Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wasting tax payer’s money on restroom talk

I wonder how much taxpayers’ money and government time has been spent on having a big discussion about the use of restrooms. Well, I should be more specific and say that kind of discussion was a waste. Every person knows the difference between a male and female according to their private part. That’s why I said that kind of discussion was a waste of time.

If you will excuse me, I am going to yell the rest of my rant because this is just so foolish.



That's my rant of the day.

Monday, May 30, 2016

President of France deals with immigrants

By doing his duties as a president to save his citizens and protect the security of the nation, the president of France decided to do something in regards to the immigrants in his nation. That is something that the citizens of the USA don’t get with the president that they have now. The president of France proves beyond a doubt that those immigrants can’t be trusted. Individually there may be good ones in there, but all it takes is one terrorist to make it unsafe. 

At the same time, he also confirmed what Mr. Trump has stated in regards to immigrants; that they can’t be trusted. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It makes me wonder

I wonder if we have any politicians left, who are interested in the welfare of citizens. Don’t they realize where their pay comes from? Don’t they realize that there is no Santa Claus? Don’t they realize that they were voted in to manage this country and not to give it to every scruff whom would want to immigrate here but doesn’t want to adhere to our laws and show some kind of gratitude for being accepted in this country?

Some immigrants are busy complaining about some parts of the Bible they would want out because it offends them. I would say that there are a lot in the Quran that should be changed because it offends us in this country and no one can deny what I’m talking about. For example, its okay to lie to deceive an infidel or to kill the infidels. I have a Quran and I’m reading it out of curiosity. I didn’t want to throw it away because after all it is a religious book and should be treated as such, even though I don’t agree with a lot that’s in it. Someone had it and put it in a plastic bag and lost it a couple of winters ago. I picked up the bag and once I had seen what was in it, I brought it home and I’ve had it ever since. I don’t know what to do with it. But like I said I’m not going to throw it away because it’s a religious book. Anyone reading this and is interested in having it come and get it or I should say leave a comment with contact information as I look at them every day.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Almost every day we hear on radio or TV or reading about abortion in newspapers. Now leaving all thoughts of any religious thinking aside, there are other considerations regarding abortion. I know leaving the religious piece aside is difficult since to some religions it is a great sin to kill or to take another persons’ life. Nevertheless, there are other considerations - like health.

These days with all the knowledge and what the doctors have at their disposal to verify a person’s health, they seem to be able to detect the least little thing that could be wrong with a persons’ health. If this is so, then why couldn’t they detect if a male impregnates a woman that his sperm are not healthy enough to guarantee that if he impregnated a woman, that a baby by him would not be born normalÉ I would then suggest that that person has surgery to prevent him from impregnating a woman.

The same should be done to a woman because the man could be healthy but the health of the woman could be suspicious and the results of one or the two of them could be the result of a baby being born and being abnormal in looks or some other thing. I would say from the age of at least 14, males and females should be checked for everything health-wise. I believe that by having this check compulsory for their health, it would prevent a lot of babies from being aborted because of their looks or whatever else that could have been wrong with them. I will say if a person is known for being a rapist that person should be castrated to lessen the chances of him raping again and creating the chance of raping a woman who might not be healthy enough to give birth and put her life in danger or having a baby with some kind of disability.

These days it seems that it doesn’t take much of an excuse to have a pregnancy aborted. But perhaps it would be easier to have unwanted pregnancies avoided in the first place.

Also if a doctor claims that the woman's health wouldn’t be strong enough to have the baby by natural birth. then they can always take the baby out by doing a C-section on her; saving the baby and the would-be mother.

To my way of thinking no one but no one has the right to say who can and who cannot live.

One question I would like to ask to anyone that would disagree with me; are we human or some wild animal that anyone but us healthy people should be allowed to live?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another ungrateful refugee

I saw this video on Facebook today and this is what this refugee said: “Who Cares about the Canadian Laws?”  

