Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dancing or Convulsions?

I've been in this world long enough to realize that as time goes by, a lot of things change, it’s called modernizing. Some things should be left as they were before trying to modernize it, or at least study them first before changing it, to see if it makes more sense. I will mention at least one thing that should not have been modernized, and that is the type of dancing that we used to have. No I’m not talking about the waltz, although, it is still around and I don’t think that this will change because it’s always been known as a lovers dance. The other dance that stayed the same was the ballroom dancing. The dances in those days you had to know them because of the different steps you had to do.

Now today what I see as dancing is someone standing there and going into a convulsion. That’s what it reminds me of. Trying to throw off the arms, the legs and bob their heads forward and backwards like a chicken.

Some making a face as if they were in pain. Could it be that they had dislocated something?

When I used to go around the bars I happened to go in this one bar and the customers were mostly people just barely old enough to be there. They were trying to dance on a floor that was too small for the amount of them trying to dance, if that’s what you want to call it. So they started jumping like a bunch of kangaroos. After they were finished there suppose dancing, they looked at each other as if to say cool man cool.

Then there is another type of dance called break dancing. This one starts with a little run then the supposed to be dancer throws himself on the floor does a few spins on his back, then head stand, and spins around, then he kicks the air then stands up as if he or she is going to go into a convulsion because the music is still playing. Also today, most of the singers don’t have to memorize the words because when they sing the band is so loud it buries the singers words. I know we are in the Jet age and things have to change but to us the old generation, it sounds and looks stupid. And folks, all this is called dancing! And if it is, then I’ve seen better then that in the gymnasiums.

Don’t be shy you have a comment just bring it on. This old guy will answer you. Just no foul language because it will not be posted. Keep it clean.

This is my beef for today.

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