Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hoping for cold weather.

Take it somewhere else.  I'm sleeping.
I’m hoping for the real cold weather to get here. By having cold weather there will be peace and quiet. Those people who think that everyone wants to listen to the music that they themselves enjoy will have to close their house and car windows. I recently moved to an apartment. It is more or less on the corner of an intersection. My bedroom happens to be on the corner and the window is about 6 feet from the street corner. It's a 4 way stop at the intersection. At night, this intersection seems to be the only way that people coming out of the clubs use to go home. Of course that means a lot of traffic and there are always idiots that like to have their car windows open and have their music blaring full blast.

Now there is nothing wrong with people listening to music as long as they don’t expect that everyone enjoys the same music that they enjoy. Unfortunately, that seems to be just what they think. Now they come out of the clubs, they get in their cars and head for home. Lots of them have to drive to the intersection where I’m at and it’s quite busy and of course they have to make their stop. With the traffic some are 2 to 3 minutes before they can move on and their music is full blast. I like music but not full blast. The music I hate the most is rap music and there are a few cars that stop here and it seems that’s all they have as music. Of course they have it blasting. I can tell you at this time I am not a man of violence but if it wasn’t against the law I would buy a shotgun and I will tell you someone would be short of a radio and CD player in their car.

I know that makes me seem like a stereotypical ranting old man, but it's early morning and I need to sleep. Besides, this is a rant blog. And that was my rant of the day.

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