Another asshole given a chance at proper life in a country that likes to help people and this is the kind of talk we get from some of them? Well listen to me! If you break one of our laws and I see you doing it you would wish the hell that you would have listened to our laws you ungrateful asshole. 

You belong in the hellhole that you came from. Your kind of law in your country doesn’t belong here and if you don’t want to adhere to our laws and our way of living then get the hell out of here. Your kind is not needed here and you can shove your Sharia law where the sun don’t shine. 

This is Canada - we do let you pray as much as you want but to push that Sharia law on us, just forget it. And to use that law to justify your actions here will not work, so beware of what kind of action you do to anyone in this country. Adhere to our laws and our ways or get the hell out as your kind will not be missed. You have a chance of starting a good life here then do it.

God’s punishment.

God’s punishment for America for the loss of faith and the belief in God and His Son,  was to let Obama win the election. The punishment is not only for all the sins that exist in the USA but also all the sinful things exported out of the USA to all over the world.

I know some people will laugh when they read this but I would say how could Obama beat Hillary with all of her knowledge in what goes on in the White House? She was a first lady before when her husband Bill was president. So tell me how someone with no experience at all about what goes on in the White House able to beat her? 

He must have had help from somewhere and the only help he could have had was from God just to teach the people the wrong that they were doing. The sins, the corruption and everything else that would be against Gods teachings according to the Ten Commandments have been largely ignored just for the enjoyment of life. So God let Lucifer (better known as Satan) win the election and this Satan’s name is Obama.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

North Korea

I recently read that pork chop, the supposed to be leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un had lost sight of a little submarine.

I’m thinking of what I’ve read that they were practicing to perfect the shooting of missiles from the submarines. Well now I'm a little worried about the worst case scenario: could this submarine be on its way to the USA to shoot a missile into a city? To me that doesn’t seem feasible to lose sight of a submarine and not know where it is if it's your own. That is unless it’s remote controlled and something went wrong with the equipment on this sub.

They might have had some success in their practice and since this pork chop has been threatening the USA so often he might be trying his luck now. I hope I'm not right about that.

Monday, May 16, 2016

You are asking for it, if you ask me

Hey you lazy people who have no respect for other people’s property, listen up! You have been warned, but the poop is still coming from your dogs and landing by my house. Couldn't you just pick it up? I went out this morning and I saw just as much poop as I picked up yesterday.

Now it’s time for revenge. I know for a fact that what I’m going to do is going to affect one or more of you. If I hear that someone got caught by my revenge trap, I will really get a big laugh out of it.

I have to point out, I love dogs. I’ve owned dogs all my adult life so far, so I wouldn’t do anything to hurt a dog of someone else.

Here is my warning. Every morning and night I’m going to put a chunk of fresh meat on my lawn. There will be something in the meat that will not hurt the dogs but it will give them a little bit of diarrhea. Won't that be a surprise for you to get up in the morning with a nice big mess to clean up? Especially if you have a nice big carpet in your living room with the mess on it. The only thing I hope is that you’re mature enough not to blame the dog because you’re the one that would have brought that on by being disrespectful of other peoples’ property.

So my warning is clean up your act or take a chance of a big mess.

American politics

I don’t claim to know too much about American politics, and I don't wish you people any bad luck whatsoever. But something tells me that Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, it will be the end of the USA. I say this because she seems to have the exact same ideas as Obama and his policy of doing nothing good will not be changed.

I’m just wondering if she’s going to take up golfing.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

The world is laughing

Yes indeed, the world must be laughing at everything that’s being said by each candidate in the US elections. The stuff they say against each other so bad it's funny. I’m saying that’s because one says what he’s going to do if he gets elected to the presidency and then one or two of them always has something to say against whatever is mentioned by the first candidate. Also it seems like they are all trying to discredit each others reputations to discourage people from voting either for this one or that one.

