Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Leave them where they are.

I’m talking about those in the third world countries who are turning up in the west as refugees by the thousands. Do we want that type of people in this country people that are nothing more than murderers? I’m talking about Muslim radicals that assassinate people as if it was a sport for them.

I’m just wondering if those bleeding heart Liberals here in Canada have been listening to the news about what happened in France with the killings of innocent people. Those are the kind of people that those Liberals want to bring to Canada? And to top it all off, they want to stop bombarding ISIS? Let me tell you what I would do if I had the power. I would give all those Muslims the non-radical ones I mean, so much time to show us that they don’t go along with the radicals' way of thinking and start blasting the radicals themselves. If they don't, I would try to get all the nations together and try to get them to agree to bomb every nation that the radicals come from. I know that would be killing children just like adults, but children do grow up and some do become radicals. It may sound harsh, but we cannot continue to pretend that terrorism is normal. Sorting out the crazy ones from those who say nothing is pretty much impossible.

If most Muslims believe that Islam is a religion of peace then it would be up to the non-radical ones to straighten out the ones that give the reputation of Muslims being a bunch of murderers. How can security checks be done on them when most of them can’t even tell you when they were born? What are you going to do, stop every one of them and ask them if they are radicals? What do you think the answer would be? All we would hear is 'no'. Besides those people that run away from their own country because of the fighting and immigrate to another country, could they be depended on to help if the country that they immigrated to was attacked? I can understand woman and children, but the men?

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