Thursday, June 30, 2016

Leaving Canada defenseless

This is an Open letter to our Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau.

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Have you ever thought of what would happen if all those Syrians that you let into our country if most of them turned out to be terrorist, or some of them decided to become terrorists. Have you thought about what could happen if some of them decided to attack us? What are we supposed to defend ourselves with; a broom or a mop or start throwing ice cream cones at them? Should we just tell them to get out? You might say we have an army, which is fine, but they can’t be everywhere at once - especially since you don't believe in Canada having a strong military. It would be the same with the police; there are not enough of them to cover all the territory of this country.

It seems that you and president Obama have become good friends and by the looks of it, he seems to influence you in terms of the garbage that he likes to push on his own country. Homosexuality and everything that a good Christian would not do or support. He's even wanting to disarm his citizens so he will have less problems when he decides to declare Martian Law. I've read that even the U.S. military personnel are not allowed to have any ammunition while at their bases.

We need to be able to defend ourselves, with weapons. Now when I’m talking about weapons I’m not talking about revolvers but rather rifles. Rifles can’t be hidden like revolvers. My suggestion would be to tell the provinces to have someone that is qualified to start teaching the security of transporting a firearm safely and then after a test whoever passes can qualify for a license to obtain a rifle. Then if something happens like an invasion we would be able to defend ourselves and not be sitting ducks like Obama would like everyone to be.


A concerned citizen

P.S. Sorry about that Mr. Trudeau: I forgot that you denied Christianity to become a Muslim. I know you deny you are a Muslim but you sure bend over backwards for that religion while maintaining a hostility towards the majority religion of your own country. You will be sorry when the end of times come and God and His Son come back to earth to pass judgment on those without faith. I've mentioned before that I am not too much of a religious person. I really believe that we all pray to the same God (at least Christians, Jews and Muslims. Maybe even other religions are doing the same but under different direction).

To some there are more Gods than just one true God, and their God ignores the laws put down by the one and only Creator of this world. Those laws are called commandments and there are ten of them that tell you how to conduct yourself while on this earth. By breaking those laws and not asking forgiveness it certainly means your trip after you leave this world will be back in earth but deep down "where the sun don’t shine" (hell, and that word doesn’t merit a capital letter at the start). Obama, you have declared yourself to be Anti-Christ and so has the Pope (a video of that is still on my Ghosts blog).

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dictators (Parts 1 & 2)

Part 1

Québec.  Is this province still in Canada? The reason I’m saying this is because of what is happening here. First of all when I noticed my eyes were getting bad I called the department responsible for issuing driving permits. I asked them to suspend my permit until I got my eyes checked nd fixed. I knew that knowing my permit was suspended I would not be tempted in driving because of the risk of being charged for it or maybe even getting into a bad accident.

After I had my eyes operated on, I called to have them send me the papers that were required to pass a physical, which they did. But then I could not find a doctor to give me a physical and besides when I moved to a different location the papers were lost in the box that I kept them in. I called them again and told them that I couldn’t find a doctor.  This was approximately 2 years after having lost those papers in the first place. Instead of sending me more papers to get a physical because of my age (that’s why I needed them), they sent me a letter telling me that after 2 years of not driving I would have to start all over again.

Part 2

Now mind you just in Québec here I was licensed for at more than 20 years and besides when I had moved here I had my Ontario drivers’ license.  I drove almost everything except tractor trailers. When I moved here I couldn’t even drive anything bigger than a 4 to 5 tons and it had to be empty. I take it to mean that they don’t believe that anyone outside of Québec can drive. I really think that dictator is using the excuse of me not having driven that length of time to cover up the fact that I was a senior and afraid of being brought to court for discrimination. What are they afraid of? Yet they will give a person that has never driven before but just received his drivers permit. Now I ask you who is more dangerous a person that has at least 30 or more years of driving or a newly graduated student at driving? By the way I was never sent any papers by them, just a suspension of my license and an indication that I would have needed to take a road test. I must state in all of my years of driving I never had any accident, only two offenses (and just one in Québec here from a zealots police officer for not having my seatbelt on at 1 a.m. while doing my rounds of the cemeteries as a security guard.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Obama, FEMA and the Illuminati

What president Obama is up to? I’ve watched and listened to what was said in this video and I must say I can believe every word of it. I leave it up to you to make up your mind on whether it’s to be believed or not.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Message to Liberals

I have a message to Liberals, both federal and provincially. Now most of us know that the Liberals' reputation leaves a lot to be desired. And because stupid people elected a fruit cake as the Premier of Ontario, who is nothing but a dictator (and has shown that she has no respect for the citizens that elected her) she makes stupid decisions on some of the laws that she wants to make compulsory. That fruit cake must have been born with a pea brain and a weak one at that because it seems like the first time she went to the bathroom to defecate that pea brain dropped out and now what she has left is an empty head to keep her ears apart.

