Thursday, September 24, 2015

Papal Reaction

According to what I’ve read about the people that were invited to the White House for the Pope's visit will be surprised at the Pope's reaction to those people. If the Pope follows the word of God because God said “ Ye shall not judge others as ye shall be judged on judgment day” 

If the Pope shows no hard feelings about the life that those people are leading I think quite a few people will be disappointed. I believe especially president Obama will be disappointed, as it will be like a slap in the face for him if he did that on purpose to get a reaction from the Pope.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Warning to Canadian voters

To all the people who will be voting in the upcoming Canadian election:

I would suggest that you read your newspaper and listen to the news. I get the impression that if either the Liberals or the N.D.P. get elected we will be paying forever in higher taxes and burdened with more spending and a loss of jobs because of the taxes that those two parties would be implementing. Businesses will reduce their work force in order to keep the profits that they are getting now, or else the prices of all goods will be raised and there could be more unemployed workers that would be going on the E.I. payroll and also welfare. In fact welfare recipients would become a majority instead of being a minority group.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Who was the founder of Islam? I urge you to go to this site to find out all about it. There are all kinds of things to check by opening that site. I read it and found it to be very interesting. On this site you can go on a read about different things about Muslims how and when they pray and what they believe in and what Ramadan is. That is as much as I’m going to write on this subject. Because there is a lot to this subject and by going to the site it will lead the reader to different ones.

I found it to be educational on the Islamic faith. It didn't convert me or anything, but I did learn a lot.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Project Prophecy

By going to this site you can see a prophecy about the future of America. I watched the video on this site and instead of me explaining it or trying to write about it, I would rather readers go to the site and listen to the video for themselves. Draw your own conclusions but this is very scary.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Vote intelligently

Here are my reasons for saying telling Canadian voters to vote intelligently. Firstly, if the NDP are elected, Mulcair has in mind a cap and trade tax in the billions of dollars. Who is going to pay for that? We are. It's some grand scheme on a foolish questionable idea that in the end, just puts more burden on workers. The NDP claim to be the friend of labour, but this sort of thing proves they are all about government revenue, and not about people living pay cheque to pay cheque.

Secondly, the federal Liberals want to spend on this and that and also will poke their nose into what the government shouldn’t poke their noses into, and that is religion. For example, I read on Facebook this morning that the Liberals want to do away with the Bible on Amazon. Justin Trudeau has already stated that he is against Christianity. He is also a separatist and he would not fight against ISIS (just like Mulcair by the way). That tells me he is a sympathizer of radicals, or else doesn't understand the seriousness of the problem with radical terrorism.

I stated before that the Liberals and NDP are socialist and by their own statements they have proved it. Now is that the kind of people that we want to elect? Some people get sucked in by the promises of class warfare - the rich are evil so we should tax them more. But that is using the rich as a scapegoat for the failings of the nation - a nation run by, yes, the government. Mr. Harper is trying to keep taxes down and looking out for the security of the country. The other groups don’t seem to care about the security of the nation and its citizens as long as they can keep the wallets of the citizens empty they seem to be quite happy. If you want a government that is trying to save you money then you should vote for the Conservatives.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nuclear war.

So I'm reading Newsmax the other day. Here is what is on this site. According to former vice president Cheney, president Obama is leading the United States into a nuclear war. All I have to say is that I stated exactly that in a post quite a while ago. Now I’m more convinced than ever that he will because of what I read about the deal with the Iranians.

Not only is the deal very flawed, but also why should the Iranians be allowed to be in American waters? Is it because they want some of their terrorists to sneak in by the southern border? Do they have something in their submarines that could be following those ships to deliver something that they can’t deliver because of the distance involved? Something is definitely wrong here and makes no sense what so ever. And now there's that stupid nuclear deal with them.

What Obama has done so far to degrade the nation of the USA I wouldn’t even trust him to walk my dogs. Yet the people that are supposed to be stewards of the country in government, who speak up for the people seem like they are too scared to lose their jobs. So it keeps them from trying something and failing at it because they would be out of their job. In other words "us and our checks before the people".

