Sunday, November 30, 2014

No boots on the ground. Why?

From what I read about ISIS, the only way that these killers can be stopped is by putting boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria. When I hear that people are tired with war, I think it makes no sense. Yes, I understand why they might be tired of war, but when it comes to jihadists like ISIS people should understand the need to put boots on the ground. It`s the only way their aggression can be stopped. I’m sure that if the USA would put troops on the ground the members of the coalition would be willing to do so also.

As it stands now, Obama doesn’t want to put Americans troops on the ground. He also leaves the southern border wide open meaning all kinds of riff raff can come into the USA (including jihadists). As it stands now Iran has had ships in American waters. There is so much opportunity for jihadists infiltrate the USA. To me the border being open and the threats from ISIS seem to be an invitation to the jihadist to come in and make themselves at home to do anything they want.

It appears to me that the security of the nation comes last in all the problems that exist in the eyes of the current American administration. Some ISIS people have been stopped at the border according to a reporter who has spoken to one of the border patrol officers.

I don’t think the American people would mind troops on the ground to end the existence of ISIS because I don’t think that any of them would want to be beheaded (which seems to be ISIS’S favorite sport).

It appears that the leader of the USA doesn’t listen to the people when he wants to ignore the Constitution and make his own laws. Apparently he listens to the people about not wanting to go to war against the terrorists why?

This is my rant of the day and my opinions as I see it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A message to all Canadians.

I would like to remind all the citizens of Canada that this country doesn’t belong to us Canadians anymore and that’s because our country was given away by a man who did not care what the citizens had to say.

His finger was the way he showed what he thought of the citizens. He went crying to the Queen and came back with our own Constitution. But really, it was not as meaningful or important as his supporters made it out to be. He also brought us this stupid metric system which made all the older people ignorant about measuring things because we were never taught this in schools. And he brought in Multiculturism and some laws were changed to accommodate it, more or less giving our country away to immigrants. This was of course former Prime Minister P.E. Trudeau who has left this world for a better place (I suppose a better place, maybe that's not where he went).

Now we have his son who has become the leader of the Liberal party - Justin Trudeau. I would say this person has not been in politics long enough to know much on how to govern a country. He would be running on what his dad taught him. That's not a good body of knowledge as far as Canada is concerned. Plus according to an interview that we heard on the radio when questioned as to what he would do as a leader, he actually told us by his comments that he was a separatist at heart.

Some people say that he’s too young and not mature enough to know how to govern a country. I would say to those people age doesn’t mean anything. It’s the knowledge and maturity that the person has and this man is missing both of those qualities. I don’ think that he has been in politics long enough to have what is needed to lead. Maybe in a couple of years he will have that knowledge. I doubt it though, because the Liberals have been screw ups federally and provincially for a long time.

I would say this man has the same loyalty to Qu├ębec and not to the country as his father showed. Same as Obama his loyalty or at least apologies seem to be for the Muslim world and not for the USA. Remember in the next federal election - don’t vote based on what the person looks like and how he talks but on the extent of what he knows. I would say to be safe, vote conservative and in the next election after this one maybe give Justin a try if you must. I don’t like the Liberals. But anyone deserves a chance to show what they can do. But at this time I don’t think that Trudeau is mature enough and not in the know of how to govern a country. He might learn something from the Liberals in time. But again, I doubt it.

Those are my opinions as I see it.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why not really go after ISIS?

Why is the world not going out full blast to get all these torturers and killers of innocent people including even children? So far as I can see those killers and I mean the worst ones ISIS or ISIL use God as an excuse to do what they are doing. They are killers and torturers and a bunch of sadists. They have to use someone as an excuse to do what they are doing so they figure that God would be a good excuse.

I really wish that former president Bush was still in power. A lot of people didn’t like some of the things that he did, but at least if there was an injustice somewhere that had the potential of affecting the USA, he was not afraid to go after those killers of innocent people. He was a president of the USA. Now the USA doesn’t have one. Now there is no fear from those killers because they realize that the USA will not go after them full blast. From what I can see for now what is being done to ISIL is just a slap on the wrist and a show of something that doesn’t mean anything.

I am not a person that likes violence but to see what is happening to innocent people especially kids being killed and tortured for reasons because of a belief that these radicals have been brought up to believe, using God as an excuse, is bull.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Misplaced priorities.

I am a Canadian and I never thought the time would come when a supposed-to-be-president of the USA would leave a border open for all kinds of riff raff, disease carriers and terrorists to get in. When a border is left open to facilitate the invasion of the USA, it's a bad time I never thought I'd see.

