Sunday, January 15, 2012

Statements and parents

I find that some statements that are made to parents don’t make any sense at all. For instance this statement:

Monitor your kids when they are on the Internet. 

What is a parent to do ? Sit by the kids when on they are on the computer? Most parents don’t have time to do that. I understand that this is to make sure that kids don’t go on porn sites or violent or otherwise inappropriate sites. Instead if a parent does not want the kids to go on a bad site, the parents can always block those sites with a bit of effort.

Then there are some movies with love scenes. Most of them are not porn but many are close enough to it that if the parents do the same for all of them then they might as well do away with the Internet, and TV too. On the Internet there are sites that show a little window that says that you have to be over a certain age to open it. My question would be how do they know if the kid that wants to open it, is at the age that is required to read or see what is on that site? The kid could claim to be older and access the site.  It's a pointless effort that is designed merely to comply with legal rules and keep the web site owners from getting in trouble.  The statement does nothing to prevent improper access.

If the parents surf all the sites on the Internet and more or less and check for all these sites that say kid have to be at a certain age, or over to read the site, then the parent blocks those sites from being accessed by their kids, it would take decades to complete.  They might as well do away with the Internet or prevent kids from going on the computer at all. While they are at it they'll have to make sure that if kids have cell phones, they don’t have access to the Internet. And if the kid pays for their own cell phone? In that case the kid would be on their own to obey or disobey their parents and the statements on the web site. How likely is that?  We're just back where we started.

I think that all these websites that kids are not allowed to access should be on just one site or two or what ever it would call for. Those sites could then be blocked all at once and the parents would not have to monitor their kids or go surfing the Internet to find them so’s they could be blocked.

It may be impractical but there has to be some easier way to create a single gateway to block kids access.

That’s my rant of the day.

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