Saturday, November 17, 2012

When we are young.

When we are young, say in our teenage years, we tend to do the most stupid things without ever thinking of what the consequences could be.

For some reason or other, I was sitting here at the computer and started thinking of some stupid things, that friends and I used to do when we were in our teens. Our past time at night was to go skinning dipping (swimming in the nude). We never realize at the time and never thought of what could be lurking in those dark waters.

Just sitting here thinking about it gives me the chills. Can you imagine swimming in the nude and the family jewels are just hanging there and a big pike or a snapping turtle decides that it’s an oversize worm and decides to attack? And also don’t do like I used to. While swimming don’t go chasing at anything that you see swimming around you especially turtles. I used to do that and one day I grabbed one and she slipped out of my hands then turned around and bit me on the leg. I still have the scar from it. Those turtles can be quick in the water.

I wouldn't make the same decisions today that I did when I was young. Not all the same ones, anyway.

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