Sunday, October 26, 2014

What is wrong with some people?

Not Prime Minister material.
On one site on the internet (I forget where) there is a poll going on that is asking whether voters would vote for Prime Minister Harper or for the Liberals. I checked my answer then it shows you the overall results. So far it’s the Liberals ahead by a small margin. Now I’m asking myself what is so popular about the Liberals?

What have the Liberals done that has been so great for this country that people would want to vote for them again? The Liberals are always busy trying to find some way to put a tax on something.  And now to make matters worse, they have elected a person as their leader that doesn’t have any experience in managing the business of a country.  This runs contrary to some people saying that he’s too young to be a Prime Minister. But it's not his age that is at issue.  I don’t believe that he would be too young to manage the country but it’s about knowing good policies and good politics. Even something as simple as how to speak like a real politician instead of running off at the mouth is showing the lack of maturity.   Trudeau has been making stupid statements when questioned about what his ideas are concerning the province of Québec.

The last speech I heard that he gave showed his interest in the province and yet he also showed that he is separatist. So for the Liberals to have him as their leader they have made a bad choice just like they wanted McGuinty to be their leader in Ontario. The Liberals took on Trudeau thinking that maybe because of his name and his look with the younger people they have a chance of winning the next election. I have news for them.  If anyone has taken interest in what is going on in the USA they would realize that supposed-to-be president Obama was only elected because of his personality and the way that he spoke. Now what used to be a great nation has turned into the laughing stock of the world and is seen as untrustworthy by its allies. Personality does not run a country.

I say that in the next federal election if the liberals are elected and Justin Trudeau becomes Prime Minister then you can be sure that he will try and destroy the country by trying to get the province of Québec to separate and become its own nation.  In that case, the two new nations will both become banana republics. There are two wealthy provinces out west that will join the USA as they stated before if Québec ever separated from the rest of Canada. The only thing I have to say next election vote intellectually and not for the looks of what would be the next Prime Minister, because looks can be deceiving.

That’s my rant of the day

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