Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Giving up Mother’s Day?

Last month on CFRA I heard that someone is thinking of doing away with Mother’s Day. So next year smoking pot will be legalized. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mother’s Day really is cancelled and replaced by Gay Day, since they already have their own parade and everything. I think this country will be turned into a country where the minority become the majority and get protected by some stupid laws like they have in the USA about Christianity.

That kind of garbage is against the one and only Creator of all that wasn’t man made. And there was only one Creator and not dozens or more like some people would want you to believe. And that creator is called God, the one and only. Sure we all pray to the same God as the Pope stated but most don’t follow true God's true directive as to how to conduct yourself and act towards others. Man has seen fit to change that, with all of those religions or cults. They would have you believe their words as to how you should behave, while most ignoring the 10 commandments. I must admit to me religion is all bull to my concern. Yes maybe at one time when religion was religion and not like it is now. In the old days people believed in religion as there wasn’t as many as there are now. Since man has taken upon himself to create different cults and the misinterpretation of the Bible most people have given up on what is true or not.

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