Thursday, December 3, 2015

Apartment Living (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday, today's rant is about the perils of apartment living.

Apartment number three in my five apartment complex has a tenant that has just moved in. But it took no time to find out that he is an alcoholic. It seems that when he‘s drunk, he gets lost. He knows where he lives but he doesn’t know what floor his apartment is until he’s finally confronted by someone. Then he remembers.One morning on the 21st of November, at 3:00 a.m. my son was in the bathroom which is near the back door. He heard someone trying to open the door to our apartment. He opened the door and asked the guy what he wanted the guy said “I’m drunk and I guess my apartment is upstairs”. Isn't it weird that he remembered all of a sudden that he wasn’t on the second floor? Another weird thing - this guy always comes in the front door. Why is it on this night he came from the back? There is so much difference from the entrance at the front of the house and the one on my porch where there are bikes and cardboard boxes and about 6 wooden steps to get on the porch. If we were the type to call the police, I’m sure this guy would have been charged with attempted breaking and entering (drunk or not, just because of the way he remembered things all of a sudden). He’s also a noisy bugger.

Apartment number five it seems is another drunk and he likes to take fits in his apartment. It doesn’t last long. I can’t hear him but my son does from his bedroom.

Apartment number four is the worst. That's because this is where I live. While no one can claim that we make any kind of noise (we even walk with our slippers and we don’t check the strength of the floor by banging our feet when walking, when watching movies we put our earphones on, we never have any parties or do any drinking of alcohol or the taking of drugs or smoking pot). So why is it the worst? Because it's where I am stuck living right now, amid a bunch of neighbours who don't seem to respect those around them in other apartments.

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