Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Former president Bush

I remember when Mr. Bush declared war on Iraq because apparently Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction according to the intelligence reports he had received from his intelligent agency. They even showed a video of trucks transporting those WMDs but there was nothing indicating where they were being transported.

After the war was over they searched and searched but never found any. Then it was reported that Mr. G. W. Bush was given wrong information and he was blasted by the media for using that excuse to start a war in Iraq.

Now recently, with the fighting going on in Syria, a stash of WMDs has been discovered. Could these WMDs be the ones reported to Mr. Bush at the time? Had Saddam Hussein found out that the Americans knew about them? Could he have made a deal with the president of Syria to hide them there? Just a thought. If this was true I don’t think we'll ever find out.

The only reason I mentioned this, is because I don’t like to hear about someone or a group of an institution being accused of lying. Why would they lie to endanger people's lives and a war sure does that. I know or I should say we all know, that politicians tell lies but simply to start a war, I don’t think so.

Well so much for this rant of the day.

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