Friday, March 29, 2013

Why military cuts?

What I can’t understand, is why the president of the United States and many in Congress want to make cuts to military spending when there is so much trouble brewing against the U.S. from many Middle Eastern countries? I don’t know, but to make budget cuts in the military will weaken the forces by not having the cash when it is needed to replace worn out or obsolete equipment.

I also heard one of the speeches of president Obama saying he wants to stop all wars and bring the troops home. What is the matter with this president?  Does he not realize that the previous administrations have poked their noses in the Middle East so much that now most of them  has taken a disliking to the U.S. and they just don’t trust the USA at all? Also that more or less gives the terrorist the excuse to kill everyone - even their own people. They just blame the U.S, for whatever action they take. I don’t think that they needed that kind of excuse so much as they liked the killing of innocent people, because of their faith.

Some of those countries have already shown that they are not too friendly with the USA (e.g. Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan and North Korea which has already threatened the USA).

Another question I’m asking myself why would an American president ignore the Constitution of the country and to try and do whatever he wants? And why would he want to kill Americans on American soil if suspected of being a terrorist or even supporting a terrorist group? Why not just have the person/s arrested and brought to trial? Is this president for the American people or against them? This reminds me about a video that was shown on the television when president Obama had a meeting with the leader of Russia and Obama was heard saying “next election I will have more power”.

Just that statement alone should have turned on a red light for the electorate. I would have never voted for a president that would make that kind of statement.

Does this president think stopping all wars will be a solution for peace? I don’t think so, because too much aggravation has built up with those countries that I mentioned. By stopping all wars it would give the enemies of the USA time to better equip themselves and reorganize their plans of attack without having to fear being blown up by a drone. I will say that these people eventually will take over the world if they are not kept on a short leash. What I mean by that is surveillance and do like them -- kill as many of these terrorist as possible because they will never, never stop. The USA is going down the drain and any person that keeps checking the news can see it.

Those are my opinions. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Islam will take over the world (part 2)

Yesterday, I started a rant about Islam taking over the world.  I ended the post but wasn't really finished.  I didn't want to go on too long and lose people's interest so I decided to split the post into two parts.  Here's the second part.

Here is an example that explains my saying Islam will take over the world. Here in this section of Ontario  , not too long ago, there were complaints from the Muslims that in the schools there wasn't anywhere that they could pray. The excuse that the schools had was that the Muslims only prayed at certain times and 5 times a day.  After discussions by the school boards the Muslims were given a room to pray. That’s fine, but yet some Christian parents were complaining because their kids had to pray in the school and the schools obliged them by stopping prayer at schools. This just shows how Christianity is on its way out. How many places are there now that refuse to have anything that would represent any kind of faith?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Islam will take over the world.

I truly believe that this world will soon be ruled by Islam, and I think it will happen soon.  With so many people questioning Christianity and turning away from the Bible, as well as Islamic countries and religious leaders doing everything they can do to push Islam and eradicate or marginalize other religions, it's happening already. Islam will take over the world much sooner than we might expect.

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