Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stay healthy?

Stay healthy. I would say these two words deserve a big laugh. These days, the only way to stay healthy, would be eating the only foods that you could grow yourself and live out in the sticks of the woods, to have chickens and meat do your own hunting and fishing.

In a city what do you have? You have some people that refuses to wash you have some with diseases, then you have these healthy freaks that tell you what to eat and what not to eat and they give their reasons for it. Then you have these vitamins makers that tell you what each pill contains as for vitamins and some even hide, or won’t label what is truly in those vitamins. If you have any doubts as to what I’m claiming I would refer you to this site.

I was surprise to read what was in some of these pills. The problems it has caused to some people who took them was  also surprising. I realize that we take a big chance on living a long life in this world today. The manipulation of our food - what’s taken out of it and what’s been added - is just another layer of risk on living in today's world.

There's also risk in the attraction of takeout foods. I must say that not everyone would think of washing their hands before handling food.  Do you know if your pizza was made with clean hands? What else can be done to the food in these takeout joints, or before you receive it even in restaurants?

We live in a world that is dominated by money. The results are some people don’t care about their consumers. As long as they can make a profit by selling garbage or unsanitary foods, or unsafe products like mentioned on the site that I referred you to at the start of this rant.

Most people don’t believe in miracles. Well you better believe it when you hear of people living well past their 80 years of age I would even say past the age of 60s.  The way it is so easy for people to get sick, living that long seems like it would be a miracle.

That’s my beef for today.

Have a good day today, for tomorrow belongs to the Lord.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keystone Pipeline

When I went to the site NewsMax the other morning, the first thing I noticed in the head line was how Obama disputing about how many jobs this pipeline would create. He claims that it might create 2000 jobs while building it then to about 100 to 50 afterwards. Then he goes on to say that it would reduce the price of gas and also he mentions the pollution that it would create.

Well Mr. Obama, first of all wouldn’t be cheaper to get the oil from Canada then of all the expenses of importing it from those countries that are thousands of miles away? By taking the oil from Canada wouldn’t be safer and cheaper than having it shipped from those countries and taking a chance that something could happen to the ships carrying it and having a big oil shipment dumped in the ocean? I also read in the same article that you’re worried about the pollution of that oil.

Now I don’t see your logic about your thoughts on the pollution of this oil. This oil Mr. Obama will be sold and it will be sold to countries that might not be as well equipped to deal with the pollution as the USA might be. I can honestly say that you will not be able to convince the people that there is a corridor over the USA air space that will prevent the pollution from coming over. This is just like your attempting to make them believe that all those scandals your administration is involved in are phony.

If by chance you can convince the people that no pollution can invade the air space over the USA, then they deserve to have you as a leader.
That is my beef for today

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Complaints and complaints.

Every day you hear complaints about Obamacare. There isn’t one day that you don’t read something about that subject in the news. It seems that everybody is complaining as to the damage it’s going to do. Like I said you hear about it every day but it looks like no one has the guts to do anything about it except, complain and complain.

I just can’t understand if this Obamacare is going to cause so much damage, why not have it repealed? To me that is another thing that’s going to put the USA in more trouble than it is now. Loss of jobs due to businesses closing. Doctors either retiring or move out mean a loss of business. So don't complain about it - do something to change it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Did you know God was a racist?

While reading Fox News, I happened to see an article about this Ivy League professor Anthea Butler at the University of Pennsylvania's, Department of Religious Studies.  After she heard of the Zimmerman verdict, she claimed that God was a white racist because He’s carrying a gun and stalks young black men. I am not making this up or misinterpreting what I read.
If you’re interested in reading more as to what else she accuses God of, I would refer you to this site (  Anthea Butler apparently is also a blogger and according to the report that is what she blogged about.
My beef today is about a person of supposedly of good intelligence accusing God of being a stalker a
racist and claiming that the American God is not her God. I would say that her intelligence was acquired by reading comic books. I guess I shouldn’t be surprise to hear something of the sort from someone from a University in the USA. After all of the bad reports that have been coming out of the Universities and colleges from that nation, it should come as no surprise at all..
That’s my beef for today.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Religious Fanatics.

