Sunday, July 27, 2014

I can't believe this story about cancer

I’m not sure I can believe this if, even if it’s true. This site will show you what I’ve been saying all along about the truth not being told to the public concerning a cure being found for cancer. It hasn't been revealed to the public because of what these people would lose: money. All of that I believe, and in fact agree with, but this shows things are worse than even I imagined.

The FDA is supposed to be a department responsible for protecting the people and if the details above are indeed true, they are not doing their job.

I did mention before that most people that are in business don’t give a damn about what they put in our food, or the safety of the drugs they make, or anything else really, just as long they can continue to make money by hiding the truth from people and the money keeps on coming in. They don’t care about anything else, including whether people die from cancer.

NOTE:  This site link appears to me to be an advertisement, but that does not change the fact that there are potential truths in what is being said.

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