Tuesday, December 22, 2015


That is one of the questions I’m busy asking myself since I’ve been keeping track of what is being said in videos and posts on various websites. I can make good deductions concerning all I’ve heard and read. When I was a lot younger I had friends that were really bad in their way of thinking. I’ve learned a lot about different ways to plan and scheme and I see a lot of that going on nowadays. My question would be: Why?

Why were the Russians allowed in the American air space 5 times recently?

Why are the friendly countries of America being deliberately alienated? And why is there a push to make friends with the not so friendly ones?

Why are the Iranians allowed in American waters while they are well known for supporting terrorism?

Why was there an order for all those guillotines as they are only good for chopping off heads?

Finally why the rush to disarm the citizens of their weapons in America?

Oh, and also why is the border of the South wide open? Where radicals can sneak in at will.

And I forgot this one: How many people could be locked up in those FEMA camps?

Like I mentioned before I am retired and have nothing to do but sit at my computer and listen to videos that report the news and read about the news. I analyze what I hear and read. By analyzing what I’ve heard and read all it would need is someone like the Russians to get the word as to when to detonate that EMP weapon over the USA and the citizens, without any weapons to defend themselves would be sitting ducks for the invaders. Even the army would only be able to use small arms as without electricity some weapons could not be fired because of that weapon that the Russians have (EMP). It would fry all the electrical connections.

Here in Canada if this was to happen we would be sitting ducks because I think the politicians’ figure that we are not mature enough to handle any revolvers.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mr. Donald Trump

I’ve been listening to Donald Trump whenever he make some kind of statement. By what reporters would write about him and also Mrs. Clinton, it looks like the citizens can’t make up their mind as to who would be the best one to be president. I don’t blame the citizens for a couple of reasons as to why they would be confused.

I will start with Mr. Trump. This man seems to be truthful in his statements even though he does quite a bit of flip flopping in some of his statements. He seems to be a person dedicated to the nation of the USA and of its people. But his ego seems to be just as bad as Obama's and the people all over the world, especially the leaders have seen how a person with a big ego can be in making decisions - they're usually bad decisions.

When an important decision needs to be made and the person deciding has a big ego, he or she will ignore reality because to that person the decision that should be made is contrary to what he or she is thinking or wants, or wants people to think of him or her. You people in the USA have a good example of that with Obama. A person with a big ego means "do as I say and not as you would have wanted it to be". In other words do as I say or suffer the consequences because I’m the boss and not you. Obama has stated himself that he would stand for the Muslims if he had to and not with the people of the USA. Mr. Trump I’m sure he would stand for the people of the USA but with his ego he could also be a dangerous person to the whole world because his ego could put him in a bad position. And if his ego is challenged he could push that red button that could be the end of this world.

Mrs. Clinton (if enough of what has been reported about her is true) is a liar and completely not trustworthy. I have to say you people have a big problem come election time. I know some will say I'm only a Canadian so don’t pay attention to what I write about America. Yes, someone will say that. But anything that smells rotten in the USA the smell also seeps onto this side of the border and there are just as many gullible people per capita here as there are in the USA. So what happens there matters here, and we just like Americans we don't need another lousy president in America. That's especially so since we decided to give ourselves the gift of a lousy Prime Minister.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The mentality of some people.

I was sitting by my bedroom window one day just watching people going by. I like to do that and you'll soon understand why. While watching people going by, and older person pulled up at the store across the street from my place got out of his car and went to the back and opened the trunk. He took out a case of 24 of empty beer bottles. Now there was nothing wrong in doing that but it’s the way he was carrying that case of empty bottles of beer that got me wondering if he would make it to the store. But he did. After I would say about 10 minutes he came out carrying a new case of 24 beers and walking it seems without any problems at all and with a big grin on his face. Comparing at the way he was struggling with the empty one while carrying it to the store it was unbelievable.

I find it kind of strange at some people’s mentality how quick it can change and how effective it can be to a person’s mind to carry something that they enjoy and in this case just knowing that he had a full case of the stuff gave him more energy and a happy look instead of a grouchy one. When I saw the look on this person before and after getting what he wanted right away my thoughts turn to thinking that this person had turned out to be a slave to that garbage like a lot of those people are and like I used to be. I was smart enough to understand what kind of person I was turning into with that kind of garbage and I never touched it again. This was 35 years ago and I have never regretted one day of those years. I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t have wanted to turn out like this old idiot that I saw this morning.

Sometimes sitting by my window early in the morning and watching people going by can be just as enjoyable as watching a good comical movie.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The planet heating up.

The Planet is heating up. Now that is a statement just asking to be laughed at. Global warming was replaced by the term climate change because as for the planet heating up, well, that was bull just so someone could make more money. Knowing that the government would hop into this lie should have been obvious to everyone. At first maybe it wasn't obvious that global warming was a lie, or bad science. But by now it should be becoming clearer to everyone that it isn't happening. And whatever climate change is happening is being caused by something much, much bigger than humanity. But tat isn't going to stop the government from scrounging more money from the people. The same people who cry about big business and the rich being greedy, seem unable to see that no one takes more from the people than the government. How blind they are. But the government has many tools at its disposal to convince people they need to be taxed more and more. One of those lies that has been very effective is global warming.

Now that lie worked for a time until the scientific truth started coming out and has proved that the science behind global warming isn't settled. Evidence points that we are in a global cooling cycle, just like back in the 1970's when Time magazine proclaimed we were headed for another ice age. Wake up people. The lie persists, and it gives the politicians something to use on the uninformed people. Since they have changed the alarm from global warming to climate change, they still have enough support to tax people on in response to climate change. This new tax is called a Carbon Tax.

Now I’ve been following all the news on the planet heating up and the icebergs in the ocean melting and all that kind of garbage. The only time the planet would heat up dangerously would be when all the politicians all over the world were to have a meeting outside all at the same time then there would be a 100% chance that the planet would heat up with all the hot air coming out of their mouths. After their meeting then there would be climate change because of the climate cooling off once they would have stopped spewing hot air that come out of their mouth.

Meanwhile stop believing all of this Chicken Little "The sky is falling" garbage without thinking for yourself just a little bit. Okay?

Monday, December 14, 2015

An encounter where I was the crazy maniac

This morning I wanted eggs for breakfast but I didn't have any. So I went across to the store across the street at 6:30 in the morning. That's the time it opens. I walked in wearing just my housecoat and slippers because it's only across the street and it was early enough nobody really is out that early too often. 

So I went straight to the cooler and got my eggs. The funniest part happened when I walked in; the immigrant gentleman behind the counter, his eyes opened the size of a loonie and he was mumbling to himself when he saw me. I wonder if in his own language he was asking himself if he was dreaming? My hair was standing up and all over the place and my beard is almost a foot long and also all over the place. He must have thought I was some kind of a maniac. Well he sure got his surprise of the day. Just to see his face I almost burst out laughing.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What I think is missing in education

I find that in this crazy world today, something is missing in schools. I think they should have a psychiatrist go into schools about four times a week for about half hour. They should go into each and every classroom. After the students have been taught how to read and write, after they've studied history and science and math, instead of teaching them about sex they should be taught how to communicate, and how to listen and how to interact. Are psychiatrists the ones to do this? I don't know but somebody needs to do it because the parents aren't and teachers clearly aren't either. So you have kids, with minds not fully developed, acting crazy, indecent, violent, and just plain stupid because they just don't know any better.