When we were young most of us are taught to believe there is just one God. As we grow older, we find that some of these fanatics would have you believe that there is more than one God.
I don’t know any more than anyone else, but to me there is only one God. The only difference I see is that there is only supposed to be four religions. To me anymore so called religion are cults and that’s what they should be called.
Now man thinking they are smarter than the ones that came out with four religions, decided that it wasn’t enough. So they created more and with different ways to pray to the God that they believed in and to be faithful too. Most of these religions and cults and go so far as ignoring the tablets of the Ten Commandments given to Moses.
Now with all these religions, and different ways to have faith in one God, some people would believe that there is more than one God, and are willing to kill and torture, because of some fanatics that came out with their own writings on how to show faith in what they believe their God would want (including such barbaric acts as torture and beheadings). 
That’s my beef for today.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Impeached.  That is what should be done to Obama. Since he has been elected to be the leader of the USA. He has done nothing but raise the debt of the USA by trillions.  He has compounded his lies with more lies.  He has been at the root of one scandal after another.  He has been weakening the military by cuts to their budget.  Last but not least, he has been ignoring the Constitution to do what he wants.

Oh, I forgot to mention coming out with a so called Obamacare law that would have such a negative impact on employers. It also discourages doctors from practicing their profession, more or less pushing them out of it.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Beef about butter

My beef today would be about butter.
Some Doctors claim that butter is no good for you because of its contents; salt and fat.
I would like to ask some of these Doctors, why they don’t go after the government to stop these food producers to stop playing around with the food. Like adding to it, or extracting from it and to use less salt in their products.  Why don’t they stop coloring the meat to make it more attractive?  That’s just more garbage added to the meat.
At the same time why don’t they ask the government to have the price of butter lowered? Because some people that are buying margarine at this time can’t afford butter. I’m sure that buying unsalted butter would be a lot healthier then this stuff that was made for animals is now food for humans.
Very seldom will I eat margarine, because some of that stuff leaves a rotten tangy taste in the mouth.
Whatever causes that I don’t know, but to me it can’t be good for the health. I will say not all margarine leaves a bad taste in the mouth but most do.
That’s my rant of the day. Have a good day.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hey Obama, RESIGN!

I wish Obama would resign.  Even though I am not an American citizen, I really wish Obama would resign.

I noticed an article this morning while reading NewsMax about the military conducting a test to intercept an incoming missile. The fired missile failed to intercept the incoming one. They think it’s the battery that’s causing the problem. But because of the cuts that have been made to the military there isn't enough money in the budget for them to work on the problem.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Zimmerman trial.

I’ve been reading a lot about the Zimmerman trial and there are things that just don’t make sense to me. According to all the different statements that we read in the news, plus see on the talk shows, I find it kind of weird that this man was found not to be guilty.

My reason for saying that is because most men of his age have been in the military and if this man was, then he was trained for hand-to-hand combat. Even in the police force, he must have had some self-defence training. Plus he has first his gun then his stun gun and then his nightstick or baton whatever you prefer to call it.

Another thing that doesn’t add up is, if he could reach his revolver why didn’t he reach for his stun gun instead of his revolver? And another thing. say he had the intention of shooting this kid, could he on purpose let this kid bruise him just to make it look that the kid was getting the best of him? Then he could go about claiming that he feared for his life? He would have all kinds of bruises to prove it.

Now my way of thinking could be wrong but I say this man should have been convicted of at least manslaughter (first degree).

On another note, President Obama had no business making the statement that he did by saying if he had a son he would have looked just like Treyvon.  By the president making that kind of statement it more or less put some doubt as to whether it was a racially motivated killing. The president is allowed to state his opinion like everyone else but, he should have known that is his statement could have had some influence on the jurors.

Those are my opinions and rant of the day.

