Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I guess by the looks of it, Harper doesn't want to be elected the next election. I read that he’s going to change the old age pensions and he’s going to make some changes. In about two years to qualify for the old age pension a person will have to be the age of 67 instead of what it is now 65.

I can just see it now if he comes out with that change some employers don’t want to keep an old person on staff so the person will be laid off even though that person can still perform good work and if Harper comes out with a law that stipulates that you can’t let a person go because of the age. That’s where trouble is going to start.

The person laid off because of age and that person knows that  He/She will not be eligible for the old age pension then. He/She will fight to get the job back then the employer will have to come up with a good explanation as to why that person was let go. Now the employer will have to come up with a good excuse and that’s when we will see how truthful some of these employers are.

The government is saying there are too many people on welfare. Wait until these changes are made - if Harper doesn't change his mind that is. I also have a feeling that things will be getting worse now that he has a majority.

I have a feeling that by next election he will be where the Libs are and then the Liberals will be back in and about the NDP,  I don’t know because here in Quebec their popularity seems to be going down .

That’s my opinion and my rant of today.

Sunday, January 29, 2012



We humans are the most heartless species in this world. Here are my reasons for saying this. 

Most of us we like meat, poultry and fish. Farmers spend their life raising cows, pigs, and chickens. These animals, as they grow eventually come to trust the farmers because he’s taking good care of them. Then one day, they are loaded on a truck and sent off to the slaughter house. 

When a cow is too old to give milk, she’s gone. Chickens that are too old to give eggs -  they're gone. Little chicks at around three months are good for roasting  - they're gone.  Pigs are getting fat enough to slaughter, they're gone too. It is not enough that we slaughter animals that are friendly to us humans, we have to go out hunting the wild ones and these animals don’t bother anyone. The same for the fish;  they are in their own world and yet we go out and get them out of their world to eat them. Also I should mention cats and dogs are not safe either as some people find their meat to be a delicacy.

I would say we are traitors of the animal world and we are heartless. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

The proof of educated fools.

Bob Rae has been saying all along that he wants to rebuild the Liberal party. By the looks of it, he’s not getting any help from the party, because he’s suppose to be the best one to lead the Liberals according to a poll that was done.

Now Bob Rae refuses to say weather he will try to become the leader of the party, because he know’s that if he does take it, there is a good chance that it would be the end of the party.  That's because of the baggage that keeps on following him from the time that he was premier of Ontario. I think that’s what’s holding him back from making a decision.  It was also reported that some one is pushing  the current premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, to go for it as well.  But he says he’s not interested.  At least he’s showing good sense on that one.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Child support

While reading the newspapers the other day I ran across a section where it was stated that the government was going to look into the child support payment - apparently to much money is being paid out by those paying support.

I say its about time that something is done about it. Here is an example. A friend of mine pays over $1000 a month for his (I believe) 10 year old boy. The boy's mother works and has a good job from what I’m told. I don’t know if she has a live-in partner but if she does, then he should be taking care of the kid to because the mother is his prize than he should accept the gift that comes along with it and in this case it’s a little boy.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Statements and parents

I find that some statements that are made to parents don’t make any sense at all. For instance this statement:

Monitor your kids when they are on the Internet. 

What is a parent to do ? Sit by the kids when on they are on the computer? Most parents don’t have time to do that. I understand that this is to make sure that kids don’t go on porn sites or violent or otherwise inappropriate sites. Instead if a parent does not want the kids to go on a bad site, the parents can always block those sites with a bit of effort.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There are people who immigrated to Canada because they were not happy in their country. So then what do some of them do? They start demonstrating here about something that has nothing to do with this country but about the elections in their 'former' country.

First of all, did they obtain a permit to demonstrate? And if so, does that permit some of them to show their middle finger to other people going to work?  And did the OTC (Ottawa Transit) have to reroute their schedules because of them?

The result was that an old woman had to wait 40 minutes in the cold for a bus to show up on Rideau St., where her bus stop was.

Throwing stuff at the police, and injuring a couple of them was also a result.  So was tying up traffic, costing tax payers money for something that wasn’t our business. So was taking police away from their regular work, tying up buses and ambulance, and interfering with people going to work. After the city has figured out how much it cost in more police security plus tying up ambulances the amount should be split and each demonstrator pay for the cost of it. 

These people left their country because they were not happy.  So why come to this peaceful country and start something that we have nothing to do with (i.e. that country's election). 

If you are so worried about it, why didn't you stay there and demonstrate there? It is people like yourselves that causes discrimination against other immigrants. If you feel that your not going to be happy living here then by all means go back home and demonstrate your heart out.

This government even changes some laws to accommodate some immigrants and I don’t know why because this, is Canada and we have our own laws and there are no reasons that some laws should be changed. That's true weather it be in regards to religion or carrying weapons of any kind.

I wished Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all immigrants. This is what we celebrate because it is our tradition We don’t try to convert you so leave our traditions alone.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


So far in my life, I have notice that some people have enough intelligence to set themselves up to have a good  life, with a good  paying job. But still, some turn out to be educated fools. What I mean by that, is that they think they are the greatest and will not take any advice from anyone.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I’m beginning to think that this country is influenced by the minority groups, as we are told not to say or do that because it will offend some people. Christmas for instance, will offend some people if we say "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".  It's the same as other groups if we say something that they don’t like then we hear them crying saying it's discrimination. I can understand gay people, or ethnic people when a certain word offends them. I can understand that, and they are not stopping us from keeping up to the traditions of this country.  

But no one is pushing  people that don’t like Christmas to celebrate it like we do. But to us Canadians it's mostly the time of the year when family and friends come together to exchange gifts and have a little celebration.

In closing to you non-believers, I say do whatever you will do on this holiday and leave us who believe in our traditions alone, without making us listen to your beliefs if you even believe in something besides your selves.
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