Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Not smart at all.

If you think you are smart for keeping up smoking or just starting out you might think as I used to think. That is to say, that to me it didn’t matter what anyone said in regards to smoking, I always had in mind that it didn’t include me because I thought that I was tough. Well as I got to the age of 60 I soon found out what those people were talking about.

Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health.  But there are other reasons to quit too.  Now I am retired but not because I wanted to retire, but because I could not do anything without running out of breath. At my age I can still get a job working as a dispatcher for a security company. But it would be a night shift in which case I would be alone and because smoking also affected my heart now I always have to have someone with me. Believe me working for the most part of my life and now being retired is a drag with nothing to do. I would prefer to be working. But smoking has seen to it that it is practically impossible for me to work.

Now with nothing to do I read and listen to the news (which I find very depressing, because I finally found out what this world has turned out to be). The world is nothing but full of people that are married to money and wanting power. Even business people don’t care what kind of garbage they sell as they will do their best by adding different taste and some kind of liquid to make meat more tempting and then put it on sale just to tempt people to buy it. Now what we buy has food we never know what we are digesting.

Now all of that depressing stuff would not be top of mind for me if I were working, which is to say, if I hadn't smoked all these years, I might be in a better mood today.

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