I used to live in Ontario and now I live in Québec. I would like to move back to Ontario but with a fruit cake running the province I find it wise to stay here in Québec for now. I read about younger people wanting to move here because of that fruit cake. They figure that as long as she is the Premier they feel that they would never be able to reach the goal that they want. And I don’t blame them.

I know she was elected by the people but the damage she has done and the stupid laws that she wants to make compulsory are just plain madness from a dictator. She's not acting in anyway that’s what she was claiming she would turn out to be. What I can suggest in order to boost the reputation of the Liberal party federally and provincially is somehow to kick her out of there. You people will have done a great favor because I’m sure the people never expected her to become a dictator. There is another choice; have a referendum on whether she should be removed or not. And I know what the answer would be because no one expected a fruit cake to become a dictator. That would boost the Liberal party's reputation and also show that the Liberals do care about the people.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fake war on ISIS

Via InfoWars, comes the opinion that the war on ISIS is a fake war. I tend to believe it, but watch the video and make up your own mind

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Something is not right. Weird even.

I live on a corner of an intersection that has a 4 way stop.

Every day if it's nice outside, I will sit out and tie my dog to the railing of the porch and just watch what is going on at this 4 way stop. We all know that coming to a stop of any intersection you have to make a complete stop and make sure that it’s safe before going on.

Since I moved here I’ve been sitting outside I have observed something weird. Now a lot of us know when coming to a stop sign we have to stop completely. A rolling stop (we call it a Mexican stop because no stop is done completely, you just slow down and keep on going if it’s safe to do so, and of course if there are no police around). Usually it’s mostly men that are guilty of this but since I’ve been sitting outside and watch the comings and goings at this particular intersection. I have noticed something weird. I noticed that most drivers that do make those Mexican stops are women. It's most often in the morning, that is if they do make any kind of a stop at any time. Many of the men do the same thing but not nearly as much as the woman. In the afternoon the goings on at the stops are the same things but with one difference instead of woman being on their cell phones it’s the men. I find that unusual because woman are known to spend a lot of time on the phones yet I haven’t seen a woman on her cell phone while coming to this intersection.

Now I’m not going to mention where this 4 way stop is all I’m going to say is that it’s in Gatineau. So far there has not been any accidents because of those stops and besides I wouldn’t want anyone to get a ticket because of my nosiness and that is why I’m not saying where this intersection is. I must say it is interesting to watch because then you can see who has a sore neck and who hasn’t just the way they move their head.

Friday, June 24, 2016


I'm insulted by an American that didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. If you are Canadian, you too should feel insulted. This person made a comment on Facebook that we were cowards in Canada for letting our politicians do and say what they want and we don’t say anything about it. I take it that he was an American the way he stated what he did and referred to his country as in "my country".

Well let me tell you, if you were an American then you have nothing to say about Canadian voters conduct and the conduct of our politicians. In case you haven’t noticed what you people have elected as president in America, you've got an incapable leader. He gets most every decision wrong. And I don't mean a little bit wrong, I mean about as wrong as it can possibly get.

This is a man who turned out to be a dictator. He's a man that will twist what is in the Constitution to gain what he wants. He's a man that is egoististical and a racist especially against white people. He's a liar and deceiver which he has proven himself to be. He has also turned a God fearing nation into a non-God fearing nation. He has weakened the nation enough that it could not sustain the length of a long-lasting war like it had in the past.

He has left the border open for his radical friends to come in and invade the nation when he has weakened it enough. The ones that will not go along with his wishes he seems prepared to berate or demonize or maybe even kill.

So don’t you call us cowards considering what you people elected as president. At this time president doesn’t require a capital. If you were not an American that made the statement about us and our politicians I apologize. But if you were then put what I stated in your pipe and smoke it.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Texting and driving

Listening to radio station C.F,R.A. One morning, an adult woman was discussing the subject of texting while driving. This woman, mind you this is an adult woman, saying it’s hard to ignore your cell phone while it’s beside you on the seat. What the hell is the matter with people? What's with people and their cell phones? Are they nuts or what?!?

They act as if their phones were something new and they had never heard of them before. Are they afraid that their cell phone will not carry their voice next time they try to use it if they ignore it this very second? Is that what they fear? They seem to fear that more than crashing. I guess idiocy will never cease to exist in this rotten world (which continues to get worse every day).

