Friday, May 29, 2015

Greedy people, climate change, security and God

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting out on the back porch when all of a sudden for no reason a thought came to my mind. I started to wonder how many stupid people were thinking about what kind of rumor they could start spreading so that they could benefit from it. It would have to be believable enough for politicians to pick up on that rumor and start scamming people by trying to make them believe that the world is in danger because of it and they need more money to combat this threat. Like the rumor the planet is heating up and when this didn’t seem to convince people then they started talking about climate change and claiming that it will affect the security of the USA. What a crock.

I’m 80 years old and as far as I can remember every 3 months the climate changes and that happens every year. As for the security of the USA it’s the government that is the biggest threat because of its non-transparency and of lies and secrets and also by their foreign policy of trying to make friends with enemies of the USA and alienating the friendly ones.

Like I mentioned before I am not too much of a religious person. I started reading the scriptures because of a lot of things that is preached by the preachers of the Bible I did not believe and it finally got to my curiosity. By reading some of them so far what is going to be the real downfall of the USA will not be the heating of the planet or climate change but the faithlessness of the people and the people giving up their faith in God. In a previous post I wrote more about the USA and its downfall.

I would say if you have given up on your belief in God I would strongly suggest that you start reading the scriptures starting with Revelations and you will be very surprised as to what was predicted by the prophets in the old Biblical days which has become the truth in this world. There were 4 prophets and by reading the scriptures it will be known to you as who they were. I started reading the scriptures because of my curious nature and now I can’t stop because what was prophesied in those days we can see the results now of how accurate those prophecies became to be.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Statue of Liberty.

One thing that bothers me is what does the Statue of Liberty stand for and why was a woman chosen? Can anyone one give me a direct answer? A good answer and not a BS one. Does anyone know the truth about this statue? Why is she in water and not on land? And if she’s representing some kind of great feat done by women then what was it? I read something about her some time ago but I would rather here from someone at large that could answer my questions. If I can get an answer that is feasible I will keep on writing the rant that I started but that I can’t finish without it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Too much emphasis on religion.

I realize I talk about religion a lot. So it might seem ironic that I'm saying there's too much emphasis on it. But what I mean by too much emphasis on religion, is that the results become hateful because of some people being pushed too much and too far by beliefs from religious fanatics. I understand that in some religions it state to go out and spread the word of God but it doesn’t say to aggravate people so much as to make them lose faith. I think that’s what has happen and is still happening not only in the USA but all over the world. With some fanatics that know the Ten Commandments and live their lives according to what is written in them cannot stand to see anyone going against anyone of them. So fanatics will start preaching to them as to how they are breaking a certain commandment and will not stop doing so.

Here’s what I mean. I was reading this site where a baker refused to bake a cake with decoration for a gay couple and he refused to do so because of his beliefs. Now all this baker had to do and because it disagreed with his beliefs was to bake the cake and keep his mouth shut. But now a big deal was made because he refused and it became news for all to see. Now did this baker think that he would turn out to be gay if he baked that cake? It’s this kind of thing that would be enough to change some peoples mind about beliefs or discouraging people of little faith to give it all up.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

America as Babylon

America is not referred to in the Bible as America but as Babylon and that’s why the title of this post is what it is. I read the scripture of Revelation and the way Babylon is described it can’t be any other nation than America. Then I read part of Isaiah and it more or less gives an identity as the revelations in referring to America.

With everything that is happening in the USA - people giving up on their faith, refusing to acknowledge that there is a God, and some can’t even stomach being in a place or walking by a place where there is something that represents any kind of religious belief. Even in some schools students are prevented from mentioning anything about religious belief because it might offend some one. Even homosexuality is accepted.

In the scriptures it refers to 2 people but they don’t mention who they are they are referred one to the South and one from the North. From what I’ve been reading of everything that has been going on, I will put a name to these self-appointed kings. To the South - Obama and to the North - Putin. Both of them will be responsible for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and when that happens that will be the end of this world . Just read the scriptures and you will see why I’m saying this and why America is called Babylon. I could write more on that but I won’t. I will simply say that the 10 commandments do not seem to exist to most people in the USA. This kind of non-belief has been going on from what I’ve been seeing, since 2011. Of course there was some before but not nearly as much as there is now.

May God bless everyone and have a good day.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Variation among humans

I believe that when humans were created we were all given a soul and everything that was needed in the body for humans to exist as long as the body was being fed like it should be. Now so many things about us, how we look, the color of our skin, our features, our standards, our behavior, our actions, how we were raised, depend on what part of the world we were born and raised in. The laws of certain parts of the world also impacts how we have different outlook on life. In other words, different places means different people.

