Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hate and racism (Part2)

I need to follow up on my previous post about hate and racism, so here goes.

I am inclined to believe that Obama was sent by God to punish the USA for having become a den of sinners and what has happened over the last 7+ years was part of His punishment. I would say that Mr. Trump will be elected as president because he would be the one to clean up the nation of all the garbage and all the wrongs that Obama has done to a nation that was once a God-fearing nation. Mr. Trump would bring the USA back from the slums that Obama has put that nation in and also brought back to what it used to be a God-fearing nation.

I know some people will say (or think) that the guy that wrote this is nuts or out of his mind. If that is so, can you tell me why the more people criticize Trump the more popular he gets to be?

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