UPDATE: I did not follow this case very closely and I took it for granted that Zimmerman was a police officer and after reading more about him it turns out that he was just a neighborhood watch person. That’s why I mentioned the weaponry that he must have had on him. I apologize for commenting on this story without the full details at hand.  I had no intention to mislead. I may post more on the subject in the future now that these other facts have become known to me.

Monday, July 15, 2013


I have blogged about these things before. I wrote about how they are built and about most of them burning out the first time you use them. These were mostly the four slice ones that I noticed a problem. I was given a new one - a two slice one - and with it you can toast bagels, waffles and of course bread.

Now, this toaster that was given to me was made in China, and it’s a Presidents Choice brand toaster. I will say it is a good toaster but my beef is with the companies that order them. They seem to forget to inform the company that makes them in China that some of our breads are not regular size in thickness and height.

The result in this lack of communication with those companies is that the toasters are not ejecting the toast high enough to grab it with your fingers so you have to take a chance and stick your fingers in the toaster to get them and take a chance of getting toasted fingers, Or you have to disconnect the toaster and use a fork and at the same time take a chance that you don’t damage the filaments.The companies who make them should adjust their design so that it the toast is ejected to the right height when it is finished toasting.

That is my beef for today.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Woman marries bridge

I like to rant about what I call funny people walking on the streets. I have a couple posts written on the unthinkable things that some people do when walking down the street. Some of them do things that are laughable and some not so funny.

Friday, July 12, 2013


How many times did Mr. Obama say that the war was over in Afghanistan and the Taliban have been pushed back?

Well while reading this site ( I read a section indicating that the Taliban will attend the meeting in Qatar to talk about peace. Even though they said they will attend but will not renounce violence according to this report.

The other morning they proved that they intend to keep on with their violence by attacking Natos compound suppliers in Qatar the Capital of Afghanistan. The same report they have also stated that as long as there are foreign troops they will not stop their violence.

When all foreign troops are out of that country, I still think that these fanatics will not stop the violence until they take over that country and then they will invoke their Sharia law and then there will be more killings and torture and beheadings.

The good Islamists try to tell us that that their religion is a peaceful one but to read about the torture and the killings and saying God is great after the sadistic things that they do makes it hard to believe that it’s a religion of peace.

I’m anxious to see what is going to happen when all foreign troops are out of Afghanistan. But the war is not over Mr. President and it will never be as long as there are fanatical terrorists. If they manage to take over one country they will keep on going and will never stop until they are blasted out of existence. No diplomacy will stop them.

That is my rant for today.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Atheism. Is this some kind of sickness? A sickness that would make people think that if they see anything like statues or crucifixes or anything that would represent a religion, that those things might attack them? After all, the way they so obsess over the appearance of these things anywhere, they do seem to be afraid that the crucifixes will attack them physically. You know, I would guess that a lot of them are hypocrites and secretly do believe. 

Another thing that gets me is people who have friends that are atheists and will pretend to be one of them. Those would be the ones that are hypocritical and claimed those objects I mentioned above would offend them. They play the game of you lead and I’ll follow.

If a person is a true non believer I can’t see that person objecting to those things mentioned above. But if that person does have faith, then he/she has a guilty feeling but doesn't want to show it in front of his/her friend. He/she is the one that will create a bigger fuss. I wonder what kind of fuss that type of person will create come judgment day. 

That’s my little rant of the day.   But if you want to read more of my opinions about atheists today, click here.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Is he a traitor - revisited

Mr. Snowden, is he a traitor or not?

At this time, the way he has acted after divulging about the government snooping on its own citizens and the snooping on other countries, it makes me think he has been set up as a spy. I could be wrong but nevertheless,  I’m sure that he was given misleading files to talk about if he was questioned as to why he was looking for asylum in countries that are not too friendly with the USA. I think it is possible this guys is a spy still working for the USA. 

Why should he show up on a video claiming that he said this or he said that?  He could have been coached on what to say once questioned by the intelligence agency of whatever country, and also given some files that seem to be convincing but are really of no value to the security of the USA.

