Saturday, September 5, 2015

I’m worried.

Yes, I’m worried about those same Ontarians who used to criticize the province of Québec all the time. They used to say how corrupt it was in Québec . That we were backwards. They even criticized what was written on our car license plates. Apparently it was insulting to some idiot and that idiot couldn’t even translate it properly to what it meant in English. I haven’t heard of any criticism since the Liberals were voted in provincially in Ontario. Of course some of those idiots that used to criticize this province must really feel sick of what policies they elected in Ontario. They're probably disgusted the way that maniac is running Ontario down just as much as the supposed-to-be-the-King Obama in the USA is taking down that nation a little at a time. I feel bad for those people in Ontario because they've given themselves a terrible government.

I don’t have to take a laxative now to go to the bathroom all I have to do is open Facebook and you can’t miss that face - especially for her kneeling down praying to her partner McGuinty. Lately her face has been on there all the time. Someone should send her (she looks like a him actually) a bunch of bananas and tell her/him to go home. Then re-elect someone that can undo all the damage that she/he has done to the province if that would be possible.

She's terrible.

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