What we have now are students who have become educated fools. They do not learn how to use their intelligence. They do not know how to communicate with other people, how to listen to other people from the time they start talking until they are finished what they have to say. I find that a lot of people that I’ve spoken to don’t have the ability to do that. I mean A LOT of people. As they seem to have an answer already in their mind because of a lack of listening to what is being said to them. They pretend to listen and instead think of an answer based on what they think that the other person had said. They form their own opinion without listening to the whole point. The results are that they didn’t quite get what the other had said and misunderstandings arise. And the same often happens in return from the other person and the situation escalates. Before you know it someone is bringing a weapon to school to 'solve' the problem. Everyone seems too busy in their own mind thinking to pay attention to what's really going on around them. So maybe a psychiatrist is the right person to teach kids this stuff. I don't know, but it seems like a lot of common sense built up over hundreds of years is being forgotten or lost along the way.

That's my opinion, and I listened closely to a lot of people before stating it. So there.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Turning America into a Third World country

I have written many posts about the USA being turned into a third world country. My original prediction about it appears to be right on target.

First of all most of the schools in the USA will not approve of anything that represents any kind of religion and anything that would represent the existence of God or Jesus. Also some, or most, teachers have turned into dictators - making their own rules as they see fit as to how a kid is dressed to go to school. Also if the teacher doesn’t approve of the child's clothes, the length of their hair or the color of their hair, they can be kicked out. Also if a student becomes unruly against a teacher the police are called in. How it was done at one school, the police were called in because the student was unruly and was handcuffed and this was a thirteen years old kid. I also wrote a post about that.

Then the first lady telling the schools what kind of lunch the students should have and if the parents send their kid at school with a lunch that is not approved the lunch is taken and thrown in the garbage can and the kid has to buy his lunch from what the garbage the school sells and if by chance after the kid has is lunch and if noticed that the parents haven’t paid yet or behind in the payments then the lunch is taken away from the student and thrown in the garbage. To me it seems that even in the schools most or some teachers and principals have become dictators just like the self-appointed dictator that is supposed to be the president of the USA.

Secondly, I was reading about the wackos that went on a shooting spree in San Bernardino. From what I’ve read about what goes on in the third world countries that’s what’s happening in many of them with groups like ISIS and Boko Harum. So far nothing quite as drastic has been reported in the USA (there isn’t any head chopping) but soon there will be with all these fanatics that can sneak in through the border.

Yes, the USA is turning into a third world country. And people there don't seem to care enough to stop it from happening.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Apartment Living (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday, today's rant is about the perils of apartment living.

Apartment number three in my five apartment complex has a tenant that has just moved in. But it took no time to find out that he is an alcoholic. It seems that when he‘s drunk, he gets lost. He knows where he lives but he doesn’t know what floor his apartment is until he’s finally confronted by someone. Then he remembers.One morning on the 21st of November, at 3:00 a.m. my son was in the bathroom which is near the back door. He heard someone trying to open the door to our apartment. He opened the door and asked the guy what he wanted the guy said “I’m drunk and I guess my apartment is upstairs”. Isn't it weird that he remembered all of a sudden that he wasn’t on the second floor? Another weird thing - this guy always comes in the front door. Why is it on this night he came from the back? There is so much difference from the entrance at the front of the house and the one on my porch where there are bikes and cardboard boxes and about 6 wooden steps to get on the porch. If we were the type to call the police, I’m sure this guy would have been charged with attempted breaking and entering (drunk or not, just because of the way he remembered things all of a sudden). He’s also a noisy bugger.

Apartment number five it seems is another drunk and he likes to take fits in his apartment. It doesn’t last long. I can’t hear him but my son does from his bedroom.

Apartment number four is the worst. That's because this is where I live. While no one can claim that we make any kind of noise (we even walk with our slippers and we don’t check the strength of the floor by banging our feet when walking, when watching movies we put our earphones on, we never have any parties or do any drinking of alcohol or the taking of drugs or smoking pot). So why is it the worst? Because it's where I am stuck living right now, amid a bunch of neighbours who don't seem to respect those around them in other apartments.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Apartment Living (Part 1)

I find apartment living to be the worst place a person can move into. Living in an apartment building you never know what kind of people are going to be your neighbours. I always hated living in an apartment building and if I can avoid it, I do. I am now living in an apartment building as I didn’t have a choice - the house I was living in for over 18 years was demolished to build a triplex in its place.

So I find myself back in an apartment building. There is nothing wrong with the building I’m in now. It's just some very inconsiderate people that live in here that are the problem. They are only suitable to live in a house by themselves or out in the sticks or the woods somewhere where they can't bother other people.

In this building there are only 5 apartments. That’s including the basement apartment. I’m on the first floor. In apartment number one, the tenant is seldom in home. In number two there's a young black woman whom it seems likes to let everyone know what kind of music that she likes by playing it loudly. The last time I heard her music she finally turned it off at 5:00 a.m. Whether she was reported to the landlord or not I don’t know but I have never heard her music since then, so somebody must have complained.

This post is listed as Apartment Living Part 1. So you can probably conclude, unless your mind has been numbed by noisy neighbour music, that I have more ranting to come on this topic.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Terrorists, refugees, who can tell?

I was reading about how the terrorists got into France on the site Newsmax. Apparently they were able to sneak in as refugees. Now Obama by leaving the southern border of America open is inviting some of those people to sneak in if they haven't already. I would be willing to say that some have already. Now we never heard any more about those Iranian ships that had come into American waters a couple of years ago. Could they have offloaded terrorists to sneak into America? Sure they could have.

I think we are stuck for the duration of Obama's term accepting refugees where radicals, criminals and drug addicts can sneak in. Once they are here they can start applications to bring in what they could claim to be relatives and they could actually be relatives but also radicals. Once they get enough then they could turn around and start bombings and killings just like what is happening in some of those third world countries. Here we are just sitting ducks for those maniacs. The Prime Minister Justine Trudeau has already proved that he would suck up to them even now by wanting to stop bombing ISIS.

The radicals have already proven what they can do once they get in. I’m talking about the ones that got into France as refugees. I can say for sure that’s what’ going to happen in the USA. At least the citizens will have something to defend themselves with (guns) and not like us here in Canada we will be truly sitting ducks. Here you can’t have a sidearm as they banned citizens from having them. Now what happens is some people are using knives and knife wounds can be and are often more dangerous than a bullet because they don’t only cut when they go in but also cut on the way out if they are not pulled out the same way. Also an artery that has not been touched on the way the knife went in could be cut when the knife is pulled out. As I see it it’s more dangerous to be stabbed then shot but of course that depends on where you were stabbed or shot.

Anyway, terrorists and refugees are not easily separated. That was my original point.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

American politics

I’ve been interested in American politics since I’ve started to read about them. That's a few years now. Before I go any further let me point out that I don’t believe everything that is reported or on the internet unless there is a video of the person doing what is reported. If for some reason or other there are no videos on what is being reported I will surf the different sites to see if the same thing or something similar is being reported elsewhere just to see if there could be some truth to what is reported.

These days you can’t believe everything that is reported. By checking the different sites like I do I can find out if what is reported is not the imagination or perhaps too much embellishment of a reporter just to make his/her reporting more attractive to the reader.

