrading their weapons capabilities puts us all in peril. I always believed that a third world war was not too far off. Today after finding the video above I truly believe that the world is in its last century. I really hope that will not happen but these days what counts to a lot of people is greed for money and power.

These two things will be the cause of a third world war.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The United States of Atheists?

I remember in the past that the people of the USA used to say they were a God fearing country. Now it seems that more people are joining these unbeliever atheists. Also it seems that since The King (or Emperor) Obama has been elected, more people have turned to atheism. This is just like dealing with gay people: don’t discriminate against them or you will be in big trouble. Discrimination is not good, but there are limits to how far backwards you have to bend over for gay people or atheists or any other special interest group so as not to offend them. Come on, let's be real about it.

The reason I’m ranting about this kind of thing that goes on in the USA (yes, and elsewhere too) is because what I read/saw the other morning. This is very stupid just because it has to do with a religious institution. These Atheists would rather see people starve because these schools are showing that Christians believe in following their Christian belief of helping unfortunate ones who need help.

I would like any of those atheists come to my door and try to prevent me from helping others - especially the ones that need help with regard to food. I am not too much of a religious person but I am a Christian and anyone that would come to my door and tell me to stop they would be carried off in an ambulance.

Here in Canada we have some atheists but they don’t go around trying to stop people from getting food from other groups even if they are affiliated with some kind of religious beliefs. Here it seems the atheists believe in minding their own business.

A person doesn’t have to be of a certain belief or unbelief in order to help someone. Helping others means it comes from the heart and not because you are a Christian (or not). You help someone simply because that person needs help and you believe in helping another human. Anyone who doesn’t believe in helping someone in need shows how selfish they are. Using any phony excuses to prevent others from helping someone in need is wrong. And of course hiding your selfishness by using stupid excuses like religion is deceitful or at least a case of misguided priorities.

Anyone who has a comment about what I’ve written the comment section is always open but keep it civilized or it will be deleted.

Hey, I'm still alive here.

I haven't posted in a while. It's not my fault, my editor who is a friend of mine, (my English is not perfect) has been out of reach for a bit.  I'm still writing, but they haven't been getting posted.

I think that problem has been at least partially solved and my posts should be flowing again soon.

I didn't want you thinking I'd kicked the bucket.  There's still too much to blog about for that to happen now.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Depriving kids of sustainable foods (Part 2)

I have done a lot of writing as to what goes on in those schools of the USA I've also put on links to the sites where my information came from. How a dictatorship is developing in those schools is unbelievable.  From what to wear (if it's a T-shirt it depends what the picture on it is), to the length of kids' hair, to the color of the hair, they seem to think they can dictate what they want.  I had stopped writing on schools quite a while ago because it was frustrating to think of all that the kids have to go through just to have an education. I had to write about what I did in Part 1 of this post on Sunday, because no one but the parents should have a say in what parents feed to their kids.

Sure, some parents will get it wrong, but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be up to them.

Besides, what I`ve read about what is taken out and put in to the food that we eat, it’s a wonder we are able to survive so long. I would say the government should worry more on what is done to our food than someone dictating as to what the kids can eat for lunches. Sustainable food is needed instead of garbage like I seen on that video the other morning.

Sometimes it just seems that they have their priorities terribly mixed up.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Depriving kids of sustainable foods (Part 1)

While surfing the internet this morning to see what kind of news I could to comment on I happened to open this. I checked out the video just to see what the complaint from the kids were. It turns out it was in regards to what the Michelle Obama tells the schools about what the kids should be served for lunches. From what I could see what was on the trays was only garbage that wouldn’t sustain a kid's activities on a school day.  Kids need fuel for their bodies and from what I had seen that the schools were told to give the kids, I wouldn’t even offer it to my dogs for fear of getting bitten by them for offering that kind of garbage. And the first lady calls it food.

Kids are humans and they need good food to give the body what it needs for energy. The energy they would get from that garbage wouldn’t last them an hour of activity.

Kids have parents and the parents don’t need anyone to tell them what to feed their kids. At least what the parents feed their kids sustains them in their activities of a school day and beyond.
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