I am positive that he would have been questioned and I'm convinced that he is giving false information. But would they believe him? I think that’s is why he is in limbo and no country would want to take a chance on him being a spy for the USA.  But then again if they were positive that he was then he would not be free now.  There is also the issue of the USA making some threats if he were to be given asylum,  Those threats sound real good.

Let’s put it this way, it was Mr. Bush that started this snooping and it has never developed into this much of a scandal. If it’s not what I think it was, maybe and he simply thought he was doing a good thing by telling the citizens about what was going on, then he did break his trust to the government but not to the people.

No if it was not planned like I mentioned in a previous post then he should have stayed and suffered the consequences because I think the people would have backed him up 100%. But now that he acted the way he did and the fact that he tried to get asylum in countries that are not to friendly, he has made himself out to be a traitor. Someday the truth will eventually come out so we just have to wait and see. Until then our judgmental should be neutral.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rev. Frank Pavone, Nancy Pelosi and God

While reading the news this morning on NewsMax, I noticed an article about Rev. Frank Pavone telling Nancy Pelosi to renounce her Catholic faith if she continues to refuse to condemn abortion.

Well Rev. Pavone I have news for you. I was raised by my grandparents who were Catholic.  It was in a little town in the province of Qu├ębec and the school I attendant had all nuns as teachers. The priest of the church (The Church of St Cecilia) used to come to our school every day in the schoolyard when we went out on recess and at times he would come in the classroom to preach to us about the word of God.

As I grew up and enough to understand what he was talking about, I gave up being a Catholic because it was all the lies. He would tell us that God was a good loving and forgiven God but then if anything catastrophic would happen and you asked him about it he would say it was God's will and anything that happened was God's will. He used to tell us that when you die and haven’t confessed your sins you go straight to hell for all eternity.

Now wouldn’t that be torture? I admit that an abortionist is going against the commandment of thou shalt not kill, but at the same time if the mother’s life depends on whether she lives or not by having this baby what is the decision? Take a chance that she lives or dies and have the baby or take a chance that she would die and maybe have the delivery and have a stillborn baby in which case both of them could die?  Doing an abortion could save the mother in some circumstances. Now would that be committing murder according to God? I believe in abortion in a case like this. Isn’t better to save one life then losing two of them?

No I would say to Nancy Pelosi stick to your faith as you will be judged by the Creator Himself.

I lost faith in this Catholic religion because of the lies and the sex scandals about some  pedophile priests a long time ago but I still have faith in the Creator. I would like to ask this reverend, all these problems in this world is it all Gods will?

That’s my rant of the day.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chocolate Anus, the visual

A while ago I posted my disgust with the world when they came up with the Chocolate Anus. I neglected to include a picture for the curious minded.

Well, here it is. 

Kinda  makes you want to swear off chocolate.  Are you sorry you looked?

Friday, July 5, 2013


The president wants respect.

On Fox News there is a video entitled something along the lines of "the president wants respect and wants people to like him". Well Mr. President in order to have people respect you that is something that you have to earn and so far can you tell us what you have accomplish  in order to be respected and liked? As I can see you have ruined the reputation of the USA. You have lied to the people and made more enemies towards the USA by trying to pretend that you know everything, and insisting that everyone should have the same opinions that you come up with. It's because you have an ego that is so big that to you, everyone that doesn’t agree with are wrong. I know people with oversized egos and they don’t last long on a job or with being capable of keeping friends.

Before you came along the USA had a reputation that could not be disputed and diplomacy was used to a certain extent and every leader of other countries realized that. Now the USA has become the big laugh of the world because the US citizens thought they had voted someone in to be a good leader but what did they get?  A person that is a good talker, but full of indefinite diplomacy and deceitfulness.

That is my rant of the day. Have a good day.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood

I can’t understand why an American president would chose to support a bunch like the Muslim Brotherhood? They are just a bunch of terrorists who burn down churches, assault women and behead Christians.