I have all the time in the world to read, as I’m retired with nothing else to do. I surf the internet and being interested in American politics, I keep on checking this blogger at Nonsensible Shoes. This blogger seems to have a good knowledge of American politics and that’s why I read it every day. The reason I have taken interest in American politics is because here in Canada politics are drab and in the USA it seems to be a madhouse. There are contradictions to everything that a person says whether it be from a politician or just a plain ordinary citizen. It all seems to be a war of words from what I can deduct.

To my concern that is the site that should be checked if you want to know about politics in the USA, because on that site what you read is what it is and no bull. Now this blogger to me it seems that this blogger would be an ex-politician from the USA or a person from Canada but reading and listening to every bit of news that he can find.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Leave them where they are.

I’m talking about those in the third world countries who are turning up in the west as refugees by the thousands. Do we want that type of people in this country people that are nothing more than murderers? I’m talking about Muslim radicals that assassinate people as if it was a sport for them.

I’m just wondering if those bleeding heart Liberals here in Canada have been listening to the news about what happened in France with the killings of innocent people. Those are the kind of people that those Liberals want to bring to Canada? And to top it all off, they want to stop bombarding ISIS? Let me tell you what I would do if I had the power. I would give all those Muslims the non-radical ones I mean, so much time to show us that they don’t go along with the radicals' way of thinking and start blasting the radicals themselves. If they don't, I would try to get all the nations together and try to get them to agree to bomb every nation that the radicals come from. I know that would be killing children just like adults, but children do grow up and some do become radicals. It may sound harsh, but we cannot continue to pretend that terrorism is normal. Sorting out the crazy ones from those who say nothing is pretty much impossible.

If most Muslims believe that Islam is a religion of peace then it would be up to the non-radical ones to straighten out the ones that give the reputation of Muslims being a bunch of murderers. How can security checks be done on them when most of them can’t even tell you when they were born? What are you going to do, stop every one of them and ask them if they are radicals? What do you think the answer would be? All we would hear is 'no'. Besides those people that run away from their own country because of the fighting and immigrate to another country, could they be depended on to help if the country that they immigrated to was attacked? I can understand woman and children, but the men?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Obama's refusal on Keystone

The refusal of Obama to approve the Keystone pipeline is curious. Is it really because of the fear of some leakage of the pipeline or is it how much money would be lost if it's not transported by rail? The name of the person was on the Internet as to whom it benefits by transporting it by rail but I won’t say whom, because I have no proof that it's that person who would lose a lot of money. But all I can say the reasons given to not proceed, leakage and pollution, are bull. Everyone knows that delivery by pipes would be safer and more reliable then transported by rail.

I also forgot the other reason they say they don't want to build it is that it would not create as many jobs as was projected. Now the true answer came out because there wasn’t any more excuses as to why it should be given permission to proceed. I would say in the USA money really talks. This is the same idea to that which I posted earlier about some drugs that will not be known or sold to the public because of being able not only to relieve the pain but to cure whatever those drugs were created to defend. Again money takes precedence over peoples’ health and suffering.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Pope is not very religious

The Vatican is supposed to have a person to represent God and this person is called the Pope. He is supposed to represent God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is why I say this. Remember when the Pope said “that having a relationship with Jesus is dangerous?” To me it sounds like He means for us to ignore Jesus. Now I’m asking myself is this supposed to be a Pope to represent God or is this man a sicko who has a different agenda than what the Pope is supposed to do? By ignoring Jesus you are ignoring God as Jesus himself said. “My Father and I are but one”. Now I would say by the kind of statement that He’s more or less calling Jesus a liar.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Movie watching today.

Yesterday I spent my day watching some movies. I'm retired, I can do that. Every movie that I watched today wasn’t fit for any kids to watch because of the foul language and obscene sections that are in those movies. Nowadays kids hear this foul language and at the schools some boys will act uncivilized with some of the girls they meet and think they can get away with grabbing the girls like they do in those movies and use the same type of language. This is not a good thing - for those kids, or for society.

What happens? Some of those kids are reported to the teacher and also to the parents then they are in trouble for copying what they see in those movies. Most of the times the parents are blamed for not bringing up their kids like they should do. I must also say that even without those movies the foul language that is heard all over by adults and other kids. Kids copy that. It's not the parents fault if they aren't like that at home. Swearing and grabbing of girls the way they do in the movies is what the kids like to copy.

The parents might tell their kids don’t use that kind of language and tell them why they shouldn’t but these days there is so much going on with people of all ages. I was told that the age of reason starts at around 7 years old but some don’t and never will reach the age of reason because they don’t seem to have the brains to do so. So they become anti-social, liars, con men (or women) and do everyone that they can for their own selfishness. These days the parents can’t slap or do anything that would leave marks on a kid.

Kids these days are protected by law and the parents can be brought to the courts and be charged with abusing their kid. True in a sense its’ good to have a law to protect the kids or else some of them would be abused, some very badly. I remember as a kid we didn’t have a law to protect us but getting the strap on the bum. It hurt like hell but I never repeated what I did to get the strap. If the strap would be used today the parents would be charged with abusing their kid because one hit of the strap leaves a mark. These days even a scratch could a parent could and would be charged with abuse.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Worried about pollution?

Worried about pollution? When I hear anyone, especially governments, complaining about pollution or about things that causes pollution and the warming of the planet, I get a laugh because what does cause a lot of heat and pollution are the airplanes flying around. But yet we don’t hear anything about that kind of pollution and of course we don’t hear about it because the fuel that is sold to keep those airplanes flying means money and more taxes for the government, especially the companies who fly commercially.

I was listening the radio station CFRA this morning and the excuse that was given for not accepting the Keystone pipeline was that it would not be of any interest to the country. They seem to be worried about leakage from the pipes and the security of the country. The reason for the leakage of those pipes, I can go along with that. But the security of the nation that is going too far to my way of thinking. I would be more worried about the border at the South being wide open for any radicals to sneak in. Yet they do not seem to be very worried about that. Like I said I go along with any leakage from those pipes, but one thing I’m sure of I would rather take a chance on pipes leaking then having radicals sneaking though an open border and either shoot you or chopping one’s head off.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Unreliable politicians.

The title of this rant should tell you exactly what I mean to say. Having read of former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty did while he was the running that province, and now what this current Premier Wynne is doing, it doesn’t make for a good reputation of the Liberals federally or provincially. Wynne is a complete disaster to anything she is associated with. I would say she should not be allowed to roam around on any street as she is a danger of contaminating anyone with whom she comes in contact. She deserves to be thrown out of her office and I don’t mean on her ass but to make sure she lands on her head as it wouldn’t her too much because there just doesn’t seem to be anything in there except space to keep her ears apart. Sorry to mention that she has an empty head because she does show that she has something in there - corruption. And I guess she also has some for of sense enough to hide the evidence.

