Saturday, July 5, 2014


I haven't been able to post anything in quite a while.  Frankly, I blame my editor.  He hasn't been as available as he'd like to be.  Since English is not my first language, I like to run my writing by him for editing before it gets posted.  That way I can be more sure that my writing makes sense.  Now that's not to say I am not fluent in English.  I'm very comfortable speaking and reading it.  But it never hurts to be as sure as possible about something, especially when people are looking at it.  That way you don't come across as uneducated.

Speaking of which, I was watching WWE wrestling the other day.  Yes, I watch wrestling.  It's entertaining.  In fact it can be downright funny. While watching wrestling the other day, I got a surprise. This beautiful blond is an agent for this Russian monster of a wrestler. When she introduced him to the crowd, someone said something that she did not agree with and it was about Obama. She claimed that Obama was a sissy and when they showed a picture of Putin, she said "there is a man's man and not girlish man like Obama".

That made my day.

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