Monday, May 22, 2017

Sad announcement

It's with great sadness that I am posting that Bob, the publisher of this blog, passed away Saturday morning.  He died in his sleep.  He was 83.

I used to edit his posts for him as he was bilingual French and English and his spelling and grammar occasionally needed some touching up. My condolences and thoughts are with him and also his family at their time of loss. He was a good friend and he will be missed.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Not smart at all.

If you think you are smart for keeping up smoking or just starting out you might think as I used to think. That is to say, that to me it didn’t matter what anyone said in regards to smoking, I always had in mind that it didn’t include me because I thought that I was tough. Well as I got to the age of 60 I soon found out what those people were talking about.

Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health.  But there are other reasons to quit too.  Now I am retired but not because I wanted to retire, but because I could not do anything without running out of breath. At my age I can still get a job working as a dispatcher for a security company. But it would be a night shift in which case I would be alone and because smoking also affected my heart now I always have to have someone with me. Believe me working for the most part of my life and now being retired is a drag with nothing to do. I would prefer to be working. But smoking has seen to it that it is practically impossible for me to work.

Now with nothing to do I read and listen to the news (which I find very depressing, because I finally found out what this world has turned out to be). The world is nothing but full of people that are married to money and wanting power. Even business people don’t care what kind of garbage they sell as they will do their best by adding different taste and some kind of liquid to make meat more tempting and then put it on sale just to tempt people to buy it. Now what we buy has food we never know what we are digesting.

Now all of that depressing stuff would not be top of mind for me if I were working, which is to say, if I hadn't smoked all these years, I might be in a better mood today.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hamburger and mincemeat

What tells us what is chopped up in hamburger meat or mincemeat? Some claim its beef, some claim it to be pork. This is the same as mincemeat. To me any kind of meat can be chopped up and claim it to be whatever one wants it to taste like because there is so much fooling around with food these days that one never knows what to hell they are eating.

The taste of food can be altered by adding whatever taste one wants it to taste like. So what is being added to do that? And also what are the parts of the animals that are being chopped up to make hamburger? Would a person still eat some of the parts that are chopped up if some of them were to be shown to the public? What would stop a money hungry businessperson to use every part possible to make hamburger so as to make more profit? As we all know, you can go in a store and see packages of hamburger on sale and when you get home and you opened it and start to take it apart you end up in the middle where you will find black meat that has been out for so long that it is on the verge of going bad.

Therefore, they wrap fresh meat around it to make it look good. How do we know if one of those money hungry businessmen don’t drive around with sharp knives in their auto and if they see a fresh road kill what tells us that a piece of that animal is not included in the hamburger that they sell to the public? In this world to-day everything is possible because as I mentioned before no one can be trusted to care for the public just as long as they can make their profit.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wynne whatever her name is

I know her name is Kathleen Wynne, let's get that straight. But I even hate writing her name. She's so terrible a premier that it pains me to write her name.

While I no longer live in Ontario, I still read and listen to the news as to what this premier is doing to the province. I find what this premier is doing is just as bad as that former premier McGuinty was. And yet how many times was he re-elected? He was re-elected by people that were too busy doing what they had to do in their daily lives to hear and listen to the news as to what he was doing to damage the province. Wynne is carrying on in that same way, seemingly intent to fully destroy the province.

I was born in Ontario and I like that province but as long as that premier is there, I and a couple of my friends will never move back. I heard her double talk about the hydro bills the other day. I guess there is an election coming soon and I think she is scared of not being re-elected. I say she seems to be just as bad as McGuinty was but she doesn’t have to worry being as bad as he was; it got him elected so many times that if he hadn’t quit I believe he would still be premier.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. On what used to be the Lowell Green radio show (it's called something else since he retired), a woman came on saying that the premier Wynne was doing a good job. That is proof how some people do not read or listen to the news to find out what is going on in their own province. Those are the ones I call stupid people.

I feel that I must include this last point in this post but is has little to do with what I wrote. The people of the USA have done away with the Clintons, so the people here in Canada should do away with the Trudeau's as they are a disaster because all they seem to care about are taxes and the number of votes that they can get. Who knows, maybe that applies to Wynne too.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Food for the dog

The old woman came down today with more meat for my dog Buddy - she usually comes every 2 weeks. She loves Buddy and whenever she goes by with her van and Buddy is outside he will jump off the porch. She will stop and talk or come and pet her (Buddy is a her). Then there is an old person down the street that brings her bacon strips and when Buddy sees him come out of his house, she goes crazy because she knows that he is coming over here. It seems like everyone loves my dog around here. Most women stop and hug her and pet her.