Wynne belongs in a funny farm. She reminds me of Obama the self-elected king of the USA who is full of himself and cares for no one except himself. Wynne seems to be in the same category as him. If this person is allowed to finish her term I don’t believe too many of the ones working with her will be re-elected in the next provincial election because of what she’s doing. She laughing at the people that elected her. She's autocratic and doesn't care about what the voters want. She tricked her way into power and now just wants to do whatever she thinks is best. It doesn't matter if no one agrees with her. By acting the way she does she also affects the people working with her, as it seems that they go along with her and so they are just as guilty as she is. I’m sure that is the way the people will look at it come the next provincial election. Why a good leader from the Liberals can’t be found makes me wonder if there is one. I should be back living in Ontario by the time the next election provincially comes around and one thing I can say for sure I will not vote for anyone that is in there now unless she/he is out before the end of the term.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Deport cats?

I opened the French paper Le Droit the other night, to see if there was anything different in the news after having gone to Facebook. I was not disappointed. I’m talking about this Israel Minister wanting to deport any cats that are found roaming around that don’t belong to anyone. It also claims that one doesn’t need a passport for them. Now this is one of the most stupid thing I’ve read about. What is this guy going to do? Is he go to different embassies and ask if their countries need cats?

LOL damn stupid idiot. This is a minister he must be a liberal or a democrat. They usually have nothing better to do.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Worried about next election? I am.

Well my friends, I know some of you will be thinking "don’t worry about what this guy says, he’s only a Canadian and has no business poking his nose in our business in America". I would say that is reasonable, but the fact is I criticized Obama the first time I heard him speak when he ran for the presidency and he has proven correct by what he has done since. For example he has been lying to people from the start, piled up scandals and not protecting Americans,instead using diplomacy as a cover for not wanting to go after radicals Muslims. He has also stated that he would side with the Muslims if he had a choice. He doesn’t appear to like white people. So far, he has done everything that he could to diminish and dwindle the reputation and strength of the USA even making friends with some of the enemies of the USA (Cuba for example).

I read on some website that he either has or will have a place to hide when the end of the world comes. I wouldn't be surprised if that were true. It shows that he is trying to save himself so that he thinks that he will survive then maybe pop up to find some way to rule the world afterwards. I have news for him - he will never be able to escape the Good Lord for his misdeeds and neither will his friends. What was prophesied in the Bible about the end of the world, I hope it does happen. I believe the good people will survive but the ones without faith will be gone for ever and ever never to cause problems for the survivors.

If Armageddon doesn't happen before the next election, I don’t believe Obama will go away quietly. I believe he will start something by declaring Marshal Law and when all hell breaks loose then he will go and hide in his cubby hole not thinking that someone who doesn’t like him might blow the whistle as to where he is hiding and that will be the end of him. Say if nothing happens in this world and the next president is elected, to me it seems no one so far that would straighten things out that Obama has created or caused. Hillary would just be an extension to Obamas’ policy. Trump seems to be full of himself with a big ego. I believe that it’s the big ego of Obama plus the hate that got him in trouble in the first place. I would say that Trump with his big ego would be too quick to push the button to obliterate this world.

Friends, I would say that you people have a big problem if the end times doesn’t happen.

That’s my rant of the day.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

No need for spies (parts 1 & 2)

Part 1

As I previously wrote concerning politics in the America, it is more interesting to read then about politics here in Canada. By reading what is reported by the media in the USA for the last few years, I soon discovered that that the enemies of the USA don’t have to send spies to that country to find out what they want to know. All they have to do is to read the news. They will get all the news about the deployment of troops and to what country and how many troops will be pulled out of a certain country by a certain year and roughly how many troops will be left in those countries.That's a lot of information for free.

This is just like when Assad was supposed to be attacked because of the weapons he was using on his own citizens. It was reported that he was going to be attacked by American ships, what they were armed with and that these ships were already in place. sharing that information beforehand just seems plain stupid.

Part 2

If you want to launch cyber attacks on the American power grid, apparently it isn't hard to find out how to do it. Isn't that a comforting thought? The USA makes it too easy for it's enemies, and that's why I say there's no need for spies. Unless you are the USA, then your spies can't seem to get any good information at all. How long did it take to get Bin Laden?

At least the American military is well prepared. Wait, they're actually not?

This could become handy for the enemy. Without the grid a lot of things wouldn’t work especially when needed in an attacked. Does anyone remember when Israel was equipped with the anti-missile Patriot missiles from the USA? It was reported where it was situated how it was built. The enemies of America y do not have to send spies, all they have to do is to be able to read and they get all the information that they could possibly need. Also they know about the false info that could be written just to draw them in to attack so they would be cautious before proceeding. I would say of course there was some info leaked out before but there wasn’t as much as there is now days.

That is my rant of the day.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Man has created images of almost every saint they could think of, including some statues of God and also of the Son of God - Jesus. Now somewhere in the Bible I don’t quite remember but didn’t “God say thou shall not create any image of me” and yet you will see many painted images of God. Now we can definitely say that those are fakes because God is a spirit and can’t be seen. How can those painting of Him be genuine? How about the pictures of all the disciples at the last supper how can those be genuine? Did they have cameras in those days? I don’t think so. Same is true for Jesus - the pictures about Him are fakes. I think whomever has painted those pictures must have quite an imagination as well those who created all those statues. Even though Jesus is supposed to have said “My Father and I are but one.” it doesn’t imply that how Jesus supposedly looked means that God looks like Him. Their connection is a spiritual one, not necessarily a physical resemblance.

That all those pictures and statues are imaginative fakes is much the same as the lies that are told to the people in order for them to have more faith in their belief. Now this is a question that maybe I shouldn’t ask, but could this be the reason why the Islamists say that Christians pray to false Idols? In that sense I would say they are right on in that belief. Of course they could just be referring to the saints. I would say you can pray to God or Jesus but kneeling in front of any statues or pictures is praying to a false idol except kneeling at a cross it reminds us that Jesus was crucified and whomever believeth in him shall have eternal life.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Thoughts on gun control

If you go to this site you can read about what Republican candidate Ben Carson has to say about gun control. I agree with him: citizens being armed would make it harder for the government to take over the country and treat its citizens as if they have no say in what the government does. Privacy would be gone, the same is true for free speech and anything else a communist-run country would think of to make life miserable for their citizens and to hold them captive in their own country.

Any country that would try to disarm its citizens is because is intending to declare Martial Law at one time or another. This makes me worry that Obama will not leave office peacefully. This is particularly specific to the USA. Some countries have never allowed their citizens to carry arms. But in the USA they have a constitutional right to do so. And we're talking about someone trying to remove that right. How would liberals react if Obama wanted to take away the right to free speech instead of guns? They would not be happy, as they appear to be with the effort to remove the right to bear arms.

I have another concern. Now I’m not saying that this would happen but what if Putin decides to explode his Electro-Magnet Pulse (EMP) weapon over the USA and different countries decide to invade what is left of the USA? What would happen if the citizens were unarmed? What could they do without their weapons? The army would be the only ones with weapons if it was ever to happen and which side would the soldiers fight for would it be against the invading countries or against their own citizens on orders of Obama, in support of some sort of world government?

Why would Obama have a bunker possibly dug for himself? That alone tells me something is going to happen because he knows about it already. And so do the head of the religious churches. Take a look at the bible verse Isaiah 9:16; that is what is being hidden from the citizens. Apparently they don’t want to talk about it because they are afraid it would cause a lot of problems. Now I’m not saying all of the problems that I mentioned will become true but one never knows.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Unbelievable (part 2)

When people deny that there is a true God that means that Satan has taken hold of the people. I hope that God decides to show Satan that he is the true God by destroying what has become the Sodom and Gomorrah of this generation.