So when some of those people decide to immigrate to another country they should expect some things to be different. Some of those things will be very different. People who end up in a country of mostly white people and have trouble finding work, often go straight to accusations of racism. This is especially true if a job was given to a person of different color even though that position was filled with the person who was best qualified for that position. A good example of this is president Obama. His cultural background includes Africa and Indonesia, not to mention his skin color is not white. If things don’t go his way according to quite a few people it's racism. Obama, Holder and Al Sharpton are quick to accuse others that are non black as racists. They are not the only ones either. I believe that some of these people are racist themselves and are so ignorant that if they ever needed a blood transfusion, they would inquire if the blood came from some people of different color. It's as if they're scared of turning the same color as the donor of that blood. I could quote a couple of commandments concerning what I've just written but I wouldn’t want to offend some people now would I?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Liberals (part 2)

Where was I? Oh yes, legalization of pot. What this group (the Liberals) won’t do to get elected. The Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, wants to legalize the use of pot. He knows that if those pot smokers all vote with the non-users of drugs that support him, he has a good chance of getting elected - there are a lot of pot smokers. I have news for him, most pot smokers (or I should say many of them) just do not listen or bother to read the news because most of them are out of this world as far as knowing what is happening in this world.

Yes, some of them would have been told about what this Liberal wants to do, but when the time comes will some of them remember to go and vote? Many of them just ignore the elections because pot already can be bought almost anywhere and they don’t have to pay taxes on it. Is it that if he’s elected and manages to get the legalization of pot would make more taxes for the government? And would he later on try to push for people having permits to grow it on their land? To sell to the government? If so, how many assaults or even murder will be committed by the owners to protect their pot from being stolen, or the thieves committing such acts to get that pot? The Liberals I doubt very much that they would care, just as long as the money comes in for those permits and the sales of pot.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Liberals (Part 1)

I read a lot of news from the USA and on a lot of comments that I read there’s always a couple that claim that Obama is out of touch. What I have to say about that statement in regards to Obama, I will agree with the people that claim that. What is the matter with you people? What do you expect from a leader who is the equivalent of the NDP here in Canada? To me NDP = Liberalism - in other words socialism - they don’t even belong on this planet and their friends are out in space waiting for them to come back home. Their friends flying in wait are UFOs. That's how crazy they are.

Here in Canada we currently have a leader of the Liberals 9which at this time are the opposition party) wanting to legalize the use of pot. This comes at a time when a lot of people are giving the cigarette smokers a big hassle because doctors claim that tobacco smoking causes lung cancer. I will agree with that claim but it took me at least 6 decades of smoking to realize this garbage is no good for a human.

Now here is what I’m getting at, smoking pot is just as bad as tobacco cigarettes because of the pot heads that I know all mix tobacco with their pot and some of them can’t afford to by tobacco so they go to pick from the ashtrays that are left in front of a business to butt out before going into the business. Then they rip open the butts and take the tobacco and mix it with the pot and what makes it worse is that they take a deep breath and hold it for a while then exhale. Now isn’t that worse than just smoking plain cigarette tobacco? The smell of the smoke that it emits it’s worse than just plain tobacco.

And the Liberals want to legalize it? Dumb.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Solution to Americas problems

Here is what my solution would be if I was the President of the USA. The way I see it much of the world's current problems are caused by the believers of Sharia law. People are tortured and killed because some radicals have turned this supposed religion of peace into a religion of death with their radical beliefs of dying as martyrs in order to appease their god of which they call Allah.

Their beliefs are their belief and those beliefs were ingrained in their brain from the day they were born. Now being adults they have turned into killers and torturers and destroyers of anything that would represent what was created by a true God of peace and love. Nothing will erase those beliefs from their brain except death as martyrs for the beliefs of what some radicals believe they have read in the writings of the Quran.

My solution is very simple. Deport all Muslims that follow Sharia law and won’t abide by the laws of the country to which they immigrated. Then refuse all and any Muslims that want to emigrate from any country that believes in this Sharia law. There is no democracy in this type of law, therefore they do not belong in any country that stands for democracy. Next, stop all aid to those countries and stay out of their politics. Those people that would follow that law they would never convert to democracy. I find that it’s a loss financially and of time trying to bribe them to change their beliefs. I know a lot of Muslims and I also know that most of them would be killed if caught by the ones with real belief in their law of Sharia.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lack of cooperation

After keeping track of what goes on in the USA for approximately 2.5 years, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a little questionnaire given to an applicant to answer a couple questions before giving that person permission to be admitted to run for the presidency of the nation. I would say if the person cannot answer the questions being asked in this questionnaire that would mean that he/she would not be a good prospect for the governing the country. Failing to answer all the questions being asked, permission should not be granted and that would also apply to the vice president.

