Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stay healthy?

Stay healthy. I would say these two words deserve a big laugh. These days, the only way to stay healthy, would be eating the only foods that you could grow yourself and live out in the sticks of the woods, to have chickens and meat do your own hunting and fishing.

In a city what do you have? You have some people that refuses to wash you have some with diseases, then you have these healthy freaks that tell you what to eat and what not to eat and they give their reasons for it. Then you have these vitamins makers that tell you what each pill contains as for vitamins and some even hide, or won’t label what is truly in those vitamins. If you have any doubts as to what I’m claiming I would refer you to this site.

I was surprise to read what was in some of these pills. The problems it has caused to some people who took them was  also surprising. I realize that we take a big chance on living a long life in this world today. The manipulation of our food - what’s taken out of it and what’s been added - is just another layer of risk on living in today's world.

There's also risk in the attraction of takeout foods. I must say that not everyone would think of washing their hands before handling food.  Do you know if your pizza was made with clean hands? What else can be done to the food in these takeout joints, or before you receive it even in restaurants?

We live in a world that is dominated by money. The results are some people don’t care about their consumers. As long as they can make a profit by selling garbage or unsanitary foods, or unsafe products like mentioned on the site that I referred you to at the start of this rant.

Most people don’t believe in miracles. Well you better believe it when you hear of people living well past their 80 years of age I would even say past the age of 60s.  The way it is so easy for people to get sick, living that long seems like it would be a miracle.

That’s my beef for today.

Have a good day today, for tomorrow belongs to the Lord.

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