I saw this video where the devil's orders are given to a couple in England and passed on to the elites of the world from there. I know it sounds crazy but it was an interesting video (unfortunately it has been taken off of Youtube). I’m not too much of a religious person but I’m sure that everything that we see like the forest the lakes the oceans the stars sun and moon did not always exist. Even humans had to have a start somewhere and I’m sure it wasn’t anyone like Obama, the devil or Pope Francis that created all those things. I don’t attend any church but I am a firm believer in God and His son Jesus.

That’s my rant of the day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Unbelievable (part 1)

I believe that a lot of people are sick in America. I was watching a video tonight about some people praying to Obama as if he was the Messiah. I can honestly say that this man is not a Messiahs but an angel of death sent by Satan and the same goes for Pope Francis. On the video they even showed a picture of a little girl praying to Obama to save her. Obama is nothing but a con man and a want-to-be-communist who wants to become the ruler of the world. Then I watched another video where this African American person was walking around his room and saying that Obama was the savior. I read about the whore of Babylon and how its’ supposed to be destroyed. I hope it happens soon because this world is getting more and more depressing everyday especially when you have some stupid people that would believe that a con man deserves to be prayed to but not God. In fact the USA used to be a God fearing nation but now it has turned into a devil loving nation by the looks of it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Not only does this man not know how to take care of a country and protect its citizens, but also his EGO and GREEDINESS for money affects peoples’ health that brings on suffering and at times death. 

You can see more detail here.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Alive after the fall

I caught this video the other day and thought I'd share it.  On their website, where they have this video, is the bible verse from Isaiah 9:16.  The video is worth watching, I found it very good.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

USA vs Russia over Syria

What's going on in Syria has the potential for World War III written all over it.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Father or Fathers?

Here is a word that seems to me is being used improperly. We call our dad 'father' most of the time but actually he should be called dad. Whenever anyone talks to a priest he is referred to as 'father'. Well all I have to say on this subject is that neither should be called father. Even the Pope is not entitled to be called father but rather 'his Excellency'. We only have one Father and that is the Creator, our Heavenly Father whom we call God. Anyone else doesn’t deserve to be call father.

This also brings me to the topic of religions. To my knowledge there were only 4 prophets who started our major religions therefore there should only be 4 religions. Now we have all kinds of religions and all kinds of cults. Not only that but we also have more than one God whom whom people believe in. And every one of those false religions and cults all have their way of praying to their particular God. I don’t think that there is one human in this world that can tell me exactly what the true religion is.

I blame all this mix up not only on man but the way the Bible was written. Like I mentioned before the Bible was re-written in different languages and some words that could not be translated a word was used that could have changed the meaning of the phrase or the whole paragraph. Now that is why two people can read the same paragraph and come to a different conclusion on its meaning. With all this misunderstanding of the way the Bible was written, to me was the results of all those religions and cults and more than one God.

I believe the only Bible that seems to be different than the others is the Bible called the King James Version. One thing we can be sure of the true God the creator is for good and the one called Lucifer is for evil. I have faith in God the Creator and Jesus the son of God. I would say just have faith and do as the Ten Commandments say and your afterlife should be a happy one. May God bless you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

China, Angels, WWIII

We live in a strange time, subject to many interpretations of current events.  Here's one recent view of what's going on.  I neither endorse nor refute the video, but I did find it interesting.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Recently I went back and looked at some of my old posts.  I noticed that a number of posts where I embedded Youtube videos, the videos were no longer available.  Sometimes it was because of third party copyright issues, other times there was no reason given.  But it is far too common that I've embedded videos to be able to go back and correct every single post where that's an issue.

Instead, I'll occasionally post the following reminder - some posts have videos that have been deleted.  I apologize that some posts will not make as much sense as if the videos were available, but I am unable to correct every instance of these occurrences.  Please bear with those particular posts.



Sunday, October 11, 2015

Election of a traitor

This I found to be very interesting because of what Obama is doing and his speeches, plus making friends with enemies of the USA. I was wondering before why he was doing that now I know.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

President Putin's EMP

President Putin of Russia can laugh at any country he wants. He can take over any country with his EMP bomb and before anyone realizes it-it will be over. Then he would be free just to walk in with his army after sending in a couple of missiles and take possession of it or impose his own puppet. From what I understand any weapon that would require electricity to launch would not be possible as this EMP weapon would fry all the electrical circuits to a crisp. This bomb would be detonated so far up that I doubt anyone would hear it. 

Apparently Putin is a chess player so if he would detonate it he might yell "CHECK MATE? instead of Obama yelling "Fore" for his golf swings. I hope he never detonates it but in this world today everyone seems to be grabbing for power. 

That’s my little rant of the day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I entitled this post 'deceived' and what I mean is deceived by one's thoughts. Some people will ask 'what is this guy is talking about'? According to the Bible, if you haven’t lived your life according to the Ten Commandments then you haven’t lived by the word of God and therefore you are a sinner. And if you haven’t asked the Lord for forgiveness before dying then there is one place for you to go and that is hell, when you leave this God forsaken world.

Some people have so many problems in this world that they don’t know what to do so they think about suicide. Their thoughts are that by committing suicide they will leave this world for a better world but they are deceived by their thoughts because there is a commandment that states “Thou shall not commit murder”. Well, by committing suicide you are committing a murder and that is the murder of oneself. According to the Bible, that is an unforgivable sin which is punishable by a second death as your soul is incinerated never to exist again. To think that dying to go to a better life is folly - you better start thinking again. I would safely say that a person that doesn’t commit some kind of a sin during even one day then that person is an Angel of God and shouldn’t be in this world of sinners. That means if you die in your sleep and haven’t asked for forgiveness forget your better world.

Like I mentioned before I am not too much of a religious person but no one can go wrong by living according to the commandments as they are straightforward and you don’t have to be a very religious person to live by them.

That’s my rant of the day.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Marshall Law?

What I have noticed by watching this video is that it’s exactly what I was thinking of by watching what Obama has been doing by his conduct.Maybe it's far-fetched but there's a lot of things that have happened that I would not have thought possible a few years ago.

Friday, October 2, 2015


Even though I am not an American I am worried about the next election coming up in the USA. Here are my reasons why I am worried. What Obama has done to the country is bad. He's damaged it. I am really worried that if the person that becomes the next president of the USA is someone who has worked with this supposed to be leader they've taken on his ideas (or just always shared them) of how the country should be managed. I would imagine that this person would keep on destroying the country by continuing on Obama's agenda with no transparency and all we would be liable to hear would be more lies.

To me vice president Biden might be able to manage the country if he follows his own ideas if he ran for the presidency. I would say Mr. Donald Trump also has the disease of being egoistical. Whenever there's a video of him rambling on, he always seems to be talking abiut how great he is. He seems to be honest and says what is on his mind, but sometimes if you're not using diplomacy when speaking or negotiating, it could have bad results that could bring on a war or hard feelings towards the nation. That's no better than Obama.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton to me she would be the continuation of Obama I was referring to earlier and that would be the end of the nation. And I don’t mean maybe because she shows it just the way she talks and handles herself when confronted with something and she gets the look of should I tell the truth or what?

If I was an American those 2 would be the last ones that I would vote for.

