Friday, May 29, 2015

Greedy people, climate change, security and God

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting out on the back porch when all of a sudden for no reason a thought came to my mind. I started to wonder how many stupid people were thinking about what kind of rumor they could start spreading so that they could benefit from it. It would have to be believable enough for politicians to pick up on that rumor and start scamming people by trying to make them believe that the world is in danger because of it and they need more money to combat this threat. Like the rumor the planet is heating up and when this didn’t seem to convince people then they started talking about climate change and claiming that it will affect the security of the USA. What a crock.

I’m 80 years old and as far as I can remember every 3 months the climate changes and that happens every year. As for the security of the USA it’s the government that is the biggest threat because of its non-transparency and of lies and secrets and also by their foreign policy of trying to make friends with enemies of the USA and alienating the friendly ones.

Like I mentioned before I am not too much of a religious person. I started reading the scriptures because of a lot of things that is preached by the preachers of the Bible I did not believe and it finally got to my curiosity. By reading some of them so far what is going to be the real downfall of the USA will not be the heating of the planet or climate change but the faithlessness of the people and the people giving up their faith in God. In a previous post I wrote more about the USA and its downfall.

I would say if you have given up on your belief in God I would strongly suggest that you start reading the scriptures starting with Revelations and you will be very surprised as to what was predicted by the prophets in the old Biblical days which has become the truth in this world. There were 4 prophets and by reading the scriptures it will be known to you as who they were. I started reading the scriptures because of my curious nature and now I can’t stop because what was prophesied in those days we can see the results now of how accurate those prophecies became to be.

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