Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Provincial Liberals at it again

Here is another Liberal government problem, but this time it is in the province of Quebec. It seems that they are thinking that the citizens of Quebec have money tree growing in their back yards.

Ever since I've been in Quebec, every year I used to get a tax refund from the province - $210.00.  This year though it all changed.  Instead of me getting a refund I owe them $221.00.   I cannot understand why, because I’m on a fixed income old age pension and nothing has changed.

I’m not the only one to whom this has happened.  I have been getting some phone calls from friends of mine that are on pensions  and in the same position as I am. They are having the same issue.  Now with these rotten Liberals, I've lost not only 210.00 but also they want another $221.00. That’s a change of $421.00.

That money has disappeared and for what reason?

I hope the next Provincial election will bring the end to these Liberals and I hope that the citizens don’t do like they did in Ontario vote these money hungry Liberals back in.

That is my rant of the day and I have to stop as my blood pressure builds up just thinking about liberals.

Have a good day.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Disgusting time of year

This is the time of the year when you see how disgusting some people are in the way they wear their shorts. Walk anywhere on a hot day and you will see older people male or female and some people that could lose a few pounds wearing shorts that are at least two sizes to big for them and they have them cranked up there butts as if they were giving themselves wedgies.

Not the worst offending example here, but take a look at an old man wedgie:

It gets worse.  You will often see some of them keep pulling to get them out of there and scratching their bum at the same time. Another problem related to pants or shorts, have you ever seen an old man's private area get itchy and he tries to deal with it? What does he do? He puts his hands in his pockets and scratches as if no one can see what he is doing.  That's disgusting.

Then there are the teenagers. I call them want-to-be-plumbers because of the low hanging pants. That's disgusting.  But what's worse, I can't tell you how often I have seen one of them put his/her hand inside the back of his/her jeans and scratch their bum then go in a restaurant and sit down and order some thing to eat, all without washing their hands. Disgusting.

Then there are nose-pickers.  Why do we see more of them this time of year? Is it just because more people are out walking around, or is it that no one can pick their nose with winter gloves on? In any case it's disgusting to see one finger up the nose to the first joint of the finger but as if that's not disgusting enough, they start pulling out a big booger and examining it with an expression on the face as if to say how did that get in there? Then they wipe it on their shirt or pants and some try to flick it away.  Gross.

I have also observed some people picking their teeth to remove some food that was stuck in there after picking their nose. Really, I'm not making this stuff up. That's really disgusting.

Have you ever seen the seasonal armpit smeller walking down the street and at every other step he has to smell his armpit?  Disgusting, but also weird. 

On a side note on weird there are others I see coming down the street having an argument with themselves with their hands going all over the place. There was this one guy who I used to see who was always checking how solid the side walk was. I used to drive my grandson to work and it never failed I would see this guy walk a couple of feet and tap the sidewalk with his foot then go a couple more and keep on doing it for about a city block. I forgot to mention the shadow boxer, he would shadow box with the traffic lights post then stop and talk to himself.  Not disgusting, but not inviting either.

There are a lot more I could write about by observing people on busy streets but I think this is disgusting enough already.

This is my disgusting rant of the day but I am just describing exactly what goes on the street on a beautiful sunny day.  Maybe it's just getting worse nowadays but I tend to think it is a seasonal thing and it's just that time of year.

Have wonderful day, and don't be disgusting.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do this for fun

Do you want to have fun?  Here is what you do. We all know that the human species are a curious lot. Friends and I used to pull this stunt on the corner of Banks street and Somerset street in Ottawa years ago.

We would go and stand on the corner and start pointing up and one of us would say, "there is another".  The other one would respond "Yes I see it!".  Then another buddy of ours would say "There’s another 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The night I died and came back

This post is entirely truthful as I remember it.  On April 30th,  I was sitting at home thinking of what I should write about.  Since I had just finished writing about how God works in mysterious ways, I didn't want to write another one on a similar subject but what hat happened to me next has changed my mind.

I was sitting at my computer that night, when all of a sudden I got a sharp pain in my chest and pain on each side of my body .  Luckily, my son noticed that something was wrong because I started choking.  He called for an ambulance. When the paramedic came they strapped me on a stretcher and took me off to the emergency room.