That is my short rant of the day.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Papal Reaction

According to what I’ve read about the people that were invited to the White House for the Pope's visit will be surprised at the Pope's reaction to those people. If the Pope follows the word of God because God said “ Ye shall not judge others as ye shall be judged on judgment day” 

If the Pope shows no hard feelings about the life that those people are leading I think quite a few people will be disappointed. I believe especially president Obama will be disappointed, as it will be like a slap in the face for him if he did that on purpose to get a reaction from the Pope.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Warning to Canadian voters

To all the people who will be voting in the upcoming Canadian election:

I would suggest that you read your newspaper and listen to the news. I get the impression that if either the Liberals or the N.D.P. get elected we will be paying forever in higher taxes and burdened with more spending and a loss of jobs because of the taxes that those two parties would be implementing. Businesses will reduce their work force in order to keep the profits that they are getting now, or else the prices of all goods will be raised and there could be more unemployed workers that would be going on the E.I. payroll and also welfare. In fact welfare recipients would become a majority instead of being a minority group.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Who was the founder of Islam? I urge you to go to this site to find out all about it. There are all kinds of things to check by opening that site. I read it and found it to be very interesting. On this site you can go on a read about different things about Muslims how and when they pray and what they believe in and what Ramadan is. That is as much as I’m going to write on this subject. Because there is a lot to this subject and by going to the site it will lead the reader to different ones.

I found it to be educational on the Islamic faith. It didn't convert me or anything, but I did learn a lot.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Project Prophecy

By going to this site you can see a prophecy about the future of America. I watched the video on this site and instead of me explaining it or trying to write about it, I would rather readers go to the site and listen to the video for themselves. Draw your own conclusions but this is very scary.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Vote intelligently

Here are my reasons for saying telling Canadian voters to vote intelligently. Firstly, if the NDP are elected, Mulcair has in mind a cap and trade tax in the billions of dollars. Who is going to pay for that? We are. It's some grand scheme on a foolish questionable idea that in the end, just puts more burden on workers. The NDP claim to be the friend of labour, but this sort of thing proves they are all about government revenue, and not about people living pay cheque to pay cheque.

Secondly, the federal Liberals want to spend on this and that and also will poke their nose into what the government shouldn’t poke their noses into, and that is religion. For example, I read on Facebook this morning that the Liberals want to do away with the Bible on Amazon. Justin Trudeau has already stated that he is against Christianity. He is also a separatist and he would not fight against ISIS (just like Mulcair by the way). That tells me he is a sympathizer of radicals, or else doesn't understand the seriousness of the problem with radical terrorism.

I stated before that the Liberals and NDP are socialist and by their own statements they have proved it. Now is that the kind of people that we want to elect? Some people get sucked in by the promises of class warfare - the rich are evil so we should tax them more. But that is using the rich as a scapegoat for the failings of the nation - a nation run by, yes, the government. Mr. Harper is trying to keep taxes down and looking out for the security of the country. The other groups don’t seem to care about the security of the nation and its citizens as long as they can keep the wallets of the citizens empty they seem to be quite happy. If you want a government that is trying to save you money then you should vote for the Conservatives.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nuclear war.

So I'm reading Newsmax the other day. Here is what is on this site. According to former vice president Cheney, president Obama is leading the United States into a nuclear war. All I have to say is that I stated exactly that in a post quite a while ago. Now I’m more convinced than ever that he will because of what I read about the deal with the Iranians.

Not only is the deal very flawed, but also why should the Iranians be allowed to be in American waters? Is it because they want some of their terrorists to sneak in by the southern border? Do they have something in their submarines that could be following those ships to deliver something that they can’t deliver because of the distance involved? Something is definitely wrong here and makes no sense what so ever. And now there's that stupid nuclear deal with them.

What Obama has done so far to degrade the nation of the USA I wouldn’t even trust him to walk my dogs. Yet the people that are supposed to be stewards of the country in government, who speak up for the people seem like they are too scared to lose their jobs. So it keeps them from trying something and failing at it because they would be out of their job. In other words "us and our checks before the people".

That is my short rant of the day.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Too much talking.

On those days that welfare recipients receive their checks, stay away from the banks and grocery stores. On those days the banks and stores may as well say they belong to those people because they are inundated with them. I will admit some of those people on welfare need help and that’s why there on it. They only get one check a month so it stands to reason that they have to cash their check and shop for groceries.

My problem is not with those people but the cashiers in the stores and the tellers in the banks. It seems on those days the cashiers in the stores are quite willing to carry on a conversation with the customer while there are people waiting to cash in. I know they have to be polite but they could excuse themselves and explain to the customer that there are a lot of people waiting to cash in and cut the conversation short.

Usually I wait after the welfare days to go into a bank or grocery stores so I don’t have to wait too long. Last week I got fooled. I figured that the welfare recipients would have done what they had to do on Monday but I was wrong as they got their notice that their checks had been deposited on Monday so Tuesday and I got caught.

So I’m in the bank to withdraw the rent money which the bank machine wouldn’t give me because it was too much. So each month I go into the bank a get the money for my rent. Now when I went in there were 4 people ahead of me and all the tellers were occupied with other customers. There were 3 tellers all talking away finally 2 of them finished talking because they had finished their transactions but one just kept on talking even though the transaction was over. “I got fed up with waiting so I said to one client in front of me if they did less talking and more work we might get out of here today” (and loud enough so I could be heard all over). That stopped the one that kept on talking. Of course I received a dirty look but it was worth it.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I’m worried.

Yes, I’m worried about those same Ontarians who used to criticize the province of Québec all the time. They used to say how corrupt it was in Québec . That we were backwards. They even criticized what was written on our car license plates. Apparently it was insulting to some idiot and that idiot couldn’t even translate it properly to what it meant in English. I haven’t heard of any criticism since the Liberals were voted in provincially in Ontario. Of course some of those idiots that used to criticize this province must really feel sick of what policies they elected in Ontario. They're probably disgusted the way that maniac is running Ontario down just as much as the supposed-to-be-the-King Obama in the USA is taking down that nation a little at a time. I feel bad for those people in Ontario because they've given themselves a terrible government.

I don’t have to take a laxative now to go to the bathroom all I have to do is open Facebook and you can’t miss that face - especially for her kneeling down praying to her partner McGuinty. Lately her face has been on there all the time. Someone should send her (she looks like a him actually) a bunch of bananas and tell her/him to go home. Then re-elect someone that can undo all the damage that she/he has done to the province if that would be possible.

She's terrible.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Disaster in America

There have been so many reports about what is going to happen in America in the not-too-distant-future, that it’s hard to believe. Here is a site that I opened this morning and it predicts another disaster. I will let you watch this video and what you will see in it explains what it believes better than I could.  Now, these guys are selling something.  But it doesn't mean that they can't be right. What they are saying is possible.

If what’s on this video happens, the people to blame are the ones who voted for someone that is a good talker and a racist and who seemingly hates the white people and America. You know who I mean. He has proven himself to be exactly that by his speeches and his actions.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Here's a good one.

Here is proof that Justin Trudeau doesn’t have enough experience or brains to be the Prime Minister of Canada. Check out this picture that I found on Facebook.

You see what I mean? What Trudeau says about Premier Wynne of Ontario is...well, I will not say anymore on that because the picture and says it all.