Monday, February 13, 2017

What do we have now?

I remember when I was younger we had politicians that cared for the people and the country. That was a long time ago. But things have changed. What do we have now?  We have political parties that could not care less (or so it seems) for the country or the provinces they rule, or the people they govern. 

The two that we have now federal and provincial Liberals, seem to be more interested in finding ways to tax people and to get more people voting for them than anything else by pandering and giving away things, than they are interested in governing properly. I say that those parties are socialists and nothing else.  It clearly seems that democracy is way down at the bottom of their list of ideas and ideals.  This goes for the NDP as well, who are self-avowed socialists. 

To my concern recently, we only had one party that was for the people and country it was the Progressive Conservative party (now just called the Conservative party federally), but stupid people that don’t listen or read about what is going on in our country, decided that the Liberals would be better for the country. 

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Last week I was listening to the Rob Snow talk show on the radio (CFRA). That's the show that used to be The Lowell Green talk show. So this stupid woman comes on saying that Premier Wynne of the province of Ontario was doing a good job. I was just wondering how much she was paid for saying that. Or did that malformed thought just spring out of her stupid brain? Wynne is one of the worst premiers in any province, ever.  She's right next to former Ontario premier McGuinty as the worst that the province ever had. Ontario did have a few more bad premiers, but not nearly as bad as those two. 

Ontario's slogan is "yours to discover". I think they should change it to say "yours to save" by getting that Wynne kicked out.  If she were kicked out by the Liberals I do not think that any other party would take her, as they would want some voters to show up and support them.  And the Liberals won't get rid of her because if you reach the peak of the power structure in a province or federally, you're like the absolute King. No one will question you. So she's here to stay until the next election and maybe the voters in Ontario will wake up between now and then and realize how really, really bad a leader she actually is.

That's my rant.  Have a good day.

Friday, February 3, 2017

The U.S.

I believe that this year, 2017, will be the year that the U.S.A. will fall. Here are my reasons for thinking this way. China and Russia. It seems the U.S.A. are prone to blame those two nations at the first opportunity that they can when something happens. Then Mr. Trump bans Muslims from certain countries. Now I believe that out of 196 countries, some of them might have been tempted to attack the USA but their thoughts could have been that their military wouldn't be strong enough to beat them, so they just lay back and wait until someone else attacks then they would join in. Now I believe that it would be the radicals that would be starting all those problems, as the radicals would know how Obama has weakened the military then they would declare war on the USA. To me that is when the ones that were waiting their chance to attack will do it. China or Russia could attack as any one of those nations would have the means and power to take over America.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Credit Card Experience

A couple of days ago I called the bank and told them to cancel my credit card as I wasn’t going to use it anymore. To me the credit that I was allowed to use is down to roughly $16,000. So I’m not using that card anymore. Now for some reason I cannot figure out, they still want me to pay interest on the balance of credit that I could have had. I finally told the woman that I was speaking with that I wasn’t going to pay that because I’m not using my card anymore.

She told me that it will affect my credit rating. I then told her if they want to take me to court they are welcome to do so because I’m not paying them for something I do not use and if I’m not using that card I should not have to pay interest on something I’m not using. She then answered that all conversations with them are recorded and I told her I didn’t care.

When you apply for a credit card they tell you that if you use some of your credit you are also charged interest on top of what interest that you pay for what you are entitled to spend. But they tell you if you quit using your card that you still have to pay the interest on the amount of whatever credit you could have and even if you don't use your card (but without cancelling it and not buying anything) you still have to pay interest on that amount that you have credit for. Why should I pay interest on something that I'm not using? That cash is still in the bank and not in my hands.

This month they are asking a little over $200, of which they are not getting anything. Now they can get ready for court no sense in waiting to see if I had changed my mind.

I forgot to mention - they have made quite a few mistakes like saying I bought this amount of groceries but no date as to when and not even, where I had done that shopping. Because I was always paying my prescription, with my card they were charging me for health and education but never showing me the amount paid out to the drugstore there are also a few more things that I could bring up in a courtroom even related to the last statements that they had sent me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The premier of Ontario.