If this kind of questionnaire was to exist and become law then the one elected would have to swear to follow the law of this questionnaire and if not followed then the elected one would be dismissed from duty and the vice president would take over until the next election. Now this would prevent someone like this self-appointed King Obama from vetoing a bill given to him/her by the congress, before making up his/her own mind as to why he should sign it or not. If he/she has something in mind, some kind of regulation that he/she would like to see become law, he/she should go back to congress and have a discussion with them about it and have them vote on it. This is what you call cooperation. A leader that doesn’t show any kind of cooperation is not a leader but a dictator.

A person that says "I will use Executive Orders if I have to and I have a pen and a telephone" is nothing but a dictator. That is a person that believes that he/she is the best and knows everything while everyone else is ignorant and doesn’t know anything. There is no cooperation to be beg otten with a person that has that kind of thinking.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Refusing an Iraqi nun entrance to America

This morning while surfing the internet for news I happened to open this. It’s worth reading beyond just the headline, which reads:

“State Department's refusal to allow an Iraqi Nun to come to Washington to talk about the persecution of Christians in her conflict-torn country”. 

My thoughts as to possibilities why she was refused entrance to go to Washington follow. (1) Would she be a Muslim with no radical tendencies? (2) is it because she’s white? (3) is it because she’s a Christian? In the article, you will read the flimsy excuse they gave for not allowing her entrance to go to Washington. Of the three reasons I wondered, all of which are more plausible than their excuse, my best guess is it's #3.

Can you imagine letting another Christian in to go to Washington to preach about how Christians are mistreated in her country? How many people would be offended by that? We can’t offend some people, now can we?

With all the things that are happening in the USA I blame the self-appointed King because everything that has happened since he was elected. Racism has been revived, minorities have become the vocal majorities. Now it seems that Christianity is at its lowest on the importance scale. What used to be a God fearing country has been turned into an Anti-God fearing country. All I have to say for now is when the end of this world happens, I think the first nation to go will be the USA. It's like Sodom and Gomorrah because everything that is in the 10 Commandments of the Bible is being denied everyday there. Same sex marriages, homosexuality, theft, murders, denying the existence of God. Destruction of properties that represents some kind of religious beliefs, refusing to acknowledge statues, pictures, crucifixes also that represent some kind of belief in some religion. I could say a lot more but that’s enough pessimism for today.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Next American federal election.

I hope I’m still alive by the time the next American federal election rolls around. I want to see who gets elected as the next president. I know there is one person running for president whom I really hope does not win. Now  I will not mention their name because of the big package that’s following this person.  But this person doesn't differentiate between truth and lying in order to advance their  agenda for power. It will mean more corruption and lies.Like the sitting president, they think they are above the law.

I am a Canadian and I know some smart person is liable to say you’re not American so mind your own business. I would say quite true I’m not an American and you’re allowed to give your opinion that’s fine. Only what happens in the USA also affects some weak minded people in this country as they seem to be too busy to read and listen to the news, just like some of you people.

Those weak minded people don’t realize that the USA is the joke of the world now and mistrusted by nations that used to be friends and its been stated by some of those leaders of those nations. Who the president is, matters. The only thing I can say the nation of the USA is in a shambles and it will take a lot of time to bring it back to what it was after this self-appointed King is finished making it worse to complete his agenda before leaving office. I don’t think that this self-appointed King realizes that you can’t make friends with some of those third world countries (the ones that comes to mind at this time is Iran and North Korea). So more of the same type of leadership in the next election would be more of the same problems, We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Contrary to what I was told

Like I mentioned before, I was raised as a Catholic and went to a catholic school and they spoke to us about the book of Genesis. They especially talked about how Adam and Eve were created and about them having only 2 kids named Cain and Abel. There was no mentioned about Adam and Eve having another son after Cain had killed Able. The new son was named Seth as I found out by reading Genesis 4:25.

So I apologized to the producer(s) of the movie I mentioned. I believe the movie was Lazarus

Monday, May 4, 2015

Weird dream

Last night I had a really weird dream. I did say before that I’m not the most religious person in this world but once in a while I read the scriptures. The other night I couldn’t sleep so I decided to pick up my book of scriptures and read the story about Sodom & Gomorrah and why God had destroyed it. All of a sudden the nation of the USA came to mind. The reason the USA came to mind is because what was described as to why Sodom & Gomorrah was destroyed was because what is happening in the USA.

Most people nowadays are accepting sexual immorality like the acceptance of homosexuality, not accepting anything that would represent the existence of a God and His Son Jesus, and people denying their faith.

I was always told that the USA was a God fearing nation. I guess that could have been about 5 to 10 years ago and it’s hard to digest that it used to be a God fearing nation by all the things going on now. From what I’ve read about what the Anti-Christ would be like, it seems that the Anti-Christ has already landed in the USA. I’m not the most religious person in the world but what I’ve stated are my opinions only and if anyone has any comment on what I stated your welcome, but keep it civilized.
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