Kids will even steal those damn things, sometimes violently. Some will walk in to a billboard or a wall while texting. Others will get run over by car while crossing a street while texting.

This is what I call being stupid 100%. I’m beginning to think some people's education stopped after leaving kindergarten.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Welfare bums

Welfare bums. This is my definition of certain types of people.

There are people who are too lazy to go to work so they sponge off the taxpayers as if the world owed them a living. Yes, I will admit that some people do need help and they are in situations that are difficult (e.g. having a family but no job, or they are suffering from sickness or have some kind of disability or lack of experience or think that they’re too educate to take on a job that would pay minimum wages).

But we also have people that are alcoholics and druggies. Those are people that can’t face the world as it is so they escape it by getting drunk and others by getting a buzz on drugs.

Then we have thieves. Those are the kind of people that think that welfare would not give them enough money so they try to enrich themselves by stealing from people.

Then we have liars. They are some of the most dangerous people in the world as they are not only liars but deceitful and some are also back stabbers.

Now there are also people that their pride seems to be bigger than their pea brain so they elevate their pride to take on the disease that I call egoistic disease. It's the kind of disease that keeps people away from you because apparently when a person afflicted with that sickness everyone else would be wrong in that person's perception. I could say a lot more on this but this is enough for now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

America, president Obama (Part 2)

On the weekend I posted about the USA and president Obama, I ended by talking about Guccifer.

No one seems to know who this Guccifer is but this name has to do with the name Lucifer which is Satan. According to the reverend in the video I saw, Guccifer is an Italian. Italian means Rome and when I think of Rome, the Vatican comes to mind. In the Vatican there is a person called the Pope and according to those in the Vatican, it has been reported that they spend quite a bit of time explaining the things that the Pope says because a person would think that he disengages his tongue before engaging his brain. 

Now this person having the title of Pope could obtain a lot of information that others couldn’t, as he would be trusted because of his position and title. That’s why I believe this person to have taken on the name of Guccifer. Also when he and Obama had a meeting it didn’t strike me as those two meeting for the first time. When I saw the reaction of both of them when they met it seemed like they already knew each other and shared an agenda. That meeting was on a video. Unless I’m wrong in my thoughts I would say Guccifer is the Pope. When a man in his position says to have a relation with Jesus could be dangerous I take it he means for us to ignore Jesus. According to what Jesus said, My Father and I are but one. That would mean to ignore Jesus would be denying God. By stating something of the kind he is also calling Jesus a liar.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

America, president Obama (Part 1)

I have on my other blog Bob's Ghost, a video of this Reverend claiming that Obama is Satans’ son. After listening to what the reverend had to say and also showing the picture of an aged Obama would look like, I tend to believe the reverend. The reverend also referred to where those paragraphs and the name of the scriptures in the Bible could be found that indicate why he believed that about Obama. After everything that Obama has done to defy the Ten Commandments that where given to the people by God. For example, homosexuality, same sex marriage, lying, killings and being deceitful all seem so much worse than they did 8 years ago. I must add also he has done his part to turn a God fearing nation into a nation of non-believers.

Obama claimed to be a Muslim once, even though everyone said he said that by mistake. But I believe him because he tends to believe more of what’s written in the Quran than the Bible; like it’s okay to lie to an infidel yet that’s another commandment being broken according to Gods’ commandment as thou shall not lie. Now on that same video apparently a person has taken the name of Guccifer. His video will explain as to wherever the name Guccifer derives from.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Weak stomach? Don't read this post

If you have a weak stomach or perhaps a vivid imagination do not read this post. Now I’m not saying that this is happening, but the way some business people are these days it wouldn’t surprise me as to where our meat comes from. Like I mentioned in prior posts, some people are so money crazy that they could pick up a fresh road kill and bring it into their shop and chop it up and make hamburger meat or baloney or hot dogs or cut it in little squares an proclaim it's stewing beef or pork. They might cut into thin slices and claim it to be sandwich meat and put a name to it like new sandwich meat made with a mixture of meats. Who would know the difference? I’m not saying it is being done but with greedy people who love money, most don’t care for others health just as long as they can make a good profit. One never knows.

Now I’ve written some sickening blog posts before and I have more that I could write that are just as sickening ,but I think one once in a while is not too bad. I wouldn’t want my readers to think that’s all I can write about. In my defense I would say that some people might not think about some of the bad things that we could be eating and that’s why I write them.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Raped twice; first by a rapist, then by the legal system

This is called justice? A woman, a Dutch tourist, was raped and now (get this) her punishment was to be sentenced to 3 months in jail in Doha for adultery and fined 845.00 for having sex out of wedlock

In Qatar its’ illegal to have sex out of wedlock. I saw this on Facebook last night. Is this what they call justice in the Middle East? If so, they can shove their law where the sun doesn’t shine. I supposed if the rapist was around, they would pat him on the back and say "Okay my boy, go home now and don’t make a habit of doing that kind of stuff."