Premier Wynne is trying to do away with mother and father in Ontario.

Well I will say that she must have been reading one of my rants. A while ago I wrote a blog post on that stating that we don't have a father but a dad and explained why I said that. Now if we don't have a father down here it's because our Father is God. He was our Creator. If the premier of Ontario wants to do away with the terms father and mother then tell us who is our mother? And tell us why? And if you can't do that then stop picking on people and try to find something to try and make them do. I'm from Ontario originally and as long as you're the premiere there are quite a few of us that will not be governed by a dictator who wants to be language police. I live in Quebec now and it doesn't work well here, so why would you think it makes sense to tell people how to speak in Ontario?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thoughts on Trump

With what Donald Trump says he will do when he gets in as president, I sure hope that he takes the protection of his country seriously but not too seriously or he will alienate more countries than Obama already has done.

In addition, I would say that the outcome of an overly hostile stance towards other countries would not be too good for America. That's because you have to take into consideration how outgoing president Obama has diminished the strength of the military to the point that the USA could no longer sustain a dragged out war.

If by chance, if Trump succeeds in dismantling NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) he will be alienating some countries - including Canada. The countries that were alienated because of his actions on those trade agreements might rebel and refuse to buy anything that would be imported from the USA. Sp the business would not be able to sell any product from the USA and then the amount of people employed by them might have to be reduced and therefore more people would be out of work. Or could be out of work at least.

I know one thing for sure - we don't have a Prime Minister in Canada that will be able to stand up to Trump.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

My prediction - part 1.

I'm writing this prediction which has been on my mind for a long time. Now this might sound stupid to some and I wouldn't blame them for thinking that way. Also keep in mind that I'm not predicting the end of times like so many have done to no avail.

Someone did write that God had chosen Mr. Trump to win in the election just past. I would also state that some people felt obligated to vote for Mr. Trump and I guess this could have been Gods' way of making sure that Mr. Trump would win because if you ask some of them why they voted for Mr. Trump their answer could be "I don't know but I felt obligated to vote for him."

Mr. Trump won but I don't think that he will be president for too long as someone had written that Obama would be the last president and I believe that.

I also believe that this new world order will happen as God and Jesus will descend from heaven and God will separate the good and the bad ones from this world and declare Mr. Trump to be king and then we will go back to the old Biblical days as it was in those days and Mr. Trump will be the King of all. Now there will be a big change in the USA which will affect the whole world but not the end of it as I stated up above. I know I might be considered to be a nut to write that kind of a rant and I might agree but it was on my mind for a long time so I decided to write it. God would take Mr. Trump to replace the king which God had in the old days.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Revisiting the dead beat Liberals

Listening to the radio talk show on CFRA on the 4th of this month, the host of the program on that station claimed that the person that was elected not too long ago to manage the country had taken 9 vacations so far. 9. Based on that it seems that he takes whomever he wants to go with him, all on the tax payers' money. This is another Trudeau. By that I mean that he's spending money as if it was the style. Then he tries to find ways to tax the people to recover that money but not only to recover that money but also to see what he can legalize to get more votes in the next election. That is not the only thing - he also lets in all those immigrants to obtain votes. Does that show that he cares about the country? No, he only cares about votes in order for the Liberals can stay in power.

Those socialist Liberals should be disbanded and a new party of non-politicians should be started in their place. It seems these days those politicians are having a ball because they can say and do whatever they want and no one will say anything. Yes, I can see a Prime Minister going here and there on business but not to enjoy himself just for the sake of seeing the world like this Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been doing. Then we have a a premier of the province of Ontario (Liberal) who to my concern is a dead beat but always ready to pick on the people that elected her and add to her stupid little laws. Her and the Prime Minister of this country are a dandy pair; both of them don't seem to know too much.

The fault of this garbage lies with the people that don't listen to the news or don't read about what is going on in this country then go ahead and vote. I wouldn't be surprised if you ask them who they voted for the answer could be Liberals and if you ask them why they might say I don't know.

As you can tell I'm not a politician; I don't lie and I say what is on my mind and if anyone don't like it I would say too bad. This is what is called free speech and in this country weère supposed to have that privilege and if not free speech is gone.
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