Once at the emergency they checked me over then moved me to a room.  After settling down and waiting for whatever was going to happen next, I could not remember if I had brought my heart pills with me but I saw one of the nurses bend down and put something in a basket that is under the bed to keep the patients personal items in. That's where they keep stuff until they determine where the patient is going to be for the duration of  their stay. I got off the bed and tried to get to the basket and that’s where it all began.

All of a sudden I ran out of breath and it did not matter what I did there was no way that I could get any oxygen in me.  It was as if I was sucking in oxygen but none was coming in. Then I started to choke for lack of breathing.  I swear I could see myself more or less fading away from the room and my body fighting for air.  Then I started to hit anything that was in my way to attract attention and that was the last thing I remembered until later on - at least consciously. I had an unearthly trip which I will explain a bit later.

According to witnesses and relatives, my body was convulsing so much that the doctors were giving me all kinds of needles to kill the pain that they thought that I could feel. Also the doctor was telling them each step I was going through before the final step of dying.

Once the doctor said that I was dead but then I started to move again. I was told later on that I was given a 5% chance of surviving the night. They even brought in a priest to read me my last rites.  I think that when the doctor said that I was dead. I still had a heart beat apparently but the doctors and my family were prepared for something to happen very shortly.  Meanwhile, what I do remember, is that my soul decided to go on a little trip. 

I don’t remember anything about how I got there wherever 'there' was, but I know that I ended up at the bottom of a hill and about half way up, there was a building surrounded by a big fence.  The fence was black with two big gates and there were trees but they were weird looking; they had no bark on them and the branches were smooth looking and the color of these trees was like a dirty grey.  I could sense so much danger at this place that I actually ran for the gate and knocked and knocked but no one answered it.

The next thing I knew was waking up.  Apparently it scared the hell out of a few people. I was supposed to be dead (or dying) and I sat right up in bed.  While I was on my unwanted trip, that was when the local priest had been giving me last rites of the church.  To my way of thinking, he is the one that saved me from going inside those gates. I really believe that if I would have been able to go in those gates, I would never have been back.  I'm quite sure that was hell that I was heading for and I thank the powers that be for protecting me. 

The doctors told me that my body had shut down including both my kidneys and lungs as well as my weak heart. And according to a lengthy search someone did for me on the internet there was only one other person that had her body had shut down like mine and she came back alive.  But she died two days later.  The doctors are mystified as to why my body started working again. 

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the priest that gave me the last rites and I will tell him what I have seen and see if he can shed some light on what it could have been according to his belief.

I would not wish this on my worst enemy.  It was truly vivid and very real.  It made me think about things I could have done and should do differently.  I have no wish to re-live that experience (so to speak).    If you have things in your life you shouldn't be proud of, change them.  You never know when it might be too late.  Think about making peace with loved ones every day.  Think about doing things the right way, always.  I'm quite sure another place to go after death would be a lot more comforting and welcoming.

As I said, this is not a story, it really happened to me.  I'm still weak and not fully recovered.  But I do want to take advantage of the chance I have been given as much as I can for as much time I've been given. My advice to anyone is to do the same.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mysterious ways

[NOTE: This post was written several weeks ago by Bob.  He is still recovering from his recent heart problems, and this post is being posted on his behalf]

God works in mysterious ways. This sentence is said plenty of times especially when some one escaped what could of been a fatal accident.

The reason I’m writing about this, is because of a little incident that happen to me while going down to the basement this morning.

Monday, May 7, 2012

NOTE on Bob

Bob has recently suffered a serious heart attack and also near fatal kidney failure.  For a while, it didn't look as if he would make it.  Last week Bob was rushed to the local hospital and was not expected to survive.   His heart has been problematic of late - it's not his first heart attack in the last year.  I'm sure the smoking doesn't help.  His lungs were also not functioning properly and he was having considerable problems breathing.  His kidneys had begun to shut down. Miraculously, out of nowhere, Bob regained consciousness after having gone so far as being read his last rites.  In fact in a matter of a few days he has recovered to the point that he is almost his curmudgeonly self.

He is still in the hospital undergoing tests, and he's not yet ready to go home. Not after an incident like that.  He asked me to post a note to his blogs to explain his absence and to let his readers know that he will be back posting as soon as possible.  In fact he has a backlog of material written that needs polishing but is almost ready to go.

Our prayers are with him that he will back here soon, complaining about all of the silly things that go on in this world that bug him.  Please feel free to post him your wishes and prayers in the comments as well.


Dean L, on behalf of Bob J.
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