Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nuclear war.

So I'm reading Newsmax the other day. Here is what is on this site. According to former vice president Cheney, president Obama is leading the United States into a nuclear war. All I have to say is that I stated exactly that in a post quite a while ago. Now I’m more convinced than ever that he will because of what I read about the deal with the Iranians.

Not only is the deal very flawed, but also why should the Iranians be allowed to be in American waters? Is it because they want some of their terrorists to sneak in by the southern border? Do they have something in their submarines that could be following those ships to deliver something that they can’t deliver because of the distance involved? Something is definitely wrong here and makes no sense what so ever. And now there's that stupid nuclear deal with them.

What Obama has done so far to degrade the nation of the USA I wouldn’t even trust him to walk my dogs. Yet the people that are supposed to be stewards of the country in government, who speak up for the people seem like they are too scared to lose their jobs. So it keeps them from trying something and failing at it because they would be out of their job. In other words "us and our checks before the people".

That is my short rant of the day.

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