Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dictators (Parts 1 & 2)

Part 1

Québec.  Is this province still in Canada? The reason I’m saying this is because of what is happening here. First of all when I noticed my eyes were getting bad I called the department responsible for issuing driving permits. I asked them to suspend my permit until I got my eyes checked nd fixed. I knew that knowing my permit was suspended I would not be tempted in driving because of the risk of being charged for it or maybe even getting into a bad accident.

After I had my eyes operated on, I called to have them send me the papers that were required to pass a physical, which they did. But then I could not find a doctor to give me a physical and besides when I moved to a different location the papers were lost in the box that I kept them in. I called them again and told them that I couldn’t find a doctor.  This was approximately 2 years after having lost those papers in the first place. Instead of sending me more papers to get a physical because of my age (that’s why I needed them), they sent me a letter telling me that after 2 years of not driving I would have to start all over again.

Part 2

Now mind you just in Québec here I was licensed for at more than 20 years and besides when I had moved here I had my Ontario drivers’ license.  I drove almost everything except tractor trailers. When I moved here I couldn’t even drive anything bigger than a 4 to 5 tons and it had to be empty. I take it to mean that they don’t believe that anyone outside of Québec can drive. I really think that dictator is using the excuse of me not having driven that length of time to cover up the fact that I was a senior and afraid of being brought to court for discrimination. What are they afraid of? Yet they will give a person that has never driven before but just received his drivers permit. Now I ask you who is more dangerous a person that has at least 30 or more years of driving or a newly graduated student at driving? By the way I was never sent any papers by them, just a suspension of my license and an indication that I would have needed to take a road test. I must state in all of my years of driving I never had any accident, only two offenses (and just one in Québec here from a zealots police officer for not having my seatbelt on at 1 a.m. while doing my rounds of the cemeteries as a security guard.

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