Saturday, October 22, 2011


These Republicans are lucky that I never took an interest in the politics of the USA because by what I’ve read lately about what they are doing I would have plenty to say.

These people seem to be more interested in building up their party then looking at helping out the country. Lately I’ve been paying more attention, and to me they are acting the same as these liberals were acting here in Canada. Here in Canada the libs would veto anything that the party that was elected to run the country would propose.  They were more or less acting like cats and dogs.

They were more interested in trying to show that their party had better Ideas.The results for their efforts ended up in disaster and  now they are in the trash can and that’s where they belong. I hope they never recover, and if they do I hope the new liberals would have people with more intellect then what they had in the past. From what I could make out they were a bunch of educated  fools. They had brains but didn’t know how to use them properly.

It seems like the Republicans are doing the same in the USA.  In other words, stopping the wheels from turning. A couple of weeks ago I wrote to a blogger that blogs about what goes on in the USA and about what I thought as to what was going on in the USA and he put it on his blog.

A President cannot do a proper job if he is stopped at everything that he proposes -  like his proposal for creating jobs which are badly needed in the United States. His bill expressed how it would be paid for. Yet the Republicans turned it down because they didn’t want the rich to pay more taxes. I guess they are looking for votes for the next election and I guess the country can wait.I am not from the USA but people have to live and work in order to live and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.


  1. Bob, you are wrong on this one.

    Just FYI, the Republicans have passed several jobs bills of their own that the Democratic senate won't even look at and the president said he would veto if it ever got to him to sign. He's as anti-their plans as they are his.

    The same Democratic senate has not passed a budget - the president's or otherwise in over 1000 days. In fact it was the Democrat controlled senate that failed to pass the jobs bill this week, not the Republican congress.

    The president's bill also, is more of the same tax and spend ideas that worked so poorly the first time around and added hundreds of billions of dollars in new government debt.

    The president wants to claim they are a do-nothing congress so he has a chance of winning next year. But doing something stupid is worse than doing nothing.

    Regarding taxing the rich - that is class warfare tripe. The GOP don't want anyone paying more taxes right now (and generally ever). The government just cannot spend money and stimulate growth the way the private sector can. Leave the money where it will do the most good and make it easier for business to want to spend money.

    As for CNN, they are liberal Democrats so I bet you didn't hear any of that in their side of the story. Listen to Fox and C-SPAN to balance out the liberal propaganda you usually get on CNN.

  2. If that is so why can't CNN report it as it is?

  3. They can, they choose not to do so, Everyone has a team they root for and CNN is no exception. They could try to leave that out of their reporting but they clearly lean a certain way and even if they wanted to keep it out, being perfectly neutral is difficult.

    I don't think they want to be neutral though. They just want people to think they are.

  4. Then they should go on to some other business if they can't be neutral.


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