In the meantime there isn’t too much talk about in foreign affairs or how they would prop up the economy and the creation of jobs. Now I don’t like to say this but there is one of them if elected who would be a dictator at the start. The way he talks and the way it’s said (as to what he would do), you people don’t need that type of person as president considering you would be doing away with one now that think that he is a king and is busy destroying the country. Why replace one problem with another?

Another one that I’ve listened to is Hillary Clinton. She would be a continuation of Obama's ideas of destroying the country and also leaning towards the dictator’s ways of doing things. If its true, everything that has been reported about her and still is, then her security pass should be taken away from her and she should be indicted for whatever crimes she is accused of having committed. If any of the accusations against her are true then she should be not even be allowed to be near the White House or be a contestant for the presidency. I say it because these days it’s hard to believe what is reported by the media in the USA, as they seem to be constantly taking sides on their reporting.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Being disrespectful of others people's property (part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

Now I’m just wondering if this type of person has any respect for the property that they rent themselves, if they do rent or own their own place. I would hate to go into one of those places and see what kind of garbage they have all over the house or apartment. They don’t respect other peoples’ property and that means they would not respect their own. I would say their place would be in a shamble and for what they don’t do when they take their animal out just proves that they are lazy and dirty people.

This morning, I went out and finally cleaned up the mess that was made by other people's dogs I would say about 20 lbs. of their garbage. The only reason I did it is because I didn’t want to get another warning about paying a fine for not cleaning up the mess that other disrespectful, lazy people let their animal do.

If the city sends me another letter as a warning about the messes of other dogs on this property then they will have to bring me to court. Like I mentioned, it’s not my dogs mess and I will not clean it again.

This was the second time I cleaned this up. No more and that’s it. Before I even moved here there was a mess from those dogs and the landlady knows it.

Friday, May 13, 2016

One's soul

Now we all know that there are things in this world that are a complete mystery to us. Here's a question that I’ve been thinking of quite a bit lately. When we are asleep, do our souls leave the body and travel to wherever? I think it's called Astral Projection I know it sounds far-fetched, but when one is sleeping, to my way of thinking, a person has no thoughts so where do dreams come from? And apparently if your soul leaves the body, then you’re considered to be deceased. This is where the mystery that I’m talking about happens. A lot of people believe that if you’re dreaming of something and you die in your dream then you actually died because one's soul doesn’t come back into one's body.

Now the other night while sleeping for some reason was in the woods somewhere and I was running from some kind of animal that was chasing me. All of a sudden I woke up and was out of breath as if I had been running. When I looked around I finally realized that I was in my room and I felt a big relief to see that I only had what I considered a bad dream. I know some will think "well he must have watched or read something similar before going to bed". I can say I wasn’t watching or read anything of the kind before going to bed and this wasn’t the first time that something of the sort has happened to me. I must ask my readers this. Have you ever dreamed of something that you have never watched or read about before going to bed? I mean something unusual. If so then you know what I’m talking about.

I realize this must seem like a weird 'rant' and I will agree with you it sure does. But I just wrote about what happened to me and what my thoughts are about our soul.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Being disrespectful of other people's property (part 1)

I never thought there were so many people in this world who are disrespectful of other peoples’ property.

I live in an apartment building and of course there is a lawn from the front to the end of this building. It goes around to one end of the building where my door is. The lawn in front of my door is split by a little side walk that leads to my door. Now before I even moved here there was a little Volkswagen parked on the right side of the lawn that is at the right hand side of my of my door. So that would mean no grass. I do have a dog and of course the dog has to go out to do her business. When I take her out, I bring her to the right hand side of the lawn where the Volkswagen was and after she is finish then I bring her in then go back out and pick up after her if she did something. There is no fence or anything to stop other dogs from coming onto the property.

Now some of those disrespectful people that walk their dogs, disrespect this property by leaving their dogs to do whatever they want and then they just keep on walking away without cleaning up any mess that their dog made on the left hand side of my door. That is not nice.

