Monday, June 6, 2016


I wrote about dieticians a long time ago, but it's time to discuss it again because some of my readers came on board after those early rants.

Dieticians should not even be allowed to advise people as to what to eat and why it's good (or not). They might have good intentions but they wouldn’t know anymore than regular people what we get in our food given all that is taken out of it and what all is put in to it. Then they tell you what kind of veggies are good for various things, and how do they know what’s good or not? Fertilization impacts the food. Most is made with what we don’t know all. But the seeds are fed by whatever garbage that fertilization is made with. So do dieticians go to that level of detail? I doubt it. Then they tell you about fruits what is good for you and what is not but needless to say that most fruits are porous and they are always sprayed with pesticides. So they say to wash them well before using them. Can they tell me how to properly wash them to take out the pesticide that the porous skins have allowed the insecticides to seep inside the fruit? I doubt it.

My point? Don't trust dieticians.

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