Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saving the president’s presidency.

When I opened up NewsMax the other morning this was the first thing I see: “Angry Democrats hoping for shake up at White House to save the presidency of Obama”.

What is wrong with those Democrats? Aren’t they supposed to be loyal Americans? Can’t they see what this supposed-to-be-president is doing to the nation? This president has downgraded the USA down to nothing; refusing to go after the American killers, refusing to put boots on the ground to battle ISIS, and by not doing so leaving a bunch of killers killing and torturing people at will. He must realize that just bombing them will not stop them. Or does he think that the bombs are smart enough to chase those killers on the ground and blow them up?

This supposed-to-be-president has shown that he could care less about the nation and the sooner he’s out of there the better. They need to have someone as a leader that does care about the security of the nation and its people and someone qho has enough common sense not to leave the borders open to let all kinds of riff raff in like what is happening now.

The border is wide open - terrorists can come in anytime they want. Iranian ships allowed in American waters, FEMA camps, police being given battle field equipment, the ordering of guillotines, at one time accused by the Egyptians of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. More could be said on the way that he’s governing but the list would be too long, so I’ll just stop here.

Yet those Democrats are worried about saving this supposed-to-be-president’s presidency. I would worry more about saving the nation instead of this president that dowan’t seem to know too much about anything that he hasn’t learned in school. To me this person acting as the president of the USA is a very dangerous person to the nation. Anyone that can’t see this has to be blind and stupid to the point of being ignorant of what is happening.

That’s my rant of the day.

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