Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Israel, rockets and Hamas

Here is a good example of the destruction and killings that religion can be blamed for. The Israelites are being persecuted for their faith. Now we all know that we can’t trust the media for telling us the truth, but when they come out with videos that shows what goes on, then it can’t be denied.

These people are being bombarded with rockets day and night. Now they decided to defend themselves by hitting back to try to stop Hamas from targeting them. They are being blamed for killing civilians but if Hamas hide behind civilians like Israel claims, then those civilians could be part of Hamas, or followers of Hamas.  able to defend itself.Even if they are innocent, non-Hamas people, they are shielding Hamas - willingly or not.  Israel has to be able to defend itself.

Videos have been shown of some people (civilians) cheering Hamas on as they were firing rockets towards Israel. What really gets me is Israel is getting blamed for retaliation against Hamas while Hamas are using kids and woman as their reason for wanting Israel to stop What is Israel supposed to do? Just run for cover and let the rockets come? And if any kids or the woman in Israel get killed I guess they don’t matter is that it?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Multiculturalism will be the downfall of Canada if this is not done away with. It’s been reported that a gay woman by the name of Faith McGregor went in to a Muslim barber shop asking for a businessman’s haircut because she doesn't like the girly haircuts she would get in a hair salon.

Mr. Mahrouk is the owner of this barbershop named Terminal Barber shop in Toronto. The customer was refused service.  Here is why he refused to take her business.  He follows Shariah law, so he thinks women have cooties. As Mahrouk and the other barbers there say, they don’t believe in touching women other than their own wives.

So she went to the human’s right commission to complain but from what I can see it appears so far that Mr.Mahrouk won his case.

The man and woman that killed their daughters in Kingston should have went to the human rights commission because they were following Shariah law by claiming they were just following their culture and the laws of their religion.

This is what happens with multiculturalism. Immigrants that immigrate to this country and still want to abide by their Shariah law can just do what they want - like murder, torture or whatever - and claim it’s the laws of their religion and from what I can understand; the effect of multiculturalism is to allow them to bring in this law.

Some of these people want to immigrate here to have a better life but they still want to keep to their tradition. I ask myself, why they bother to move here in Canada and still stick to the rules of their original country.

That’s my rant of the day.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

When we are young.

When we are young, say in our teenage years, we tend to do the most stupid things without ever thinking of what the consequences could be.

For some reason or other, I was sitting here at the computer and started thinking of some stupid things, that friends and I used to do when we were in our teens. Our past time at night was to go skinning dipping (swimming in the nude). We never realize at the time and never thought of what could be lurking in those dark waters.

Just sitting here thinking about it gives me the chills. Can you imagine swimming in the nude and the family jewels are just hanging there and a big pike or a snapping turtle decides that it’s an oversize worm and decides to attack? And also don’t do like I used to. While swimming don’t go chasing at anything that you see swimming around you especially turtles. I used to do that and one day I grabbed one and she slipped out of my hands then turned around and bit me on the leg. I still have the scar from it. Those turtles can be quick in the water.

I wouldn't make the same decisions today that I did when I was young. Not all the same ones, anyway.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is the logic?

I cannot understand the logic of some jail sentences given by the judges in the USA. The sentences given to the man that shot and killed 6 people and wounded congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was 7 life sentences plus 140 years.

The New York Times said about the sentence:
TUCSON — Jared L. Loughner was sentenced Thursday to seven consecutive terms of life in prison at a court hearing punctuated by raw emotion as former Representative Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark E. Kelly, for the first time confronted the man who shot her in the head during a rampage last year that left 6 dead and 12 others wounded...

Mr. Loughner’s punishment — in addition to the life terms, he was sentenced to 140 years in prison — came as no surprise. It was a condition of the guilty plea he entered on Aug. 7, admitting to the shootings and bringing to an end a case that had prompted much soul-searching about mental health treatment and the country’s gun laws.
The man must not be susceptible to heart attacks if he didn’t have one upon hearing those sentences. I almost took one just reading about it.

They must have a reason for that kind of sentences but I can’t understand the logic behind it. This is not the first time I've read about prison sentences that makes no sense to me whatsoever. I guess with this kind of sentences, there is no way that this man will ever come out except feet first. So if there were no doubts about his guilt why not execute him? To me it would make more sense to execute him.  Then the families of the loved ones the he killed would know that part of their taxes are not used to support this murderer until he dies.

I might be wrong but that’s the way I look at it.

That’s my rant for the day

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I am puzzled, by the contradictions that I read about in the writings of the Church of God and some others. Catholics claim that there are no such things as ghosts and some of us who has seen some we know that there are. The Catholics claim that when you die and have not confessed to your sins you go straight to hell.

In the writings of the Church of God it says “that you are asleep in your grave till judgment day and on judgment day, if you’re not accepted by God, your soul is incinerated and it will never live again and this is done without any pain since God is a good God and will not torture you.”

The Catholics say “that you are in a pit of fire and suffer for eternity”. That doesn’t make any sense doesn’t? First they tell you that He is a good God and next they tell you that you will burn for all eternity. Now wouldn’t that be torture?

I have written about a book called Bible history in a previous post. This book at one time was studied by the students in Catholic schools. I cannot say if there was any written in English because all I could find was the French one. After reading this book from the old Biblical days, I believe that some of these laws if you want to call them laws, derived from what was happening in those days in regards to religion or beliefs of the people in those days. Like everything else, man has also added some sadistic extensions to some of these laws and I believe that some of these laws would not sit well with our Creator and they do not conform to the Ten Commandments that are written in the Bible.

According to the Bible the world was destroyed before with 40 days and 40 nights of rain so there must have been a judgment day and if the soul of a deceased was not accepted by God and it was incinerated where do the demons come from?

Some people upon reading this may think this person doesn’t have faith. My answer is yes I do but if I didn’t have any faith I would be an atheist which I am not.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Diets, do you keep on reading them?

Diets. I don’t know why I keep on reading them.  As I read them and check on what the professionals have to say about diet and nutrition, once they are checked for vitamins, cholesterol and whatever else they are checked for, a lot of those ingredients in a diet are proven not to be as good as the dietitians claim. 

Take for instance eggs. Eggs are advertised as being good for you but according to what I've read about them (and I wrote something on a previous post) the harmful effect they can have on your health. Bananas they say if you want a flat stomach don’t eat them.  But what they don’t tell you, is that bananas are food for the heart, because of its content of potassium. I previously wrote a post about them too.

I say if you feel that you are gaining too much weight and you want to go on a diet then by all means go and see your doctor. It might save you a lot of trouble in the long run. A lot of people go on a diet for something then all of a sudden, they develop some kind of sickness and they wonder why they started feeling bad, after being on their diet for awhile. All I have to say, don’t listen to these dietitians - just see your doctor. Anyone can write a recipe and claim that this recipe has this and that as far as calories fat and so many grams of this or that or certain percentage of that and some people would believe it to be genuine. In the meantime they might not know what they are talking about.

Play it safe and see a professional - a doctor.

That’s my rant of the day.
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