Tuesday, December 22, 2015


That is one of the questions I’m busy asking myself since I’ve been keeping track of what is being said in videos and posts on various websites. I can make good deductions concerning all I’ve heard and read. When I was a lot younger I had friends that were really bad in their way of thinking. I’ve learned a lot about different ways to plan and scheme and I see a lot of that going on nowadays. My question would be: Why?

Why were the Russians allowed in the American air space 5 times recently?

Why are the friendly countries of America being deliberately alienated? And why is there a push to make friends with the not so friendly ones?

Why are the Iranians allowed in American waters while they are well known for supporting terrorism?

Why was there an order for all those guillotines as they are only good for chopping off heads?

Finally why the rush to disarm the citizens of their weapons in America?

Oh, and also why is the border of the South wide open? Where radicals can sneak in at will.

And I forgot this one: How many people could be locked up in those FEMA camps?

Like I mentioned before I am retired and have nothing to do but sit at my computer and listen to videos that report the news and read about the news. I analyze what I hear and read. By analyzing what I’ve heard and read all it would need is someone like the Russians to get the word as to when to detonate that EMP weapon over the USA and the citizens, without any weapons to defend themselves would be sitting ducks for the invaders. Even the army would only be able to use small arms as without electricity some weapons could not be fired because of that weapon that the Russians have (EMP). It would fry all the electrical connections.

Here in Canada if this was to happen we would be sitting ducks because I think the politicians’ figure that we are not mature enough to handle any revolvers.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mr. Donald Trump

I’ve been listening to Donald Trump whenever he make some kind of statement. By what reporters would write about him and also Mrs. Clinton, it looks like the citizens can’t make up their mind as to who would be the best one to be president. I don’t blame the citizens for a couple of reasons as to why they would be confused.

I will start with Mr. Trump. This man seems to be truthful in his statements even though he does quite a bit of flip flopping in some of his statements. He seems to be a person dedicated to the nation of the USA and of its people. But his ego seems to be just as bad as Obama's and the people all over the world, especially the leaders have seen how a person with a big ego can be in making decisions - they're usually bad decisions.

When an important decision needs to be made and the person deciding has a big ego, he or she will ignore reality because to that person the decision that should be made is contrary to what he or she is thinking or wants, or wants people to think of him or her. You people in the USA have a good example of that with Obama. A person with a big ego means "do as I say and not as you would have wanted it to be". In other words do as I say or suffer the consequences because I’m the boss and not you. Obama has stated himself that he would stand for the Muslims if he had to and not with the people of the USA. Mr. Trump I’m sure he would stand for the people of the USA but with his ego he could also be a dangerous person to the whole world because his ego could put him in a bad position. And if his ego is challenged he could push that red button that could be the end of this world.

Mrs. Clinton (if enough of what has been reported about her is true) is a liar and completely not trustworthy. I have to say you people have a big problem come election time. I know some will say I'm only a Canadian so don’t pay attention to what I write about America. Yes, someone will say that. But anything that smells rotten in the USA the smell also seeps onto this side of the border and there are just as many gullible people per capita here as there are in the USA. So what happens there matters here, and we just like Americans we don't need another lousy president in America. That's especially so since we decided to give ourselves the gift of a lousy Prime Minister.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The mentality of some people.

I was sitting by my bedroom window one day just watching people going by. I like to do that and you'll soon understand why. While watching people going by, and older person pulled up at the store across the street from my place got out of his car and went to the back and opened the trunk. He took out a case of 24 of empty beer bottles. Now there was nothing wrong in doing that but it’s the way he was carrying that case of empty bottles of beer that got me wondering if he would make it to the store. But he did. After I would say about 10 minutes he came out carrying a new case of 24 beers and walking it seems without any problems at all and with a big grin on his face. Comparing at the way he was struggling with the empty one while carrying it to the store it was unbelievable.

I find it kind of strange at some people’s mentality how quick it can change and how effective it can be to a person’s mind to carry something that they enjoy and in this case just knowing that he had a full case of the stuff gave him more energy and a happy look instead of a grouchy one. When I saw the look on this person before and after getting what he wanted right away my thoughts turn to thinking that this person had turned out to be a slave to that garbage like a lot of those people are and like I used to be. I was smart enough to understand what kind of person I was turning into with that kind of garbage and I never touched it again. This was 35 years ago and I have never regretted one day of those years. I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t have wanted to turn out like this old idiot that I saw this morning.

