Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why not really go after ISIS?

Why is the world not going out full blast to get all these torturers and killers of innocent people including even children? So far as I can see those killers and I mean the worst ones ISIS or ISIL use God as an excuse to do what they are doing. They are killers and torturers and a bunch of sadists. They have to use someone as an excuse to do what they are doing so they figure that God would be a good excuse.

I really wish that former president Bush was still in power. A lot of people didn’t like some of the things that he did, but at least if there was an injustice somewhere that had the potential of affecting the USA, he was not afraid to go after those killers of innocent people. He was a president of the USA. Now the USA doesn’t have one. Now there is no fear from those killers because they realize that the USA will not go after them full blast. From what I can see for now what is being done to ISIL is just a slap on the wrist and a show of something that doesn’t mean anything.

I am not a person that likes violence but to see what is happening to innocent people especially kids being killed and tortured for reasons because of a belief that these radicals have been brought up to believe, using God as an excuse, is bull.

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