I remember there was a time when some politicians were claiming that some terrorists were coming to the USA from Canada and the security at the border should be re-enforced. Now a Canadian crossing the US border has to pay $5.00 for crossing if this hasn’t been changed.

So what did some citizens do? They elected a president that leaves the southern border open and look what kind of people that come in to the USA. Illegal immigrants, drug carriers, criminals.

Another thing I noticed some people seem to be scared of saying the word terrorist when actually it was a terrorist attack. Are those people sympathizers of terrorists and they don’t want to say it was a terrorist attack when it was confirmed that it was? We are peaceful people but I can guarantee that if anyone is caught here committing an act of terrorism, there will not be a court for that person as he or they will be shot on the spot. That kind of scum we don’t need in our society. 

We as Canadians know with that border being open there is a good chance that some of that riff raff  will finally make it to Canada and there is only one person that will be blamed for that and that is the supposed to be the president of the USA. By leaving that border open and by his action, I really believe that the USA will become a third world country. If that president has his way it will happen. His actions of reducing the military leaving the border open like he’s doing  is just bad business.  I would not be surprised if he is pushed to close that border that he would try and use an executive order to keep it open because it seems that’s all he threatens to do all the time using executive orders. 

Those are my opinions as I see what is going on.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I remember Bush

I remember people criticizing former President Bush for sending troops to Iraq because he claimed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When the war was over and Saddam was apprehended there was a big search for these weapons but none were found.  Then people were accusing Bush for starting a war on the pretense that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Now I guess we know that Saddam had those weapons.

I can see now that President Bush was blamed for a lot of things that he was not guilty of and is still being blamed even to this day. He also made a prediction that if all the troops were taken out of Iraq that the terrorists would start all over again in that country. 

Now that Obama has taken all those troops out, things are getting worse than before. Yes troops were taken out by a supposed-to-be-a-president who thinks that he knows everything.  At least by his actions that’s what he would like others to think: that he is the way, he is the person that would save the USA. He reminds me of the now deceased former Prime Minister of  Canada Pierre Elliot Trudeau who gave our nation away with his multiculturalism garbage.

Former president Bush has been accused of a lot of things that he was not guilty of but he knew what he was talking about. I must also say that no terrorists would think of getting away with beheading an American citizen and believing that nothing will be done about it like what is going on now.

That’s my rant of the day.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Obama White House - Like the Mafia

Since I have taken interest in the politics of the USA, I have come to the conclusion that what you Americans have is a government that operates like a variation of the Mafia.

Anyone that has watched videos of president Obama's speeches and how he contradicts himself in almost every video, it’s hard to believe that a person like that was elected to be president of the USA. With all the scandals, the lies people are being told, the administration using its employees to distort things by using lies to hide the truth, releasing criminals that shouldn’t be released (including alleged terrorists that would only go back to terrorism and all to save a soldier that has left his unit on his own accord) all remind me of mafia tactics.

According to the troops that he was with they claimed that he deserted and the results would be 5 of the worst would be 5 terrorists were released to get this marine back. Now how many people because of this sergeant’s action could be killed? And why did they keep this sergeant so long without killing him? Why is it that the doctor that helps get Bin Laden is still in jail? Why is it that the marine that was stopped with those guns is still in a Mexican jail? Is that what you call "no one left behind"? I think if the truth was known a lot of people in high positions in the White House would be getting their walking papers straight to jail. Even a non-American can tell that there is absolutely something wrong in the government of the USA and you don’t have to be a politician to realize that.

That’s my rant of the day.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


I'd rather take the cancer. Maybe.
If you have a weak stomach or a vivid imagination do not read this post as it is exactly what the title means. While reading the news this morning I opened this. Apparently smelling farts (excuse my language) prevents cancer? Really? Couldn't there be a better way to prevent cancer? Isn't there a better way to prevent cancer worth studying? There must be.

Maybe this is a joke site or post. Maybe it's valid. But I fear for our generation as it is now with all the garbage that is put into our food (including what some of the fertilizers are made from). I can just imagine what the future generations will be ingesting or inhaling. Now a group of scientists have found something new to add to the garbage that we ingest without knowing.

I always thought that what came out of the lower part of humans or animals was garbage but according to what those scientist have discovered the smell of (farts I hate that word. Same for the word barf instead of vomit.) Now I can just hear the big applause from the big Pharmaceutical comp. “Saying here is something we can put in an aerosol bottle and sell as a puffer but we will have to have another name for fart. This stuff prevents cancer so we should get a good price for it.”

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