The woman who was a tourist got raped and she is the one that gets in trouble. What kind of people would do that to another human? I would say that would be done by uncivilized and twisted-mind people. If she claimed to have been raped then she hadn’t given consent so why would she be fined and jailed for committing adultery?

I say when the end of this world starts it should start with that kind of country that uses that kind of logic.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Giving up Mother’s Day?

Last month on CFRA I heard that someone is thinking of doing away with Mother’s Day. So next year smoking pot will be legalized. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mother’s Day really is cancelled and replaced by Gay Day, since they already have their own parade and everything. I think this country will be turned into a country where the minority become the majority and get protected by some stupid laws like they have in the USA about Christianity.

That kind of garbage is against the one and only Creator of all that wasn’t man made. And there was only one Creator and not dozens or more like some people would want you to believe. And that creator is called God, the one and only. Sure we all pray to the same God as the Pope stated but most don’t follow true God's true directive as to how to conduct yourself and act towards others. Man has seen fit to change that, with all of those religions or cults. They would have you believe their words as to how you should behave, while most ignoring the 10 commandments. I must admit to me religion is all bull to my concern. Yes maybe at one time when religion was religion and not like it is now. In the old days people believed in religion as there wasn’t as many as there are now. Since man has taken upon himself to create different cults and the misinterpretation of the Bible most people have given up on what is true or not.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ungrateful refugee.

This is definitely an angry rant today.

Lately there has been an influx of refugees, mostly Syrians, and for the life of me I can’t figure out what these people want. They fled their country because it had become a hell hole. One day I read that some refugees did not like certain parts of what is written in the Bible. It was offending them. To that I say tough if it offends you; don’t read it. I have a Quran here and I’ll tell you there are a lot of things in there that would offend a lot of people if they would ever bother to read it. But we don’t say anything about it because it’s supposed to be a religious book. So I would say mind your damn business when it pertains to our Bible and our laws and our way of living. Otherwise, why did you come here? Go back to your hell hole where there is no Bible and the Quran is the book of the land. Oh, wait - you had to leave because you were being persecuted by your own government. See, there's a very real problem and then just a perceived slight.  But you come here and want to persecute us for our beliefs or the fact that we don't accept your beliefs over our own? You fled tyranny, and now you want to impose your will on us? Hypocrites.

Also the other day on Facebook there was this immigrant who didn’t seem to like some laws that we live by in this country. Well mister whoever you are, you immigrated to this country to have a better life and there’s nothing that is going to be changed for the likes of you. You’re the one that wanted to immigrate to this country so you better adhere to our laws and our way of living and if you can’t do that then get the hell out. We don’t need you here or your Sharia law. In this country we like to help people but I mean civilized people even assholes like you, so you better behave if you want to start a new life or like I said pack up and take off you ungrateful loser.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton and the KKK

After watching the video below I feel more like Hillary Clinton should have been jailed a long time ago. There has been too much said against her for all of it to be just rumors. She also has proven herself to be a liar. Landing under sniper fire in the former Yugoslavia when it was proven that there wasn’t any sniper fire. This woman is not to be believed in anything she says. I find her to be a compulsive liar given everything that has been reported and contradicted by others either by video or just audio. How can a person like that be allowed to run for the presidency?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Idiots in government

Some politicians are not too bright. Start off with our prime minister. Federally, provincially and municipally they are all doing their best to discourage people from smoking. But guess what? Our prime minister is going to legalize pot next year. What a bright fellow. He must know that all pot smokers mix that garbage with tobacco. I know this by watching some of them even going from business to business picking up butts to break them open to mix their rotten garbage with.

Then they get a big smile on their faces because they finally have something to go with their garbage then they light up and that’s when their coughing starts. I even had some of them tell me that the first thing they want in the morning is a joint and a bottle of beer. The difference is a smoker the first thing they want in the morning is a coffee and a cigarette. Now I must say the people that likes to have a joint first thing in the morning are those that can’t or don’t want to see what kind of world this has turned out to be so by getting a buzz the first thing in the morning that’s what gets them going.

There is a false thinking about this. One morning they will try it but there won’t be any more buzz so they will go for something stronger and I guess they will not have to worry about that because our dear prime minister will take care of that. He’s not looking out for the welfare of the individual but forward to the next election so more druggies means more votes for him. I guess we can expect the permission of smoking or taking stronger drugs just before the next election.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The USA and Canada

Now you people on both side of the Canada/USA border, do you realize the mistake you have made by electing a person due to his looks and the way he speaks? We end up with dictators when that is all that influences your vote. It's not about how a person looks or how nicely he speaks. What matters when voting is what the person is actually saying.