This is a short rant but more could be added to it. I’m sure that some people that don’t read or watch T.V. will vote for Liberals even though the picture shows he has not got enough experience to understand even his own dumb words are so dumb as to be contemptible. It’s an insult to the English language. It also shows how stupid he thinks people are. To think that he wants people to vote him in as the Prime Minister when he speaks like that of a Premier of Ontario who is the worst one that’s ever been the Premier of Ontario. She's even worse than that stooge McGuinty. I will admit he might think that the voter are stupid and he’s right in a lot of cases. But the only stupid ones are the ones that vote liberal and the others are the smart ones to stay away from the garbage they sell.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Not meant for public viewing

Last night I thought that I should take a look at my bookmarks and see what I had set aside for later reading. That's how I keep track of a lot of the things I want to write about. In any case, I spotted a Youtube video and I thought that I would check to see if what was on was still available on Youtube and it was. This wasn’t meant to be seen apparently.

Now I know there were some pretty terrible rumors about him at one time or another. So I have just shared the video so you can watch and make up your own mind about him. I have seen a lot more videos of him claiming that he is still alive and living in Canada under an assumed name and videos of his mom saying that his death was not true it was faked.

If you are interested in seeing them leave a comment and I will put them on.

That is my short rant of the day, if you want to call it a rant.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hard to believe.

It’s hard to believe the number of people who believe in life after death.  It's hard to believe the number of people who don’t. I opened this video this morning:

I mentioned before when I come to a site that has comments on it, I read all the comments. This site mentioned above was mostly filled with comments on life after death and also reincarnation, hell and heaven and judgment after death.

Now as for myself I don’t believe everything that is written in the Bible but a lot of it I do believe. As for reincarnation, I do believe because there have been too many instances in videos that show kids, and considering their ages, knowing more than they should know for their young age. Some being able to read, some playing musical instruments etc. There is one thing I will agree with some of them the burning in hell forever because if that was the case I don’t think that there would be such things as hauntings and spirits of all kinds being spotted including shadow spirits. Also if the killing of another human is a sin that is not forgiven by God then your soul is incinerated never to exist again. If the soul is incinerated never to exist again tells me that there is an afterlife and that you are reborn into another life as a human.

I would suggest to some of those people who don’t believe, before you say there is no afterlife, get a Bible and start reading it and you will find that there are a lot of things in that book that you will learn that you did not know and had not believed before. It should not be too long now that what prophesied a long time ago comes to pass. Some of those prophecies did happen in the last century. In the near future more will come true I expect. If it does then you non-believers will change your minds. I will say I am not a preacher but a believer. I am not practicing any religion because to me from what everything that is happening in this world I don’t believe in religion but I do believe that there is a God and his Son Jesus.

That’s my rant of the day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau of the Liberal party of Canada, what can I say about this man? Well he has little chance of becoming the next Prime Minister of Canada. Now he has the premier of the provincial government of Ontario trying to boost his chances. Most people are saying that he doesn’t stand a chance because he is too young and doesn’t have enough experience to run a country. Also it seems that he is against Christianity. . I’ve listen to some of his speeches and I would say he doesn’t sound as if he would be able to do the job of Prime Minister. Not yet anyway.  And not as long as he is a Liberal. I don’t think he will ever be able to run a country because Liberals are too much of screw-ups. They're always thinking of what new taxes they can come up with and impose on Canadians and businesses.

At this time the person giving the liberals a bad reputation is Premier Wynne of the province of Ontario. My advice to Mr. Trudeau is to stay away from the premier of Ontario as she is a maniac and she knows that she is finished with the people of Ontario. By rooting for you she is dragging you down with her. Like I mentioned before the head is empty but its only used to keep her ears apart.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Whenever I read something on a website and there are comments, I always read all of them. Lately there have been a lot of comments about Hillary Clinton and most of those comments about her are not too nice. They call her a liar and they even include that word in her name. Then they start slamming her about the size of her hips. I don’t see what, if anything that has to do with the work of Secretaries of State. I must say I’m just wondering if she did anything at all if she had time to read/write all those emails.

Thousands of them were stored on a private server. Also she was accused of wrong doing involving the Clinton Foundation plus there's alleged of misconduct in regards to Benghazi. Those are issues, not her hip size.

Then again. she should have known that by running for the office of the presidency, the opposition would try and dig up anything that would discredit her. She was already being investigated about Benghazi. By not listening to the ones that advised her to drop out of the running, she cannot stop them from digging more to discredit her. But she wouldn’t listen and kept on going and for that she could be indicted about some serious crime. According to some news Obama don’t want to see her has president and I have a feeling that if he throws her under the bus that she will retaliate and that would be fun to read.

That is my short rant of the day.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Belief in the supernatural

This morning sitting in front of my window and watching the people walking by, I began to think of what each one would be thinking. I see some are walking with a smile on their face as if they just thought of some joke that they heard somewhere, others looked grouchy and some were without any expression whatsoever. Then I began to wonder about how many of them believe in the supernatural and how many of those would admit that they do (or don't).

What I find weird is that some people don’t believe in the supernatural yet they go to church and pray. If a person doesn’t believe in the supernatural how can they believe that there is a God? I know some people would say that’s different but I say that it’s not different. If you’re telling me that you don’t believe in the supernatural that tells me that you don’t believe in what you can’t see. So how can you believe that there is a God? Can you see God? Your answer should be no. Then when you pray, to whom do you pray if you can’t see Him, because you don’t believe in the supernatural? There's a gap in your logic somewhere.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Following the news on America (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1.

I ended up the previous part of my thoughts on the news in America talking about Obama. That's probably not surprising you much.  I don't care for him.  I don't trust him. This man is the biggest phony of them all. He has conned people into accepting him as their president and I must say to my concern it really seems that he just wanted to get elected to destroy the USA. And it's clear he’s doing a good job of it. Unfortunately there are a lot of ass kissers in Washington who are letting him do it. He has turned most of them into liars and cover-ups for his misdeeds. Or else he's using the fact that the city is full of liars and corrupt people willing to lie and cover up for him.

Since this person has been elected I’ve never heard of so many people giving up on their faith. Same sex marriage has become a norm. Homosexuality has become a norm and in some schools and colleges and universities there can’t be any mention of anything that has anything to do with God. With the other presidents nothing like this has ever happened to my knowledge. corrupt people willing to lie and cover up for him.

An another note, the Pope is coming to Philadelphia. I have no confidence in this person. He doesn’t seem to be genuine and he just doesn’t act or talk like the previous ones. He has an agenda, and it's not about God.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Following the news on America (Part 1)

For the past couple of years I have been following the news, any news, with specific respect to the USA. When I read the news on one site I go to different sites to see if other sites are reporting the same thing. I also want to see what they have to say about what I just read about on other sites. They don't all agree of course. By doing this I soon found out that most of them can’t be believed as to the way the same news is reported. I guess the only thing a person can do is believe half of what is reported and leave the balance aside until when maybe something else gets reported that would confirm or deny what was reported in the first place.

One thing I do believe is the reporting as to how much people are turning against their faith. Especially the faith of the Catholic religion, often turning to other religions or cults. The denying that there is a God or anything else that would represent the Holy Trinity is more common than it seems it has ever been. I must also mention while I'm on the topic, that a lot of phonies say they believe in this and that just to make other people think that they are pious people.

