Friday, June 10, 2016

Idiots in government

Some politicians are not too bright. Start off with our prime minister. Federally, provincially and municipally they are all doing their best to discourage people from smoking. But guess what? Our prime minister is going to legalize pot next year. What a bright fellow. He must know that all pot smokers mix that garbage with tobacco. I know this by watching some of them even going from business to business picking up butts to break them open to mix their rotten garbage with.

Then they get a big smile on their faces because they finally have something to go with their garbage then they light up and that’s when their coughing starts. I even had some of them tell me that the first thing they want in the morning is a joint and a bottle of beer. The difference is a smoker the first thing they want in the morning is a coffee and a cigarette. Now I must say the people that likes to have a joint first thing in the morning are those that can’t or don’t want to see what kind of world this has turned out to be so by getting a buzz the first thing in the morning that’s what gets them going.

There is a false thinking about this. One morning they will try it but there won’t be any more buzz so they will go for something stronger and I guess they will not have to worry about that because our dear prime minister will take care of that. He’s not looking out for the welfare of the individual but forward to the next election so more druggies means more votes for him. I guess we can expect the permission of smoking or taking stronger drugs just before the next election.

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