Friday, October 21, 2011

Whiners without a cause - Part 2

Yesterday I complained about people who complain about smoking.  Guess what - I'm not done.  There are some people that don’t like the smell of alcohol but I don’t hear anyone complaining or try to get some kind of law to make sure that people who indulge in that stuff do not breath in the direction of a person  who doesn't use alcohol.  There's no movement to ban second hand alcohol fumes.  Or did I miss that protest march?

You might say yes but with alcohol there is no smoke.  But smoking is bad for the lungs.   I agree - so its bad for the health.  But alcohol is just as bad if not worse.  So why put yourself in a position where you will get the smell of tobacco when it can be avoided?

Better yet live and let live.

I can see the Councillors now thinking that would be a good idea so that they could get an income from the fines for those who would break that law.

I wonder if the non drinkers of alcohol would get together and get the city to ration how much booze a family would be allowed to buy each week or month and after consuming alcohol not be allowed to go in a restaurant because some people would be sickened by the smell of a rotten alcohol breath? And law that says no booze allowed anywhere but in the house.

Alcohol is just as bad for your health as cigarettes are and to a certain extent worse then tobacco because it takes the common sense away from some and also some people will act out of character and say and do things that they wouldn’t do when sober.

Some will say this person is stupid thinking like that -  he must be mad. No not mad, I'm just saying the truth. Like I mentioned on one of my rants before, how many people have been killed because a person could not control their idea’s when intoxicated?  How many people - boys and woman and girls - are molested by drunkards? How many woman are beaten by a drunken husband?  How many families starve because the one responsible for taking care of them can’t control his or her bad habit before or when inebriated?

How many teenagers end up in jail because of what they do when having consumed alcohol? I know I speak from experience. I was turning out to be an alcoholic and when I realize that I quit cold turkey and I’m glad I did.  That was back in 1969 and I've never touched it since then.

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