That is my short rant of the day.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Too much talking.

On those days that welfare recipients receive their checks, stay away from the banks and grocery stores. On those days the banks and stores may as well say they belong to those people because they are inundated with them. I will admit some of those people on welfare need help and that’s why there on it. They only get one check a month so it stands to reason that they have to cash their check and shop for groceries.

My problem is not with those people but the cashiers in the stores and the tellers in the banks. It seems on those days the cashiers in the stores are quite willing to carry on a conversation with the customer while there are people waiting to cash in. I know they have to be polite but they could excuse themselves and explain to the customer that there are a lot of people waiting to cash in and cut the conversation short.

Usually I wait after the welfare days to go into a bank or grocery stores so I don’t have to wait too long. Last week I got fooled. I figured that the welfare recipients would have done what they had to do on Monday but I was wrong as they got their notice that their checks had been deposited on Monday so Tuesday and I got caught.

So I’m in the bank to withdraw the rent money which the bank machine wouldn’t give me because it was too much. So each month I go into the bank a get the money for my rent. Now when I went in there were 4 people ahead of me and all the tellers were occupied with other customers. There were 3 tellers all talking away finally 2 of them finished talking because they had finished their transactions but one just kept on talking even though the transaction was over. “I got fed up with waiting so I said to one client in front of me if they did less talking and more work we might get out of here today” (and loud enough so I could be heard all over). That stopped the one that kept on talking. Of course I received a dirty look but it was worth it.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I’m worried.

Yes, I’m worried about those same Ontarians who used to criticize the province of Québec all the time. They used to say how corrupt it was in Québec . That we were backwards. They even criticized what was written on our car license plates. Apparently it was insulting to some idiot and that idiot couldn’t even translate it properly to what it meant in English. I haven’t heard of any criticism since the Liberals were voted in provincially in Ontario. Of course some of those idiots that used to criticize this province must really feel sick of what policies they elected in Ontario. They're probably disgusted the way that maniac is running Ontario down just as much as the supposed-to-be-the-King Obama in the USA is taking down that nation a little at a time. I feel bad for those people in Ontario because they've given themselves a terrible government.

I don’t have to take a laxative now to go to the bathroom all I have to do is open Facebook and you can’t miss that face - especially for her kneeling down praying to her partner McGuinty. Lately her face has been on there all the time. Someone should send her (she looks like a him actually) a bunch of bananas and tell her/him to go home. Then re-elect someone that can undo all the damage that she/he has done to the province if that would be possible.

She's terrible.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Disaster in America

There have been so many reports about what is going to happen in America in the not-too-distant-future, that it’s hard to believe. Here is a site that I opened this morning and it predicts another disaster. I will let you watch this video and what you will see in it explains what it believes better than I could.  Now, these guys are selling something.  But it doesn't mean that they can't be right. What they are saying is possible.

If what’s on this video happens, the people to blame are the ones who voted for someone that is a good talker and a racist and who seemingly hates the white people and America. You know who I mean. He has proven himself to be exactly that by his speeches and his actions.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Here's a good one.

Here is proof that Justin Trudeau doesn’t have enough experience or brains to be the Prime Minister of Canada. Check out this picture that I found on Facebook.

You see what I mean? What Trudeau says about Premier Wynne of Ontario is...well, I will not say anymore on that because the picture and says it all.

This is a short rant but more could be added to it. I’m sure that some people that don’t read or watch T.V. will vote for Liberals even though the picture shows he has not got enough experience to understand even his own dumb words are so dumb as to be contemptible. It’s an insult to the English language. It also shows how stupid he thinks people are. To think that he wants people to vote him in as the Prime Minister when he speaks like that of a Premier of Ontario who is the worst one that’s ever been the Premier of Ontario. She's even worse than that stooge McGuinty. I will admit he might think that the voter are stupid and he’s right in a lot of cases. But the only stupid ones are the ones that vote liberal and the others are the smart ones to stay away from the garbage they sell.
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