Sometimes sitting by my window early in the morning and watching people going by can be just as enjoyable as watching a good comical movie.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The planet heating up.

The Planet is heating up. Now that is a statement just asking to be laughed at. Global warming was replaced by the term climate change because as for the planet heating up, well, that was bull just so someone could make more money. Knowing that the government would hop into this lie should have been obvious to everyone. At first maybe it wasn't obvious that global warming was a lie, or bad science. But by now it should be becoming clearer to everyone that it isn't happening. And whatever climate change is happening is being caused by something much, much bigger than humanity. But tat isn't going to stop the government from scrounging more money from the people. The same people who cry about big business and the rich being greedy, seem unable to see that no one takes more from the people than the government. How blind they are. But the government has many tools at its disposal to convince people they need to be taxed more and more. One of those lies that has been very effective is global warming.

Now that lie worked for a time until the scientific truth started coming out and has proved that the science behind global warming isn't settled. Evidence points that we are in a global cooling cycle, just like back in the 1970's when Time magazine proclaimed we were headed for another ice age. Wake up people. The lie persists, and it gives the politicians something to use on the uninformed people. Since they have changed the alarm from global warming to climate change, they still have enough support to tax people on in response to climate change. This new tax is called a Carbon Tax.

Now I’ve been following all the news on the planet heating up and the icebergs in the ocean melting and all that kind of garbage. The only time the planet would heat up dangerously would be when all the politicians all over the world were to have a meeting outside all at the same time then there would be a 100% chance that the planet would heat up with all the hot air coming out of their mouths. After their meeting then there would be climate change because of the climate cooling off once they would have stopped spewing hot air that come out of their mouth.

Meanwhile stop believing all of this Chicken Little "The sky is falling" garbage without thinking for yourself just a little bit. Okay?

Monday, December 14, 2015

An encounter where I was the crazy maniac

This morning I wanted eggs for breakfast but I didn't have any. So I went across to the store across the street at 6:30 in the morning. That's the time it opens. I walked in wearing just my housecoat and slippers because it's only across the street and it was early enough nobody really is out that early too often. 

So I went straight to the cooler and got my eggs. The funniest part happened when I walked in; the immigrant gentleman behind the counter, his eyes opened the size of a loonie and he was mumbling to himself when he saw me. I wonder if in his own language he was asking himself if he was dreaming? My hair was standing up and all over the place and my beard is almost a foot long and also all over the place. He must have thought I was some kind of a maniac. Well he sure got his surprise of the day. Just to see his face I almost burst out laughing.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What I think is missing in education

I find that in this crazy world today, something is missing in schools. I think they should have a psychiatrist go into schools about four times a week for about half hour. They should go into each and every classroom. After the students have been taught how to read and write, after they've studied history and science and math, instead of teaching them about sex they should be taught how to communicate, and how to listen and how to interact. Are psychiatrists the ones to do this? I don't know but somebody needs to do it because the parents aren't and teachers clearly aren't either. So you have kids, with minds not fully developed, acting crazy, indecent, violent, and just plain stupid because they just don't know any better.

What we have now are students who have become educated fools. They do not learn how to use their intelligence. They do not know how to communicate with other people, how to listen to other people from the time they start talking until they are finished what they have to say. I find that a lot of people that I’ve spoken to don’t have the ability to do that. I mean A LOT of people. As they seem to have an answer already in their mind because of a lack of listening to what is being said to them. They pretend to listen and instead think of an answer based on what they think that the other person had said. They form their own opinion without listening to the whole point. The results are that they didn’t quite get what the other had said and misunderstandings arise. And the same often happens in return from the other person and the situation escalates. Before you know it someone is bringing a weapon to school to 'solve' the problem. Everyone seems too busy in their own mind thinking to pay attention to what's really going on around them. So maybe a psychiatrist is the right person to teach kids this stuff. I don't know, but it seems like a lot of common sense built up over hundreds of years is being forgotten or lost along the way.

