Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My beef today is with the amount of gods that we have according to the religions of today. Apparently, we have a god for humans (and different versions of God too), and gods to protect the forests. I was brought up to think that there was only one God and that God was a loving God and a forgiving God.

These days, with all the religions and cults, we have like I mentioned before, gods for almost everything that any group can come up with. And most of those groups do not even touch the Ten Commandments that is mentioned in the Bible.

Then we have all the different rules that they want people to follow in order to belong to these groups, and some of these laws do not even reflect the wishes of a forgiving God. For example take the cutting off of a human’s body part or stoning another person to death or murdering another person by different means because of some laws relating to a certain religion by fanatics who use this kind of thinking just to torture or kill someone. Or even to kill in the name of honor.

Because of some of these laws woman are treated as the lowest class of citizens in some countries. In fact not too long ago even in civilized countries they were not allowed to vote or do things men were allowed to do. Even today in the Catholic religion a woman has to be covered up if she chooses to be a nun. The only thing they can show are there hands and face. It used to be when a woman went to church she had to have some kind of a netting over her face and the head had to be covered. I don’t know if their heads have to be covered these days. I don’t know if things have changed but I remember that a woman was not allowed to be ordained as a priest in the Catholic religion. I don't think that has changed.

Now I don’t know if I should ask, but is it because Jesus never had woman as a disciple? And is this why woman are being treated like slaves in some countries? Or do some people think that God was ignoring women and this would give some people the idea that God didn't trust a woman and therefore a woman should not be treated as equal to men?  It's another thing that bothers me. Women shouldn't be treated as second class citizens.

On a side note I  have another question.  Don’t ask me where it says this in the Bible, but isn't there a passage where it says that all your love should be for God only? But there is also a passage that says if you have sex without love to a woman it’s considered to be lust and that’s what the Catholics teach. Those seem to be contradictory to me.

That is my little rant of the day.

                   Have a good day

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Resignation is the answer?

I guess when you sense that you might get in trouble for something that you did or something you can’t do,.resignation is the answer.

I was reading about the Pope resigning this month. It’s been reported that it was because of his age. True, he is up there in the 80’s but is it because of his age? Or was he discouraged by all of the sexual assaults that have been committed on little kids and that he can’t do anything about it? Or was it because there have been cover ups all over from different parishes? With Catholicism on the decline in many countries maybe he felt there was too big of a challenge in growing the church.  And with him being up there in age, it all comes down to it being too big of a headache for him.  So what to do?  Resign I guess.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Never Happy

We of the human species are never happy with what we see at times and even with what we eat. I think I'd better explain what I mean. When a person sits at the table and steak is being served, what do most people do? They will bury it with something like ketchup, or whatever else they can get their hands on, and the results are that they don’t really taste the steak.  They taste the added stuff that they put on it, and yet they turn around and say “Was that ever good. I love steak.”

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Iranian officials purportedly unveil machine to amputate fingers of thieves

More Iranian shenanigans.

When I turned on my computer one day last week to read what kind of news that Fox had on, there was the first article I spotted.  There was also a picture of the machine with a couple officials and the prisoner and also the sentence that he received besides having his fingers cut off on one hand.

I remember writing a post stating that some of these people in the third world countries are not humans; well this kind of thing proves my point. They also have a prison that is supposed to be Hell on earth and it’s called Even. If you go to Fox you can read all about it - about the torture, the interrogations, how they are conducted and even about people dying while being interrogated.

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