Talking about phony people and then news from the USA, I must mention Obama. But I'll mention that in Part 2.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cheap Landlord

Now we all know that wherever you rent, the landlords like to get their rent. I don’t blame them because they have bills to pay -- taxes of all kinds, maintenance and repairs often because some tenants are uncivilized and don't live like responsible humans. Those tenants don't take into consideration the cost of what they damage in the place that they are renting.

I have to say that not all landlords break their necks to run and get their rent the first of the month. I have a landlord that I have to call to come and get her rent and sometimes she will come in the middle of the month to pick it up. Myself, anyplace that I rent, I will repair any damages created by the previous tenants and won’t go complaining to the landlord about it. That is if it’s not major repairs that I can fix myself. I also make sure that my rent is always paid. What I'm saying is that I'm a pretty good tenant.

When I rented this place that I'm in now, it was advertised as 2 rooms. I took it to mean 2 bedrooms but it was 2 rooms without a living room. My bedroom is where the living room should be. Since I have my son with me, I have to use my bedroom which should be a living room. Now when anyone comes in they are coming in to my bedroom.

That is not my main complaint. I figured that out before I rented it. My complaint is about this toilet that doesn’t function properly. The water doesn’t seem to go out fast enough to empty the toilet when someone goes for what we call a number 2. The toilet gets blocked. After 70+ years of me using toilets I should know when there is something wrong with one. Even at times I will use toilet tissue to blow my nose (about 2 squares of it) and often even then the toilet has to be flushed 2 or 3 times in order to take that paper out. And if anyone thinks that is normal then they don’t know what they are talking about. The people that were in this apartment had moved to another one in this building because of the toilet. He used to come up here and we used to talk. I keep on complaining to the landlord about it and she says that it would cost her about $300. To have it changed. I guess she would rather lose $595 per month in rent rather than spending approximately $300 just once to fix it. I say that because after a long time, and numerous complaints, it's still not fixed, or even scheduled to be fixed.

I had made up mind once before to move somewhere else. But I changed my mind and stay here. Now, since they don’t want to do something about the toilet I’m going to move. That’s why I entitled this post "cheap landlord". I know the responsibilities of the landlord and also the responsibilities of a tenant and the laws for both of them. But I’m not going to cry to the authorities about it. That is not my speed. I figure let them lose $595 a month because I would not be the only one moving because of the toilet. This apartment empty for 1 months would be a loss of 595.00 and maybe more for the cost of a lousy toilet fix of $300. It seems like backwards thinking to me. Cheap, but not smart in the long run.

That is my rant of the day.

Monday, August 10, 2015

No sense in hiding.

Some people seem to think that when the time comes for the new Sod′om and Go·mor′rah (America) to fall that they will be able to hide with a new spot dug into the ground. That makes no sense to me because no one can hide from God and if you are one of the ones that God wants to punish for not being faithful He will get you and whether it be the Pope or Obama or someone else who turns out to be the anti-Christ, no one will escape the Wrath of God.

When the time has come for the destruction of Sod′om and Go·mor′rah, it will be too late for Redemption. Sinners will pay for their unfaithful life and being unbelievers in the existence of God and His Son Jesus Christ who was crucified for our sins. His directive to lead a faithful life was given to us by the ten commandments that He gave to Moses.

That’s my short rant of the day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Got protection?

Do you people in America think that you are protected from the Islamists with the self-appointed king that you have elected? Why I’m asking this question is because of what I read this morning:
Muslim terrorist Mohammod Abdulazeez gunned down 5 service members in Chattanooga, Tenn. on July 16, four Marines and one active-duty Navy reservist.

On that fateful day, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, a Navy officer, reportedly returned fire at the shooter, even though current policy does not permit military members to carry firearms on facilities such as those where the attack occurred.

But rather than being celebrated as a hero for saving countless lives by ending the attack earlier, Lt. Commander White reportedly will be charged for discharging a firearm on federal property.

You heard that right. Complete insanity.
This self-appointed king is nothing but an invader, sent to destroy the USA by any means that he can. Not only is he skipping out on the protection of America's citizens but he also leaving the military without ammo to defend against any attack from anyone on their own base.

That self-appointed king should have been thrown out a long time ago because he has proved himself to be a sympathizer of radicals quite a few times. I realize now why he would want all the citizens to be free of any weapons, it’s because if he decides to implement martial law he will not have too many problems taking over the country. If anyone had the guts, this man has broken enough laws and created scandals and ignore part of the constitution to have been impeached a long time ago. I guess when you have a bunch of ass kissers that are too gutless to do anything against him and are more interested in their paycheck than the good of the country that means he will get away with anything that he wants.

Monday, August 3, 2015

A big secret. LOL

The church and the U.S. government are engaged in a massive cover up. Do you know what the big secret is? If you’re interested just go to this site. There is also a video and it shows Barack Obama and what looks like a person of the cloth. To me it looks like the Pope. They want to keep it a secret and yet it’s all over the internet. HEY, WHAT A BIG SECRET.

I actually don’t care who this guy is that’s with Obama, but since he seems to be a man of the cloth and a man that is supposed to preach the word of God, isn't he supposed to minister the truth? Now the church may not believe it, but there's a lot of chatter on the internet about what’s supposed to happen in Sept 2015 or by Jan.2016. If this is not a joke, isn’t the job of a man of the cloth supposed to try and get people to repent for their sins? According to the Bible, it was prophesied that Armageddon will happen and I believe that it could. Now if it is the Pope, why should he have a meeting with Obama in September? Or does Obama have a place especially made and the Pope will be with him instead of trying to get people to go back to their faith before this whatever is supposed to happen, happens? That would be his duty as a man of the cloth wouldn't it? If he doesn’t do that then he is a phony. Only time will tell. Like I've mentioned before, I’m not too much of a religious person. But from what I read in the scriptures about what is going to happen, about some of the things that were prophesied in the old Biblical days which came true in the last century, there is no reason in this world not to believe the balance of what is supposed to come soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Iranians did it again.

They once again managed to fool some nations into thinking that they would honor a deal. Everyone should know by now that the Iranians will always get what they want, deal or no deal. First of all if the Iranians wanted nuclear power for peaceful purpose and said they were not interested in building a nuclear bomb. Then why should they object to inspectors inspecting wherever they want? I am not a politician but anyone with a brain would realize that there is something going on. If they have nothing to hide then they would not prevent the inspectors from inspecting all that they would want to see. No, like I said, they are sneaky.

On another subject do you remember the self-appointed King bragging about no one left behind? Well I think those that were left behind could have been mentioned as one condition of the deal. I really believe that the Iranians would have release them because all they wanted was a deal to give them a chance to finish building their bombs. Of course they were forgotten. Or was it on purpose just so Obama could brag about having made a deal with the Iranians? I can’t go any further than that as I can only go by the news. But from what I've read a lot of people seem to be against that deal. One thing I can say is this: the Iranians get what they want. They don’t seem to lose on any deal that they make.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Has America really become this callous and barbaric?

When I checked the internet on 7/28/2015 to see what was new, this is what I found. This made me realize how barbaric the USA has become. Instead of me putting in my 2 cents worth, I will let the video tell you what goes on with Planned Parenthood and what happens with the body part.

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