That's my opinion, and I listened closely to a lot of people before stating it. So there.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Turning America into a Third World country

I have written many posts about the USA being turned into a third world country. My original prediction about it appears to be right on target.

First of all most of the schools in the USA will not approve of anything that represents any kind of religion and anything that would represent the existence of God or Jesus. Also some, or most, teachers have turned into dictators - making their own rules as they see fit as to how a kid is dressed to go to school. Also if the teacher doesn’t approve of the child's clothes, the length of their hair or the color of their hair, they can be kicked out. Also if a student becomes unruly against a teacher the police are called in. How it was done at one school, the police were called in because the student was unruly and was handcuffed and this was a thirteen years old kid. I also wrote a post about that.

Then the first lady telling the schools what kind of lunch the students should have and if the parents send their kid at school with a lunch that is not approved the lunch is taken and thrown in the garbage can and the kid has to buy his lunch from what the garbage the school sells and if by chance after the kid has is lunch and if noticed that the parents haven’t paid yet or behind in the payments then the lunch is taken away from the student and thrown in the garbage. To me it seems that even in the schools most or some teachers and principals have become dictators just like the self-appointed dictator that is supposed to be the president of the USA.

Secondly, I was reading about the wackos that went on a shooting spree in San Bernardino. From what I’ve read about what goes on in the third world countries that’s what’s happening in many of them with groups like ISIS and Boko Harum. So far nothing quite as drastic has been reported in the USA (there isn’t any head chopping) but soon there will be with all these fanatics that can sneak in through the border.

Yes, the USA is turning into a third world country. And people there don't seem to care enough to stop it from happening.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Apartment Living (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday, today's rant is about the perils of apartment living.

Apartment number three in my five apartment complex has a tenant that has just moved in. But it took no time to find out that he is an alcoholic. It seems that when he‘s drunk, he gets lost. He knows where he lives but he doesn’t know what floor his apartment is until he’s finally confronted by someone. Then he remembers.One morning on the 21st of November, at 3:00 a.m. my son was in the bathroom which is near the back door. He heard someone trying to open the door to our apartment. He opened the door and asked the guy what he wanted the guy said “I’m drunk and I guess my apartment is upstairs”. Isn't it weird that he remembered all of a sudden that he wasn’t on the second floor? Another weird thing - this guy always comes in the front door. Why is it on this night he came from the back? There is so much difference from the entrance at the front of the house and the one on my porch where there are bikes and cardboard boxes and about 6 wooden steps to get on the porch. If we were the type to call the police, I’m sure this guy would have been charged with attempted breaking and entering (drunk or not, just because of the way he remembered things all of a sudden). He’s also a noisy bugger.

Apartment number five it seems is another drunk and he likes to take fits in his apartment. It doesn’t last long. I can’t hear him but my son does from his bedroom.

Apartment number four is the worst. That's because this is where I live. While no one can claim that we make any kind of noise (we even walk with our slippers and we don’t check the strength of the floor by banging our feet when walking, when watching movies we put our earphones on, we never have any parties or do any drinking of alcohol or the taking of drugs or smoking pot). So why is it the worst? Because it's where I am stuck living right now, amid a bunch of neighbours who don't seem to respect those around them in other apartments.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Apartment Living (Part 1)

I find apartment living to be the worst place a person can move into. Living in an apartment building you never know what kind of people are going to be your neighbours. I always hated living in an apartment building and if I can avoid it, I do. I am now living in an apartment building as I didn’t have a choice - the house I was living in for over 18 years was demolished to build a triplex in its place.

So I find myself back in an apartment building. There is nothing wrong with the building I’m in now. It's just some very inconsiderate people that live in here that are the problem. They are only suitable to live in a house by themselves or out in the sticks or the woods somewhere where they can't bother other people.

In this building there are only 5 apartments. That’s including the basement apartment. I’m on the first floor. In apartment number one, the tenant is seldom in home. In number two there's a young black woman whom it seems likes to let everyone know what kind of music that she likes by playing it loudly. The last time I heard her music she finally turned it off at 5:00 a.m. Whether she was reported to the landlord or not I don’t know but I have never heard her music since then, so somebody must have complained.

This post is listed as Apartment Living Part 1. So you can probably conclude, unless your mind has been numbed by noisy neighbour music, that I have more ranting to come on this topic.
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