Part 2 coming the day after tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Legalizing pot

Apparently next year the Liberals will legalize pot. This is the same government doing its utmost to discourage people from smoking cigarette tobacco. Smokers are prevented from smoking here or there; in parks and even in places where some restaurants can serve you meals outside.

Some complaints about cigarette smoke is that it stinks and people do not like the smell of tobacco. Yet next year, according the Liberals, we are going to legalize the smoking of pot. What I’m getting at is that every druggy that I’ve seen roll a joint, they always mix tobacco with it so if you smoke pot you also smoke tobacco and cough your guts out. Another complaint people have is that cigarette smoke sticks to you and then you also smell like a smoker even if you don’t.

I supposed maybe not next year but the following year they will make other kind of drugs legal because the pot smokers will not get a buzz anymore just on pot so they will need something stronger. It wouldn’t surprise me if anyone of the voting age who is a pot smoker will demand and have granted to them the permission to take stronger drugs. Often these druggies start with pot and then graduate to a stronger drug. This is the same as being an alcoholic; they need something to give them a buzz so they don’t have to face the reality of this godforsaken world that has turned into nothing but the will of Satan.

If what is Prophesied in the Bible happens to be true, there will soon be an ending to this garbage of a world which should be inhabited by wild animals only rather than run by them and their stupid, poorly thought out laws.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I was reading Info Wars this morning and I saw this: “The Guardian: Correcting People’s Bad Grammar is Racist”.  Racism? Bad Grammar is a problem.  Not fixing it is racist because it keeps illiterate people from becoming educated, and thereby more successful.  What is the alternative - society becoming less smart overall so people don't feel offended or hurt because they can't use the language properly?

I might be wrong but I find this kind of comment to be stupid.  What a stupid frame of mind some people have.  This just shows me that must be the kind of people that would elect someone like Obama in the USA or here in Canada, Justin Trudeau. One knowing what he is doing Obama and the other because of lack of knowing Justin Trudeau. 

I would suggest all the Liberals in Canada and all the Democrats in the USA (different names, but the same type of thinking) should be put on a space ship and aimed at Mars.  Forget them, and leave them without any communication so no one would hear their whining. Oh, and not to forget, make sure that Wynne (the premier of Ontario) is on board.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

Hilda-beast Clinton

Hillary Clinton to my mind is a crook.  I know this was a bit earlier and I'm a bit late to post on it, but I would rather post late on it than not point it out at all.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Site recommendation

I'm not specifically recommending it, but you might be interested in checking out this site.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

And Russia versus North Korea?

Yesterday I blogged about North Korea threatening China.  It made no sense.  Now Russia is getting involved?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

North Korea versus China

Well this one, doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  I thought China was North Korea's one benefactor.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Uncivilized, ungrateful refugees

I found the video below via an article linked by someone on Facebook last week. According to some news that I’ve read, some of those Syrian are not humans at all. Sure, they look like humans but they are a little short on gratitude. They act as if they weren’t civilized at all and those ones should be deported to the hell hole that they immigrated from. 

On Facebook this was the first thing that I saw the other day. And Canada is not the only place where those refugees have created chaos. Way to go Prime Minister Trudeau for importing a bunch of ORANGUTANS. Our Prime Minister is using OUR tax dollars to bring these types of people into our country and find lodgings for them and feed them. And the thanks we get from them is more or less the finger, if you know what I mean. I say deport every one of them as they donèt deserve our generosity and a lot of them have shown us that by their uncivilized conduct. 

Myself I like helping people. But I mean people not a bunch of orangutans that have been dumped on us. 

This is what is called gratitude by some of those refugees.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


I hear a lot of complaints from the refugees. They don’t like this or don’t like that. They also complain about pork being sold in restaurants and wanting some changes in the Bible that they don’t agree with. Well I have news for you people - you chose Canada to immigrate to and we have laws and our own ways of living and we obey our laws and were not about to change our ways because of you people. Better than that, if you don’t want to adapt to our way of living then get the hell out and go back to where you came from. I’m sure you won’t be missed here.

This is my short rant of the day.
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