Saturday, June 18, 2016

America, president Obama (Part 1)

I have on my other blog Bob's Ghost, a video of this Reverend claiming that Obama is Satans’ son. After listening to what the reverend had to say and also showing the picture of an aged Obama would look like, I tend to believe the reverend. The reverend also referred to where those paragraphs and the name of the scriptures in the Bible could be found that indicate why he believed that about Obama. After everything that Obama has done to defy the Ten Commandments that where given to the people by God. For example, homosexuality, same sex marriage, lying, killings and being deceitful all seem so much worse than they did 8 years ago. I must add also he has done his part to turn a God fearing nation into a nation of non-believers.

Obama claimed to be a Muslim once, even though everyone said he said that by mistake. But I believe him because he tends to believe more of what’s written in the Quran than the Bible; like it’s okay to lie to an infidel yet that’s another commandment being broken according to Gods’ commandment as thou shall not lie. Now on that same video apparently a person has taken the name of Guccifer. His video will explain as to wherever the name Guccifer derives from.

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