This same president never made a fuss when the citizens of Egypt revolted against Mr. Mubarak. In fact he encouraged Mubarak to step down.  Mubarak was an ally of the United States. With everything that he has done since he was re-elected - the scandals, the lies, the cover ups, his choice to follow unlimited diplomacy,   and not going after the perpetrators of American deaths in Benghazi - I would say he might be responsible for this anti-Christian attitude that’s surfaced in Egypt.  At the very least he has fanned the flames of anti-Christian attitudes.  

Mr. President I have to ask you this question: are you sure you’re not one of those Muslims? I’m not saying that you are but with everything that has been going on since you have been elected it sure looks suspicious. Just the fact that you’re supporting this group while never trying to support a man like Mr. Mubarak when he was in the same situation as Morsi is cause for pause.

The allies of the USA didn’t trust you before, but after you supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and sending them all those weapons like tanks and fighter aircraft and (according to reports) thousands of gas canisters do you think it will give them a reason to trust you?

Those are my opinions of a supposed to be the leader of the USA as I see it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Not getting too many comments.

I'm just not getting to many comments on my posts. Surely what I write can’t be bad enough that I don’t get too many comments? Well here is something I hope will get me some comments and I expect if I do some will be bad, and maybe some will be good ones.

What I would like to see next election get elected if she decides to run and that would be Sarah Palin and as vice President John McCain. This lady I’ve listened to many of her speeches and I will admit that when she emphasizes something in her speeches she has a screeching voice but, that’s beside the point.

When Palin decides to give a speech what she says comes from the heart and not only from the lips; as she tells it as it is and there are no two ways about it. She shows herself to be a real American and I really think that she could be a great leader. I agree she would be new at this, but she seems to have more knowledge of the Constitution and doesn’t seem like the kind of person that would ignore certain parts of the Constitution to satisfy her ego (like Obama, the supposed to be leader).

Besides she did serve as a governor, so she would have a good start not only politically but also with the experience of governing. True, I did read that there was some kind of disagreement while she was serving as governor but from what I read and it was absolutely nothing as bad as what is going on with the present administration.

Mr. McCain seems to be another American at heart. I think he would be good as vice president but he’s the type that would seem to be short on diplomacy; a certain amount of diplomacy would be needed to help America get back on track. I think if there was a president that could hold him back because he is a military man and might be too much in a hurry to use diplomacy and cast it aside - that could cause serious problems.

What the USA needs now is a good leader and to bring back the USA to the reputation that it had tit for tat on the killers of Americans and to make sure that these Jihadist are not protected by diplomacy, like it is at this time.

Those are my opinions of the day.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is he a traitor or not?

I will admit the way Mr. Snowden escaped after divulging so much about the invasion of the privacy of American citizens (the Prism scandal), appears to be very suspicious. And knowing that he went to countries that are not too friendly to the USA. doesn't help make him look like a hero. In fact, it makes it more convincing that he has turned out to be a traitor to his country.

Still, I would not be in a hurry to put a tag on him at this time for having done what he did. Although it looks bad there are other things to consider. There could be something else involved in this. In war and espionage there are a lot of scenarios that could be followed to obtain information on another country to help ensure  the security of a nation (in this case security for the USA). Eventually the truth might or might not come out. We will just have to wait and see.

The reason my rant is on this is because accusing a person of being a traitor to his country is very serious. And how suspicious it looked might be legitimate, but it is too early to make pronouncements. I don’t want to say any more on this subject.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Obama, not Bush is to blame for the scandal

The other morning I did as usual do and checked out the site Nonsensible Shoes and I spotted the name of Bush the former president of the USA.  I was interested in finding out what he was getting blame for now. 

He’s getting blamed for having started the snooping of the citizens but it wasn’t blown up like it is now. I will admit Bush did start it, but all the scandals and lies and cover ups with the Obama administration makes it more suspicious because the trust for Obama  is a thing of the past. And still he’s not interested in doing or saying anything that could bring at least some little trust to his administration and to himself.

With all the things that were said and the way the administration is operating it looks like the person that was elected as commander in chief is only on there for the ride and what he can get out of it.

That's my rant of the day.

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