Friday, July 5, 2013


The president wants respect.

On Fox News there is a video entitled something along the lines of "the president wants respect and wants people to like him". Well Mr. President in order to have people respect you that is something that you have to earn and so far can you tell us what you have accomplish  in order to be respected and liked? As I can see you have ruined the reputation of the USA. You have lied to the people and made more enemies towards the USA by trying to pretend that you know everything, and insisting that everyone should have the same opinions that you come up with. It's because you have an ego that is so big that to you, everyone that doesn’t agree with are wrong. I know people with oversized egos and they don’t last long on a job or with being capable of keeping friends.

Before you came along the USA had a reputation that could not be disputed and diplomacy was used to a certain extent and every leader of other countries realized that. Now the USA has become the big laugh of the world because the US citizens thought they had voted someone in to be a good leader but what did they get?  A person that is a good talker, but full of indefinite diplomacy and deceitfulness.

That is my rant of the day. Have a good day.

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