Monday, May 30, 2011

It's a Bad Idea

I realize that the biggest majority of us in Canada wanted to do away with the Liberals and some with the Bloc Quebecois. But I think there was a big mistake made by the ones that voted for the NDP. Mr. Layton has proved me right again. I stated on my previous post that it was not the ordinary citizen that has been talking about separation, but the politicians. Layton has done it again. What I read in the Citizen News, The National Post wrote some thing about it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Are we in trouble?

Special guy?
Here we go again, talking about Quebec wanting to separate. I said in a previous post that it’s not the ordinary citizens that are talking about separation it’s the politicians.

This morning I was listening to Lowell Green’s talk show (again) on radio station CFRA. What did I hear Mr. Green stating? That the leader of the opposition in the House of Commons stated that Quebec would only need 50%+1 vote to separate. I believe Lowell Green is correctly quoting Mr. Layton. Mr. Green has all the facts in front of him.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Open letter to Lowell Green

Mr. Green,

I was listening to your rants again today about Quebec being responsible for the NDP being elected as the opposition party in Canada, and calling the people of Quebec stupid.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The morning talk show on the CFRA radio station

I was listening to the Lowell Green talk show this morning and one of the topics came up about the Liberal party and he was asking the people if they thought if the Liberal party would come back as power full as they were.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I am not predicting Doomsday

I just want to make sure that whomever reads this, that I am not predicting doomsday. I will say the way things are in this world as I keep on reading and listening to the news everyday. I have come to the conclusion that with the weapons that we have now, and with the lying and hypocrisy of the rulers of some Nations and the traitors that will steal classified documents just to satisfy their greed for money.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gadhafi the Devil?

I was listening to the news on the CNN the other day, and there was a report that the government troops were supplied with Viagra pills to rape woman. If that report is true, this man is not only a killer of his own people, but also a pervert. He should be taken out and get the same treatment as Saddam Hussein did. Gadhafi is an evil human being that does not deserve to live. So far if it’s true according to what has been reported, he is not only a thief, but a murderer and a pervert, and a liar and a terrorist. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

This is for the unbeliever. Mr. Stephen Hawking

When I went online tonight to read the news like I always do on CNN, I ran across an article that is supposed to be a statement made by Mr. Stephen Hawking and I quote, his statement was:
“There is no Heaven that is just a fairy tale”

Mr. Hawking does not believe in the after life. He also believes that the Bible was written just to control, (in other words) the people. Yes Mr. Hawking, it was written for that, but not in the way you think. I will admit a lot of things were changed in the Bible because of words that were substitute that replaced words that there was no substitute for, and the results changed certain sentences or paragraphs. By not believing in it, or the existence of God, or after life, you might have a surprise when your time comes. I do not believe we were born under a rock and I guess you do not believe in Spirits or Ghosts which ever word you want to use, and to me, there is an after life and there are all kinds of evidence that there are Spirits, Phantoms and dark shadows that do exist.

Mr. Hawking I am not too much of a religious man, but I do believe that there is a god and he is the only one that can kill the Spirit.

Mr. Hawking, you might be a millionaire, but I’m sure that when your time comes, you will find out that on judgment day when you face the Creator, you might be in for a surprise. Just like the rest of us.

My advice to you and all the nonbelievers in this world is: you better think twice on what you don’t believe.

Like I said, we were not born under a rock, or slipped out from under a pile of fertilizer.  

Mad as hell!

I was born and have spent most of my life in Ottawa Canada.  I'm 76 now, a big portion of those years were Ottawa years. Every morning I listen to the radio station  C.F.R.A  The talk shows I listen to run from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  Most of the time some one will criticize Quebec for something. 

Dooms day

According to Mr. Camping, the world will end this Saturday coming.

Well Mr. Camping, I have news for you. That has been predicted quite a few times and this is twice by you so far. I don’t want to sound like a smart guy but I believe that the world will end when our Creator decides that it is time. 

We the common people can only wait and see, and that’s why I always live one day at a time. Because like the song says, (sang by the singer Whitaker) you only live for today because tomorrow does not belong to us it belongs to the Almighty. Your prediction Mr. Camping at 89 years old could come before mine. In fact, it could come before I’m finished writing this, and that goes for me too.

So let’s not rush it.

Have a great day.


Bob the mad Frenchman.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dancing or Convulsions?

I've been in this world long enough to realize that as time goes by, a lot of things change, it’s called modernizing. Some things should be left as they were before trying to modernize it, or at least study them first before changing it, to see if it makes more sense. I will mention at least one thing that should not have been modernized, and that is the type of dancing that we used to have. No I’m not talking about the waltz, although, it is still around and I don’t think that this will change because it’s always been known as a lovers dance. The other dance that stayed the same was the ballroom dancing. The dances in those days you had to know them because of the different steps you had to do.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Exploitation of Women Part 2 of 2

(Continued from part 1)

I think the worst exploitation on a woman’s intelligence, weakness and brainlessness is in the horror movies. This is not the fault of the woman, but of the play and script that they have to go by. This is what I meant by the first statement. This is at night; the woman is in the house and listening to the news, when the news announcer says that the police are looking for a killer that has already murdered someone and that he might still be in the neighborhood. All of a sudden, she hears a noise and it’s in her house, then she spots a man, then she starts screaming and runs out unto the street and does not see anyone. She stops screaming, and then she starts running and starts screaming again. Too stupid to realize that there is no one chasing her.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Exploitation of Women

(Part 1 of 2) Women being exploited

I realize that women are being exploited all over the world but not in the same way as the third world countries. I would say in the third World Countries women are more or less being treated as slaves and other countries of the world treated as sex objects. I will explain.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Crazy person.
I read in the Ottawa Citizen news paper this morning that there was a demonstration in front of the Libyan Embassy in regards to pro and anti Gadhafi people.

This is the kind of conduct we do not need on our streets. Taxpayers' money is spent on security for this kind of conduct by these pro-Gadhafi protesters. I would  like to ask these pro-Gadhafi people why they immigrated to this country Canada, if they are so worried and preoccupied about what is going on in their country .Apparently you pro-Gadhafi people could not have been too happy with the conditions you  had to live by or else you would not have immigrated here.

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