Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hillary and Bill Clinton. Evil?

Hillary and Bill Clinton, are they Evil? I found this video today and from what I read before about those two, I would agree. They are evil. Just the same I will share the video for you people to watch and to make up your own minds. Here is the video.

I know this is a short rant but the video that is on here will make up for the shortness of it. I also ask that you pay special attention to everything that is said on the video. I would like to ask: do you think those are the kind of people you would like in the White House? Since Obama has taken down the nation to almost nothing, Hillary is just not an acceptable candidate as she is going to finish the job.

Hillary sold Uranium to the Russians. What else would she sell from the nation if she knew she could make quite a bit of cash from it? Being hungry for money like she appears to be it wouldn’t surprise me if she would try to sell the Statue of Liberty if she could make a buck out of it. I’ve watched her talk on videos and lie about quite a few subjects. There are countless examples of what she had said before and then denied it shamelessly later on.

She keeps proving what a liar she is. Evil I would say is a fair description of her. She’s the sister of Obama when it comes to lying and it still seems that a lot of people would like to see her in the White House. I would say to you people please don’t make the same mistake twice because electing that evil would be the last of the USA. Like I mentioned before I am a Canadian but what happens in the US also affects some people that are Liberals here or they could be called New Democrats there are no difference just the name. So don't elect an evil leader because her terrible ideas will spread here like an infection.

Okay, I guess this rant was not so short after all.

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