Saturday, June 25, 2016

Something is not right. Weird even.

I live on a corner of an intersection that has a 4 way stop.

Every day if it's nice outside, I will sit out and tie my dog to the railing of the porch and just watch what is going on at this 4 way stop. We all know that coming to a stop of any intersection you have to make a complete stop and make sure that it’s safe before going on.

Since I moved here I’ve been sitting outside I have observed something weird. Now a lot of us know when coming to a stop sign we have to stop completely. A rolling stop (we call it a Mexican stop because no stop is done completely, you just slow down and keep on going if it’s safe to do so, and of course if there are no police around). Usually it’s mostly men that are guilty of this but since I’ve been sitting outside and watch the comings and goings at this particular intersection. I have noticed something weird. I noticed that most drivers that do make those Mexican stops are women. It's most often in the morning, that is if they do make any kind of a stop at any time. Many of the men do the same thing but not nearly as much as the woman. In the afternoon the goings on at the stops are the same things but with one difference instead of woman being on their cell phones it’s the men. I find that unusual because woman are known to spend a lot of time on the phones yet I haven’t seen a woman on her cell phone while coming to this intersection.

Now I’m not going to mention where this 4 way stop is all I’m going to say is that it’s in Gatineau. So far there has not been any accidents because of those stops and besides I wouldn’t want anyone to get a ticket because of my nosiness and that is why I’m not saying where this intersection is. I must say it is interesting to watch because then you can see who has a sore neck and who hasn’t just the way they move their head.

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