Here's an example. People in then USA got swept up in the Obama-mania. He was going to save the planet. He was going to stop the oceans from rising. Really? Voters overlooked important things like this:

In America you have Obama and here in Canada we have Justin Trudeau. People like those two had pride in themselves before but after being elected their pride became a disease and that’s called being egotistical.

By having this disease no one else's opinions or questions make sense to the person so afflicted. Those people, upon being elected into the kind of office that they now hold, multiplies their disease to the point of being unable to make proper decisions. That is true even if that person was offered a better suggestion or solution by someone else to solve whatever the problem was. Those people become dangerous - they are taking down a country without even realizing it. Here in Canada the prime minster has a helping hand in doing that. He’s the leader of the Liberals federally and also a loony toon. So is the premier of the province of Ontario who of course is also a Liberal.

Of course the premier of that province will bankrupt it. She has had a good start in that effort. And the prime minister of Canada will end up by giving the country to immigrants like his dad the former prime minister P. E. Trudeau before he left this world. In fact his son has already started given the homosexuals more leeway to access the restrooms and locker rooms, just like Obama is doing. I supposed next those people will become the majority in this country too. I know someone will call me some kind of a name for that statement and you know what? I don’t give a damn what you think or call me. To listen and do and say what Obama is saying and doing is to obey the will of Satan. I hope that our prime minister has the brains not to listen and do as Obama does, but I cannot say I am optimistic about that.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Stupid statements

The world is full of stupid statements. I believed in some of those stupid statements myself, and in fact and I even wrote about them. Right now I’d like to focus on some stupid statements about when the end of the world will come. Actually on reading the Bible, there is nowhere to be found any indication as to when the end will come. But it does state that there will be earthquakes, storms as never seen before and diseases for which no cure will be found. Those things are predicted but anything else would just be rumors and speculation. Yes, there might be things happening that scare the hell out of people (like the prediction for Armageddon in January 2017) but the balance of it would be from someone's imagination. According to the Bible God never told anyone when the end would come.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Obama warned

This is interesting.  It's from 2013, but it is brief but worth watching.

Monday, June 6, 2016


I wrote about dieticians a long time ago, but it's time to discuss it again because some of my readers came on board after those early rants.

Dieticians should not even be allowed to advise people as to what to eat and why it's good (or not). They might have good intentions but they wouldn’t know anymore than regular people what we get in our food given all that is taken out of it and what all is put in to it. Then they tell you what kind of veggies are good for various things, and how do they know what’s good or not? Fertilization impacts the food. Most is made with what we don’t know all. But the seeds are fed by whatever garbage that fertilization is made with. So do dieticians go to that level of detail? I doubt it. Then they tell you about fruits what is good for you and what is not but needless to say that most fruits are porous and they are always sprayed with pesticides. So they say to wash them well before using them. Can they tell me how to properly wash them to take out the pesticide that the porous skins have allowed the insecticides to seep inside the fruit? I doubt it.

My point? Don't trust dieticians.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hate and racism (Part2)

I need to follow up on my previous post about hate and racism, so here goes.

I am inclined to believe that Obama was sent by God to punish the USA for having become a den of sinners and what has happened over the last 7+ years was part of His punishment. I would say that Mr. Trump will be elected as president because he would be the one to clean up the nation of all the garbage and all the wrongs that Obama has done to a nation that was once a God-fearing nation. Mr. Trump would bring the USA back from the slums that Obama has put that nation in and also brought back to what it used to be a God-fearing nation.

I know some people will say (or think) that the guy that wrote this is nuts or out of his mind. If that is so, can you tell me why the more people criticize Trump the more popular he gets to be?

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hate and Racism (Part 1)

Multiplying hate upon nonwhite people and also about homosexuals, seems to be caused at the root, by non other than the current president of the United States. 

I will admit that there was hate against non-whites and also about homosexuality before some people of the USA decided to elect a supposed-to-be-president who turned out to be nothing but an imposter and according to some reports a homosexual. I don’t know if that is true but according to his actions, he often gives the impression that he is one. The way he protects them makes me suspicious. The talk against non-white people has built up more hate against gays and non-whites. To my way of thinking, isn’t a president supposed to unite people instead of being a divider? To me you’re supposed-to-be-president is nothing except someone that wants to divide the people and create hate and the destruction of the country. He has not made things better as president only worse. There is more hate and racism under Obama than in a very long time.
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