Thursday, March 14, 2013

Islam will take over the world (part 2)

Yesterday, I started a rant about Islam taking over the world.  I ended the post but wasn't really finished.  I didn't want to go on too long and lose people's interest so I decided to split the post into two parts.  Here's the second part.

Here is an example that explains my saying Islam will take over the world. Here in this section of Ontario  , not too long ago, there were complaints from the Muslims that in the schools there wasn't anywhere that they could pray. The excuse that the schools had was that the Muslims only prayed at certain times and 5 times a day.  After discussions by the school boards the Muslims were given a room to pray. That’s fine, but yet some Christian parents were complaining because their kids had to pray in the school and the schools obliged them by stopping prayer at schools. This just shows how Christianity is on its way out. How many places are there now that refuse to have anything that would represent any kind of faith?

I think people are so afraid of Muslims because most of them believe that all Muslims are bad. I disagree with that kind of thinking. Muslims are no different than anyone else but they do have some lunatics just like  in other countries. In all countries there are fanatics as far as religions goes but that's not the same as killers and torturers like there are in far too many parts of Muslims society, particularly many governments. So that scares people into capitulating to Muslim demands and that gives Muslims an edge in having things their way.

Now in the USA they have a president that says that he wants to stop all wars and bring the soldiers home. Does he think that it’s going to stop this jihadist movement from continuing to kill and torture nad terrorize? No, I don’t think so because the USA and some other countries have tried too much to tell them how to run their countries and try to convert them into the kind of life that most of them were never brought up to believe in - mainly freedom of choice and free speech. The President might think that it’s a good thing to do withdraw the soldiers and bring them home. I would agree but that will never stop these jihadists from doing what they want and that’s kill and kill. Iraq is proof of this. How many people have been killed since the end of that war and how many are still being killed? I don't know the number but I guarantee that it's a lot.

WASHINGTON, March 12, 2013 — A massive 3,000 ton weapons airlift from Croatia to Syrian rebels, reported two weeks ago by the New York Times then further detailed by a Croat newspaper and the London Telegraph on Friday, appears to breach the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), theoretically subjecting high level U.S. officials and allies to arrest.

The weapons, destined for groups attempting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, have a high possibility of ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda affiliates.
In Afghanistan, there is another country that is proof of what those killers are still doing even though the President of the USA claims that the terrorist have been pushed out. But according to reports, there seems to be just as much killing as there ever was.  These fanatics have a mission and they intend to accomplish it at whatever expense even to give their lives if they have to do so.   They've already proven that by some of them blowing themselves up.

People with that kind of thinking you do not walk away from, because for a lot of them that's the way life is. The newer generations are taught to believe and to live their life as it was in a different era where life was not valued the way it is today.  By trying to draw away from some of these maniacs we will not solve the problem, instead it will give them more time to plan and kill to try to reach their objective.  But that is exactly what we are doing.

Islam will take over the world unless we decide to stand firm for our society and our beliefs and not be slowly pushed into submission.

That is my rant of the day.

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